Our future amenity. POOL

A 2 minutes comments at city commission meeting, no matter how many, can not compare to a visual explanation no matter how many descriptive words. my words were cut short.

A spectacular entry from the south

This is an idealized version of what is possible. Not overnight but with phases and a 5 year time line. So what comes first, the obvious. Wonder if a container could be an option for the concession stand. Must we tear down buildings or can they be repurposed.

Glass wall or one with portholes?

When I first got to South Beach I entered a hotel that had a similar wall. As you entered the Lobby, on the left, you could see people in the pool. I was impressed, portholes just like the cruise ships.

Another attraction an Infinity pool

The latest in pool designs also known as an endless pool. Definitely a destination, any tourist to Palm Beach would pay an entry fee for this experience. On the north side a. family center that could double as a club room for rent. 8 tables chairs at least very utilitarian. Parties, kids lessons, corporate meetings. Use your imagination.

The golden hour, sunset
Bride descending the staircase photo op

SUNSET an unobstructed view of our golden hour, from the pool or from the cafe a perfect meditative area buffered from the noisy pool sounds by falling water. Accessible from concession stand via a few steps down on the southern side to the seating area and to the north a few steps up to the family area.

There is a need for a bridal Suite. The ballroom is already upstairs. A location from where the bride can make her grand entrance down a staircase into the existing garden. A garden area that already holds weddings. Below the staircase is room for storage.

I included the windturban tree that was featured on a story from France as a future possibility.. I checked price a mere $28.000; located this wind turban tree close to the pump room which is left where it is now.

Wind turban tree

Last but not least what we all want, wanted since the time I served on Leisure Service Board but there were no funds. The specifications as to the lanes required the width for the pool came from Sally Welch. Our in house expert with experience. Tune into you tube under City of Lake Worth Beach and yesterday’s date Nov. 8 to hear the comments. Feel free to comment here.

The few last words that were cut” it will attract out of state visitors bringing vacation dollars to our city.”

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