Half way Part two

Rushing from the Coral Gables Museum I run into Books and Book next door, don’t see what I’m after, abandon that and rush to the car.. Thankful that my friend knows the way to enter the correct lane to get into the airport area, to train platform. Train is there. It’s 4:06 is it running Late? I run, hop on the first car totally out of breath.

Julio Laraz in Coral Gables Photo by S Rose

Back to first thing in the morning I get a message “can I see you manana?” That would be today. I’m on my way to catch the Tri Rail as I read this. So I respond I’ll be on the 9:15, third car, top deck. I get on in Lake Worth, she, Margaret Rose Allen Anciola is in Boynton.

The plan, to meet at the Mtn gallery by the Cultural Plaza by the clock. Train gets in around six, bus 62E in to town and we meet. Sitting Tri Rail Station waiting for 62e getting colder I realize I have no dollar bills, now what. Driver allows me on board and at Dixie and Lake I’m lone passenger left. I feel bad. I look through my sketch book, can’t find what I’m looking for and settle. I tear out a sketch, take a quick picture of it sign it and give it to the driver as I exit with a thank you for kindness. Did I just pull a Picasso?. Not exactly LOL. He felt his signature had more value than his meal. So tried to give server a napkin w his name.

I pulled a Picasso ?

Arrived cold dishelved, Margaret Rose waiting and we greet one another as if the many years never happened. Margaret Rose Allen Anciola , multimedia artist, painter, Poet, legal translator a true Renaissance person. I’ve known her for ever it seems, she also was looking to move here. I knew only she was South American Argentinian?. Colombian? No. She’s Guatemalan!

To much to share to pose for camera

We went to see L D Shannon’s new works, he was busy and someone tapped me on the shoulder “ Do you recognize me” took a minute, “yes John”.. these Masks, I had on two, my nose felt broken. we were attracted like fireflies to this well lit gallery. All of us Professional artists, Hmust be Art season in S Florida . DelRay Art Fair, Fairchild Garden , 71st annual Beaux ART all this same weekend.

L-R. Izac,, Geo. DuBois sculptor, Margaret Rose, L D Shannon,
John Van Orsouw painter, Annamaria, Caroline Chen

LDShannon w his Bride DeAnn
Some of Margaret Roses’s Work

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