BOOKS Nat’l Library Week, have you been?

Yes I have a Library always had a library. What constitutes a home library? Always lived with books Lets just say I have one.

When Lee was 18. And Jaqueline was 22

When I’ve traveled made a point of visiting libraries they say so much about its community. From the 6000 year old one in Ephesus, to the island library in Bahama where Queen Victorias picture still hangs as sovereign. Learned about Knut Hamsun at a stop in a Norwegian Library. To the library in Thousand Oaks Calif. where I accidentally went into the children’s restroom and nearly fell trying to use the commode.

Not a surprise that I created a Crew Library on The ship I worked as a photographer. Well intentioned passengers brought books aboard to read then leave them to be tossed out after hardly opening them? Realizing this, I asked the Austrian maids to bring the books to the crew lounge. So our library grew with the latest best sellers. Fast forward to LWB. And yes, inspiration struck again, you can thank me for the Little Free Libraries here.

Now I hold library cards to several. All of them, each, have their own personality from old to state of the art. Depends on funding and usage.

My most recent acquisitions I’m delighted with and bring me joy. One I paid for the other I happen upon. The Mystery Bookstore in DelRay ( closing it doors April 15 ). The other is a story . Was mingling w Mayor Betty and Sarah Martin just last Saturdays At Common Ground. And as I looked about the room I notice a lady putting books into the shelves. Rarely meet the people donating. So I walked over to say thanks, and always curious what people read. I share the kind of books I like and the ones I collect. Told her that I built the first LFL in LWB but it was for children and was the first registered from here LWB with the Nat’l LFL.

Two of My latest acquisitions
OMG. I really scored with this one and it was FREE

Happen to like hand written books with illustrations. The sister’s obviously illustrated, charming and I can share, use it for show and tell. Elmore Leonard was Tongue-in-Cheek and as I sat waiting for bus opened it and LOL it was illustrated as well, I got it as he authored it and it had a beautiful red spine and gold imprint. Never looked inside till I got to the bus bench. Just that morn I had been sketching, I believe in serendipity! Who would have thought he had a. Illustrated book.

EDITORS NOTE consider this Part one. Part Two in a few .

Today I recommend you ALL read “The Human Crisis” by Albert Camu. Those of you who do will understand .

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