Eye care catarac surgery results

Starting this story in the middle. almost missed the appt. When they rang me and said “ you missed the appointment”. “ no I’m suppose to be there Friday” had not heard about pre op. So, “can you be here tomorrow morning” i’ll take the 9 o’clock Train It was all about Covid testing prior to surgery. I passed, negative. 8 a.m. I’m checked in.

Easier to get to via Tri-rail then metro rail into complex

Waiting room has four others watching the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics. I sketch my fellow room mates. Nervous, a bit. Show time! “go up to sixth floor”. Take off your clothes. Wait, I’m having eye done. Each encounter with all the medical staff started with “what’s your birthdate?” After about the 15th time I give my age. No not happening, she smiles and firmly “what is your Birthday” speaking to a child.

I’m cold always am. Only time I ever got sniffles is after shopping department stores, can’t stand Air Conditioning. Requested an extra blanket, eye is dilated I’m flat on my back. I feel icy cold on my hand and a prick, it’s for hydration IV. Hands are gently tucked in. They put a tube under the blanket blowing warm air. YES Now I am comfy. Last thing I’m aware of is a rubber band stretching across my forehead.

Hear nurse gently calling my name “AnnaMaria” from across the room, I stir. “would you like some hot tea? “. Surprise, the tray has chicken soup, hot tea, apple juice and water. Opt for the chicken soup and I say I need more sleep”. Waking an hour later to my name from across the room. This time I’m aware that my R eye opened also. Slowly get dressed , feel nothing. No headache, no pain, NOTHING, normal.

Saturday Morning

Wake in my friends bedroom next morning, my eyes are open. I look across to the curtain it’s bright and what I thought was an abstract pattern is not only bright beautiful color but a bird w flowers. The bird before was a blue swatch abstraction! AMAZING. I can see.

Had no idea how diminished my eyes were.

I’m testing my eye hold a hand over the right, then over the left . Again left then right and again and again, all around the room. My friend is an artist also. Beauty all around me and I can see it. But now I’m aware that the left eye is not right if the R is now perfect. Hard to explain but found this image below an hour ago. This is the difference between diminished eye sight and what is considered normal. You may not be aware till covering one eye checking against each other.

Here the left as if Sahara dust covers your eye.

I’ve worn glasses all my life, but recently they were not working for me. I stopped doing art. Watching TV I would ck my left then my right eye and realized the colors did not match. Right eye was faded, that’s the one I just had done. But if this one is old and the left is seeing a Sahara fogging I’m due for another surgery.

Heading home to LWBeach via Coral Gables Sunday Morning

editors NOTE. If your 62 plus start checking your eyes against each other. SS. Covers this procedure.

I chose this facility as they have a great reputation and one of the surgeons Dr. Hudson an art collector purchased artist Fred Hunt’s art ever other year. Now retired.

1 thought on “Eye care catarac surgery results

  1. I had catarac surgery in 2017 and the result made my eyesight astoundingly clear with vibrant colors instead of muddy shades. I found out the olive green I painted the front door was actually grass green and the mauve sweater was vibrant purple which didn’t ‘go with’ the shirt I used to wear it with. S


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