Palm Beach Co. Art weekend Day 1. – Day 2

Under my Poinciana Tree, instruction, has become a one on one tutoring w Spanish translation where needed. Occasional visitors curious looking over fence w choice of LFL books in hand.

“ the books are yours, want to join us doing art? “

A variety of lessons today, a small lesson from Julia Cameron’s book w some surprise outcome from Nicole. Soft pastel introduction, how to use this media etc. etc.

Snow White at Kravis sneak peak into upcoming season.

National Dance Day was our next eye opener*. we saw a snippet of several performances, all perfect for the entire family. Then on to the Ballroom where every age could participate.

Antonia Mae from the L&M Ballet school.

Yes, even spotted friends from LWB taking part in the open movement event in the Ballroom. It was an amazing gathering of all Palm Beach Co. Dance Schools, troupes. Possibly further afield, there were so very many. . Dreyfus Ballet and Tap performed as did the Demetrius Klein Company.

Yes her name IS Charisma, earlier she tried out for the Nutcracker

Who ever pulled this together, it was a monumental feat. The schedule 11:00a.m – 6:30 p.m. I had no idea how many auxiliary small stages were in the Kravis Center ( seating 250 each I think) having only been to opera performances.

Workshops on African dance, Tap dance, Hip Hop, Ballet Florida, Salsa . They had it all. Performances, group activities, Pop Ups, and of course The performances. In the foyer tables were set up to meet the many dance companies. Meet and greet young hopefuls.

Demetrius Klein Co. of West Palm Beach

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