Count down to Mothers Day

This is serious only how many days ? 5 days and for those depending on the postal service far less.

Letter to grandma

Less than a week has passed that some very fine ladies practiced the art of Letter writing. A card will do in a pinch. It’s not just mother’s, aunts, or someone who nurtured you along lives path, that deserves the recognition on this day. With the distancing in place, who would not love a missive they can hold in their hands right now.

Heartfelt messages were created here.

Want to make it extra special but words fail you. It’s the thought that counts. I Visited one of our local shops today (support your local small businesses) not one inquiry was made about purchasing a Mothers Day Card.

The possibilities are endless

Visit Common Ground at 1201 s Federal to view the Mail-Art on exhibition right now. The place will surprise you. It is a state of the art facility there for the use of our community. Want to surprise someone with a sweet, or order her favorite pastry or go the whole shabang order a cake. Una’s bakery and pastry shop is right inside. Hours are from 8 – 3 p.m. located in Lake Worth Beach, in the South Palmway neighborhood.

We who attended the letter writing workshop have now gotten messages and phone calls of gratitude, recognition. Thank you, love you, miss you! All are two way streets.

Have your kids do what they love, paint love

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