Pop-Up. missed by many

Palm Beach Opera did a 3 day Gig at the much underutilized LWBeach asset. So much happening and unless you follow certain sites or stay tuned, as we come out of our two year enforced stupor .

appreciated guided tour

Saw only once, recognized the opera titles so tried to make sense of what I was looking at, why is it on my feed ?

Discovered this presentation by the PB Opera almost to late. I RsVP and wondered if they would accommodate one person. Got there, I’m the sole person and as I had hoped music familiar welcomed me. I asked to have it much louder.

This Opera I did not know

I returned for Saturday’s limited hours. Got a comprehensive one on one from Gloria a mezzo-soprano, retired from the Metropolitan Opera NY. After performing with them for ten year’s. Now transplanted to Fl. She was wonderful, explained some of the backstage ques. As any production has intricacy that audiences are never aware of. I could relate having watched my favorite La Traviata over 10 times at live performances.

A very heavy morning gown worn by. Violetta In her dying scene
Critical info specific to 100 plus backstage crews and chorus personnel

By WPB artist

Wonderful painting of Dido & Aeneas
by WPB artist Tracy Guiteau

So my tour continued. She allowed me to hear music, info on her

I Phone as I did not have this app. This exhibition was solely from our own WPB Opera Co. From its inception in West Palm Beach.

No fan fare lack of notification
Tomorrow’s post.

Finnish Breakfast

Coming this Sat. At 908 Letho Lane, 33461 at the the American-Finnish Club Kerhotalo Love good food and their thin pancakes are almost like crepes. From 8-noon it’s breakfast and flea market, again.. An annual event. Find loved items, being divested not just an ordinary sale.

Got the winning bid last Saturday

last Saturday I attended the other one in Lantana . My intention were to go to the Geen Market. But looking at FB announcement came up on my feed and that determined my destination. Morning ready with my to-go cup but I recalled the tasty food. Was it to be the Jambon at the Green Market, first stall on the left or the once a year lovely large crepes. (not actual crepe but close)

Not what I expected. Ilike the large crepes at the America Finnish place

Ate, satisfied, wandered around taking in the many crests lining the walls depicting their home towns, much like our neighborhood banners.

Last Saturday in Lantana

Then wandered into the other hall to look over the sale. I was going to purchase games for the kids. As last year at the American Finnish Club I had purchased kids games. Always wondered how they came thru adolescents in such good condition. Yes got a few, purchased pearl earrings for a buck.

The piece de resistance this past Sat. Was the item in the Silent Auction a painting. Kept coming back to it, finally put my bid down and wandered aimlessly till it was all over

Well cared for items, that served their purpose.

About this painting. I live in Florida, my home/studio is full of prize winning tropical paintings from my late husband who was commissioned to paint for the Embassy Program. This painting was special, I studied it went back to it time and time again. I’m possessive, once turned down a sale as I did not feel the person understood the value, beyond the price. But where to hang it, next to another original by Lenore Fini in my bedroom. This painting was painted by. ……………….., am told it’s actual value, which I would never be able to afford but that’s not why I picket it. Love at first sight!

Tea pot, a complete set

Just look at the opening bid, no takers

Took photo of Tea pot set above for the @HistoricalSocietyofLakeWorthBeach. Some time soon they will have a Tea Party and most likely would have had it were it not been for Covid. They were on the look out for more sets and this will be the best place to find such complete sets.

Got the winning Bid

I had Purchased a gold Tea set several years ago with the intention of breaking it. Told the lady I loved it but would be breaking it for mosaic project. Had to be honest with my intention, after all she cherished it brought it from Finland and I only wanted it to break it. She insisted, take and enjoy your project. Purchased in 2019 and Have not broken the first pc. Using it to entertain the kids with tea party ( lemonade) they have never seen anything quite like it, gold precious magical.