It could not have been a more beautiful day for a gay happening. Who doesn’t love a parade. Caught neighbors friends supporting this event even if they did not belong to LGBTQ .

Our Honorable Mayor surrounded by our Commissioners

Arriving just a bit late, I asked if LWB banner with our commissioners had passed. Usually catch them at the post Office. This year was different no convertibles for them.. It’s not official till they make an appearance.

Family and partners in tow

Located at my favorite spot, not fighting the crowd or the sun almost straight above my head. So of course I got some great photos. Might turn one ot a compilation of a few into a painting.

Oh yes the word of this day was GAY

I learned the the word gay early and the translation meant gay, happy, lustic, Feliz. So I was feeling it, gay exuberant at all the happy/gay paraders.

Hula hoop queen seen in Bryant Park most Sundays
I yelled in a gay voice “ someone has to take pictures “
Loved seeing friends and neighbors having a gay time
Doesn’t miss a party, changed partners from the VA ride
Good to see who supports their children, long time in coming.

Once upon a time I dated a gorgeous young man. Never understood why his family disowned him. Sat shiva. Never knew if he was gay or dated a non Jewish girl. So we’ve come a long way . Was glad to see this group below participating

Mazes tov / congratulations you’ve come a long way baby
❤️ be still
We have lots in common yes a dbl entendre
Made new friends got their contact info. Yea Gary
Always looked forward for this enormous flag
Definitely in my next painting
Watch for my next Mad Hatter Event started the one in the Grove.
Haven’t seen our streets so busy, no more Covid let’s have a gay time
Definitely hot and gay

We celebrated our diversity not just this day but all year long.. and for you new readers of my blog we have one of the best facilities in South Fl that caters to to our LGBTQ population . It is a community Center You should go ck them out awesome and everyone is welcome. Even I’ve been welcome at the Compass Community Center.

Editors note: Now that I have your attention perhaps you’ll read some of my older musings . If you want me to cover something cultural artistic, reach out. I’m easy.

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