ART alive and well in Lake Worth 3/12/21

Ok it’s not Miami or N.Y. Like some naysayers are alluding. I did discover some new talent right here tonight.

By invitation, Showcasing the awesome art of Glass. At Benzeiten tucked away in Royal Poinciana neighborhood. 2nd and S F st. Look for the colossus bronze at the entrance. Parking from 3rd.

See Leonard Bryant photography FB

There was the community show at the HATCH, more sparse than previous years. Blame it on COVID but they managed to fill it with future artists. Always a delight interpreting a child’s vision.

Even my little charge approved of what they saw on my iPad, that I shared the morning after. As It’s spring break we will make appointment and go see in person, then a Ice Cream treat, to remember the special day.

Just across the street a new art space full to the rafters like the Impressionist Salons. Quality however varied I.e. Salon de Refuse. All the famous ones we know today, came fron “The Salon de Refuse” so an art movement was born.

And yes, I found some I shall follow even my charge WeeWillie pointed to one he liked from the ones I photographed. He has a good eye. I chose the same artist, different painting.

William liked the far left, I was drawn to the bottom.

Onward to downtown my friend and I headed. On the Corner of M and Lake Ave. a NEW space. No gallery name visible but lights were on and hours posted. So any weekday from noon to 6 p.m. worth your trip.

Next door, one painting made my heart stop, art! Ok I’m a traditionalist, also beautifully framed.

Yes I had a oil painting accepted In the community show. I submitted 3 and what I considered my best was rejected.

Accepted and they misspelled my name LOL