Immersed in VAN GOGH

Perfect gift for an artist. This is the experience. So many have asked and the secret location. Two locations were alluded to, the Olympia Theatre and the IcePalace. I was there And still clueless. It’s close to the Bacardi Bldg. on Miami Ave. I could not recognize the sky line. If your using gps dbl ck as we went thru tunnel into Cruise Ship docking area. LOL

He wrote lots of illustrated letters.

We arrived w some time to spare, place looked like this. Valet highly recommended $20. Take the pressure off from traveling I-95. Relax they have a snack bar.

non descriptive, ck your gps twice

A garden area w yellow picnic tables and lots of hammocks, maybe 20 or so at the valet/entry area. You’ll enjoy this as they adhere to schedule. And you’ll take the stress from traveling I-95 or going around in circles, Miami is so full of new construction.

My art patron and friend Charlotte formerly of LWB

Self guided tour through a maze of quotes in case you know little of this artist and his thinking. All quotes have Spanish translations.

Then you enter a vast room ( a former ice rink? ). It sold out quickly it comes w fabulous accolades from Paris. My friend saw this and Klimt in Paris. Met some ladies from Hobbie Sound. So definitely it is a destination for art lovers and connoisseurs of Vincent. I have 5 books about him . Plus named my none for profit art organization after him “the One Ear Society . After all we could do better in sales. He never sold the first painting. LoL now he is all the rage **. Where else it’s showing .

My favorite immersion

Took several videos as transitions happen before your very eyes. Great recall of the most famous images. Because your so involved it seemed far shorter than the 75 min. “exit through the gift shop”. There find T-shirts, cups, puzzles and of course the place had decor elements borrowed from Van Gogh’s paintings

Would you have resisted, not I

My lovely earrings came from the Actual VanGogh Museum, they were gift wrapped and presented to me on our arrival. I put them on before entering. You are able to order from the actual Van Gogh museum Holland, hundreds of more gift items.

Waiting for valet

Now if your not able to make this, I located on Utube 33 min video from Toronto. What you miss, will be the fact that it overpowers you via the giant moving imagery. The acoustics well.

** there are several companies that now produce this. If your curious do go onto you tube. I’m but an amateur with video.

Yes I was here.

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