Oh what a party

Maria Nicol never woke up

The whole community appeared to celebrate the baptismal of six mo. Old Maria Nicole and Little Peter now 3. I did not need to leave home as it was just next door.

Proud Mum
Peter so handsome, this morning, you should have seen him in his
white tuxedo with tails.

Everyone took the dance floor, mothers with children on their backs, babies being carried the older ones dance between parents hands, friends next to each other w beers in their hands. A continuous ribbon of colors passed me, to a hypnotic beat.

Big sis entertaining in bounce house
Just everyone danced

Midway I had to take a break went home and still heard the music and fell asleep. Revived and showered I returned. More guests had arrived. Made a mental note that the dance steps were just like the American Indians only the music was different.

Delightful seeing families dancing together
All around neighbors gathered and enjoyed vicariously

Who doesn’t want to attend a live concert. I noticed the alley between my house was occupied with uninvited guests also Across the street people enjoying the festivities. And the beat went on.


Learned that some of these sarongs (skirts) are woven right here in their homes. So, no two alike.

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