Busman’s Holiday

Any day enjoying art away from the easle in the company of another creative becomes is a mini vacation.

Favorite destination, just down the road. Thriving with art galleries. Bedner’s Farm Fresh Market was a stop for a bite. Just a short jaunt from Art Warehouse. First Friday is coming up.

Large project renovating a out door mural

DelRay not far away. We spent time watching the world go by on Atlantic Ave. If the galleries were open, and they were we made their acquaintances. We found artists holding down the fort.

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Before it was a thing!

Urban Sketching has been around forever, but now it is a recognized art form. Formerly known as a “thumb nail sketch” or stretching it a bit, a paste up.

I with Anne E Hochtor. This very morning
Had a great out loud laugh today, as I was working my way down the page the fountain was turned on saved me from xtra details.

9a.m. Rosemary Square Sept. 5
Carl Stoveland sketching at Four Arts

Many weeks ago now, Anne E. Hochtor put a little blurb on FB, was there any interest in drawing together on location. Meet at Common Ground Cafe at such and such a time. It was a bleak day. Carl was there, I came, then Anne. She approached Carl. I did not know her. Thus was born the Lake Worth Beach Urban Sketchers. At the very first meet-up 12 artists showed up.

Note the date, 2006

As the weeks progresses I realized I’ve done this before. Now it has a name. I drew in a small notebook, every time I went to the hospital w my husband. Got so good on the 25 min train ride that I was able to do all the passengers in our car. Where as at the beginning I was lucky to sketch one person. Even sketched patients sitting across from us in the waiting rooms.

2006. I’m the poster Artist

How was it that I became the Poster Artist, and got the key to Miami Beach. I was sketching the newly built Life Guard stands that became the iconic symbol of South Beach. ( see sketch above dated 2006 ) yes there is more of a back story. Artists draw things they like and later in the studio develops an idea. Since then, many artist have done their variation of these very same Life Guard Stands.

This sketch of mine ended up in a coloring book.

Check with any artist worth their salt. They have a sketchbook. At the outset of art school they are required to keep one. I have many spanning years. They not only hold drawings but notes, contact phone #, a myriad of thoughts, dates, shamefully not dedicated strictly to art but all relating to art. Our ideas can go wild as no one really sees our humble efforts.

At Rosemary Sq. Joined us today Lives is West Palm Beach

Carl has taken on the task of doing the media, sends out notifications as to next location. Usually 2 per week and with his busy schedule, he also teaches this art form at Mounds Botanical Gardens for those who are interested. Anne does the scouting. I must thank both for opening this door.

Getting better from my first feeble efforts

Ck in on Face Book, think you would enjoy drawing. You are not required to be an artist. Just enjoy the company the outdoors and similar interests. Takes very few tools. Anyone can do this. Find help on you tube under sketching. Sign up for virtual instructions. Once upon a time only photographers had the tools and skill now with I Phones everyone who tries can do. Such it is with urban sketching. Find a group to join. If your in Palm Beach area join this one.