Emerging 1/21/21

Ir’s been some time since I last posted. I got into a funk and then after the 6th the horror just hit and i spiraled into unbelief. I watched the TV hesitating to do my celebratory envelope of joy and celebration. Slowly I pulled out ephemera and stamps i’ve been saving for this important day. The envelope is at the bottom. *

A friend encouraged me to get out and do what i do well. So went to mtg. signed application and worked at home prepping with kids. Thought them to use a graph on how to enlarge a small image to a 10 x 10 wall, however the wall turned out to be 7 x 10. We made it work!

Leticia and Selina
110wall spacesComm. Carla Blockson

Plenty of 10 ft sections to show case the local artists who wish to share their talent.

We studied our graph paper and measured out where, what would go where and who would paint what parts. We were able to work on the wall all at the same time.

Franco opted for the sky and birds
break time

as we started early. by lunch we took a proper break, well deserved. Last minute adjustments were made on site. The easiest way to do this was to draw and cut stencils. This method is now is being borrowed by our neighbors from Barton Elementary. As always when something like this happens lots of visitors and volunteers drop by who want to participate and this is how we acquired Lena.

L-R Leticia Franco Lena and Selina

To give them credit, we had been assigned two spaces because of distancing. So we opted to memorialize the moment and the time. Love community and togetherness. This is not the end. Next week Part 2 and our finale.

Family affair Brother Franco sisters Leticia Serina and visitor Lena.