Fred W. Hunt birthday

This is a Homage to a artists artist. Done in photo memories

A memoir from my recollections and soon to be in a book.

This stunning work had an unusual start in the Embassy program. Usually selected from existing art for Ambassadors residences overseas. This was a commission destined to the Panama commemoration of the return of the Panama Canal to its people. It was $42,000. And now again available.

The Gift

A small moment from a dance I commissioned for Fred Hunt’s Birthday and Performed in the gallery by Monica Craun during the “Homage a la femme and the artists who love them” exhibition. Video is on the OneEarsociety blogspot .

Miles of Smiles

Still available but has a hold on it so Dr H can finish his man cave. Lol. Purchases are personal and his wife did not want to look at Gary on a daily basis. They invest every other year . $17,000 location of Miles of Smiles is Wynnwood.

Cocoanut Grove Cottage

This was a gift to me of our cottage on the Brennan Property. This image became the Mothers-day Invitation for the 1st Coconut Grove Artist Studio Tour. (over 250 artists were registered in the Grove by the Miami Cultural Council) 42 were on the tour.

This is a very tall water colour titled “The Rosy fingers of dawn rising above The Gates of Hercules” ranged from $12,000 – 17,000 several variations were created for homes with very tall ceilings and some Corp. offices. Additionally he added one to the murals at the U of Miami.

Margaret Stoneman Douglas homestead

One of the smaller oil paintings at just 16×20 It is the home of Margaret Stoneman Douglas author of “River of Grass” “she was a delightful person” Fred had the pleasure of meeting her while he was painting. It was completed after her death. Still in our private collection for 7,500 the home is on the Historic register.

Handels Messiah

Home somewhere in North Miami Beach by a radio executive. The performance took place at the Arsht Center. That year a major accident delayed the performance. We were all invited back for the next nights entire performance. I chose not to go, Fred took our 89 yr old neighbor. searching for scissors I went to the studio and there on the easle was the almost finished painting. Only a few touches were needed. We first exhibited it at Fairchild Gardens and it sold. While still on display some performers from the H M came by and recognized themselves as well as some other performers. There were many amazing moments, like hearing music emanating from a painting he was working on painting in Woodstock Studio

Just a few of the One ear Society participants in the annual King Mango Strut

This was our annual event The King Mango Strut. Here we spoofed the City of Miami, not our first time. Parking meters were the issue. A young man on rollerblades added quarters to the almost expired meters in the Grove, Miami parking authority not happy. So we came out as the Fairies that year. We were inclusive volunteers children, we announced the theme and they showed up. Did not have to be a One Ear Society member.

Woodstock Drum Circle on the green

We loved Sundays on the green. Drumming commenced sharply at 4. If you needed to learn there were practice lessons earlier around one. It ended at six just as the Trailway bus pulled in and the entire circle dispersed, back to the City. There is a video of the drumming on the Oneearsociety Utube channel. See how many you recogniz

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