Trip to the hospital

A precursor to what was just a day away. I saw but did not understand what I was witnessing at the moment. I posted a small blurb on face book so more would see. This was important, but they also did not comprehend what was being foreshadowed.

waited long enough to be able to sketched and fed ducks. 4 hrs in line

Here is what I shared after a few hours home. Now there was a Delta virus. Who knew. Found myself having Violent vertigo, and fever. I took periodic cold showers till I found myself possessed . Slammed from one wall into garden gate, into a pole. Felt no pain, just could no stay upright. TP brought me gatoraid to help the dehydration. Took me to Urgent care. They wanted $150 for a Covid test. We knew it’s suppose to be free. However, they are in business. She got the first available appointment from CVS for the next morning. I tried to steady myself and went through a glass table. Could not stay upright. Could not navigate without turning over a chair. I was in trouble. Reaching a bookcase to pull myself up, on the 3rd try, I reached it finally only to tumble the entire content.

We made the 10:15 appt. at CVS but results but would have to wait for results later in the day. By afternoon another friend dropped by. She saw the chaos, yelled thru the door “raise both your hands”. LOL. I caught the humor of this through my haze. Not a heart attack.

This was when I was vaccinated

EMT took me to JFK a 7 min. Ride. Here is where it gets interesting. I had been vaxed but without I.d. No vax card on me. I had been vaxed, told them. How do they know. We are sitting in a line behind 5 EMT vehicles as if on a tarmac ready for take off. I’m wheeled into a Covid ward passing seeing some very ill people with skin tones that looked like, they are about to pass on. Legs dangling from a bed. I can only observe. I’m in a solo room. First thing, I get a Covid test, see no one for hours. Have needles in my arms feel little to nothing. It’s dusk another Covid test.

Morning I speak to the nurse who tells me CVS rang in around 5:30 yesterday and I’m Covid free as are the two tests from the hospital.

Dr enters my room waving papers as if scolding a child. “You have Covid” “no I do not”. He reiterates with same gesture “ you have Covid you’r in this room”. Now, my survival instincts take over I prop up and inform him what nurse told me earlier. He hesitates but a second later looks at the paper work. “ ah you have Pneumonia walks over taps my back two times and walks to door. I shoot back at him “Who Trained you?” *

The next person who entered the room and all that followed “get me out of here”. they are looking for an open bed elsewhere. A male nurse wheeled me out a different direction from where I came in. Closer to some electric doors. I notice we just entered this extremely large room as if it was ready in case of a disaster ( how can I think like this?) Never realized they had such a large space and we go thru another set of see-through plastic strips. A hallway and a set of elevators. Down we go!, doors open up and I’m now in the Hospital population. I’m taken into a dbl. room with only one bed hastily prepared for me. I’m put on probiotics, lots of liquids, plus fooood. By now I’m famished grabbed the chicken placed before me. With my hands ( bad form) next the green beans, moist but bitter. Yes, with fingers. No TV worth watching except badly done cosmetic surgeries gone wrong.

The view from my room.

Released, feeling weak but on the mend. At home after a few days the news, there is now a Diviant coronavirus. I write this today Aug. 24 2021. And Florida has the highest death rate and is 8th in the world with Covid outbreak. I was in Hospital around July 18.

*. I spent many day’s in hospital w my husband as he went through Cancer treatment. Only went home to shower never left his side. Loved our Drs.