A Day at Phipps Beach Ocean Park

the abandoned Rescue boat

Not easy to dedicate a whole day to go out and paint, my friend was here for the 4th of July Raft Race and checking in with friends an overnight was arranged. We were given left over food from the feast that we eagerly accepted as we could picnic on site.

Breakfast en route Corner of Lake Ave. n s Palmway

Checking FB on waking to see all the parade pix one of the posts showed a new restaurant cafe opening with Epenadas. Had just been introduced to them and liked them, it was enroute to Palm Beach Island. We sat outside, but opted for menu specials. Happily got back in the car with anticipation.

20 x 24.

Parked in a nice shady spot, we were going to paint 4 hours just like the British “Landscape Artist of the Year”. Which we both had been binge watching. Got my box out which I’d not used in a few years, scrambling to make sure I had a good palette. Sherrie has been painting Fairchild Garden and was organized. “Where is my Canvas?.” As we got out of car. We’d planned to go out around four in the afternoon for the light.. Weather merchant predicting rain and H Elsa was in Cuba heading our way. We decided better go early so was discombobulated. Sherrie hands me a 8×10 canvas. NO, not acceptable to her 20×20 canvas. Back track home. Canvas was leaning outside my door ok now retracing our steps via a Starbucks stop and a water. Thank goodness for the water.

See the cup of water, LOL. ( water for cleaning brushes )

We timed our start to make sure we put in 4 hrs and see how we end. “Artists your time starts now” I mimicked the show commentator.

We paint differently this was her beginning, a sketch. Me, straight for the paint for an impressionistic scene
Ck out some other artist used the table as a palette. Really!

Half way through I took a dip and ate. Sherrie took her break much later she was into this En Plein Air day and would not be distracted. Few people passed in this private area, the comments came from the kids “cool”. With about half an hour to go I announced “Artists you have a half An hour”. Just like the Lady in the StarArts show. Then “ Put your brushes Down”.

Maybe a little touch up later after they have rested.

We took a half hour swim. Made it home just as the raindrops hit the window of the car. good Planning. We have already spotted our next location for a bit of David Hockney.

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