# 23056 the very first LFL the story

Excitedly Sharing
Who would you turn to?

The exchange of books is not a new idea. If you spent any time on the water you know you can always trade books at the Dockmaster’s. I heard about LFL from a former resident. Great idea, so where to get the info and the help to make it happen. I turned to our sailing club and asked, I brought lunch, we met at Deans Sherwin’s RIP home. Ted Johnson brought a hope chest discarded and I had my husbands dresser.

This is Ted Johnson’s.
Mine, first one as I registered mine first

Then to celebrate this. Ted decorated his interior with pages from a nautical book. I papered mine with calligraphy work sheets. This was unbeknown to us there was another one. We made friends and traded among ourselves.

This was the other, hard to access but I took books there

We were invited to the group that later formed in town, so Ted and I went. We sat in the back. In the room used by the library for little kids at the annex. We were never acknowledged or introduced. Shoddy! But we accomplished what we set out to do.

Now Mary Lindsey took on the REAP grant and brilliantly got a $15,000 grant to continue what we three started. Unfortunately it was so successful that the City Lake Worth was asked to no longer submit. no longer welcome at table. We have needs still in most neighborhoods at least they have a LFL not exactly the same.

At Christmas time I put in new books gift wrapped.

My thoughts were not so much give back, maybe great for adults but I wanted the kids to own their very own books. Their first book and gift wrapped. So on my birthday I asked friends to purchase and we had a ice cream social, give me age appropriate books. I made invitation for the kids in our neighborhood. It was great grand opening

These kids are still coming after a few years now their siblings
This was the original LFL

Since then I was shamed that my LFL was not up to par w the newer ones. Well, I’m dependent on the kindness of friends. And so I asked. The newest version now still maintains Christmas wrapped books at Christmas, on my birthday. In May, I ask for new gift wrapped books and friends to give an hour to read to the kids.

This is one of my Lake Worthian friends reading.

So to put to rest that I was not the first one. I said I have photos. Yes there are more photos as I used to work for United Press International was published in Time Magazine with photo credit. Even in Rolling Stone. So much for one ups-man-ship. I’m not a joiner but will help when it is needed. Guess I’m more of an idea person, out of the box but this is about the LFL. Free to you and me. Maybe I am that outlier.

My newest version. Painted w portraits of the kids who use it.
Also a night light

So the best story is the newest one. We have a new crop of young ones and one little girl took of w the painting in back, then the little boy had his arms around the LFL trying to lift it to take it. It would not budge I asked him why he wanted it . He wanted the kids to come to his corner for books. LOL.

R I P Dean.

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