A case “case of the cleans”

That’s a quote from someone who always said it after a major Laundromat visit. So that is what is happening here on 1404 Lucerne Ave.

I tend to be finicky, but sometimes I don’t have a choice. A friend suggested this laundromat and I resisted. I have my favorite up by World Thrift, in fact have written about it several times. Like a fan letter, I lauded the cleanliness, the wifi, the staff that is loyal, etc etc etc.

So as we took a turn into the parking lot I thought “oh not here”. Well to my complete amazement it is under new management. Loved the murals on the wall, after all we are in the Artisian District, plus the machines are exactly like the ones at the other one, brand new. The only difference is this one takes coins the other a card. The price per wash is exactly the same.

The Perk here at the NEW one is that 3 x a week the dryers are FREE. Thursday is one of those days, and it is open 24/7. This town is growing up. Now I do not recommend night time there, not yet anyway. Also I was told it is packed on Friday Saturday and Sunday so check it out and enjoy this great NEW place.