Raft Race Returns 2021

The 4th of July Raft Race has been launched. Inaugural event took place at Mathews located on s H St. at this writing 7 Lake Worth Neighborhoods have thrown out a challenged to NA fellow party goers

The committee that made it happen

Not seen is the Jell-O shot toast. That followed the above photo. Opening this event officially, after Capt. And crew meeting decided there are no rules and after filling up their souvenir commemorative glasses.

Read carefully
College Park R e a d y
1st to trash talk
MC. Craig Rise and Jon Faust
Parrot Cove mascot
Parrot Cove crew accepting the challenge

Parrot Cove came with very authentic noisy sound effects from the crew. Accepting all challenges. And not to be outdone each neighborhood took turns at the mike. Erika from Mango Grove was silent. Secret secret weapon?

Intimidation tactics from this quarter
after the initial meeting, all welcome
So happy to see each other hugs even among challengers
The dark horse challenger

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