Throw Back Thursday

Way back! Sometimes the changes in our city are subtle. Here is a look back at the good times and remember the people that have moved on to greener pastures. An intricate thread of our community.

A great crew, half have moved on.

Some fun events due to COVID have been postponed. We had the Derby just last week and I forgot as there was no buzz “ time to create a hat”

Then again some changes were truly dramatic. Worth remembering how we accomplished a new beginning and all the politics surrounding this. We lost a great restaurant in the process . Then the finished project was signed off and the cracks appeared soon after. Flooding on the top floor. Fake windows peeling away.

As the Mangos are ripening right now, we recall the International Mango Festival. Had a few good years and volunteer driven. Created by Patti Sheldon of Awe Flowers. It’s a COVID thing.

Walter and Fred

One gone to greener pastures and Walter closed his gallery and is moving on. Found these images as I was searching for photos of our latest loss.

Not all sad. Here is a ray of hope. Total recall the first time we met in front of Andy’s store with his proud Mama bear. Soon to appear on stage at Rudy’s. Keep watching for the announcement.

And here we have the seedbed of what has grown to be a Lake Worth phenomena. With an anniversary just around the corner. The very first Little Free Libraries built here with friends. Ted Johnson, myself and Dean Sherwin who’s creation was a mini-me of his house.

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