Count down to Mothers Day

This is serious only how many days ? 5 days and for those depending on the postal service far less.

Letter to grandma

Less than a week has passed that some very fine ladies practiced the art of Letter writing. A card will do in a pinch. It’s not just mother’s, aunts, or someone who nurtured you along lives path, that deserves the recognition on this day. With the distancing in place, who would not love a missive they can hold in their hands right now.

Heartfelt messages were created here.

Want to make it extra special but words fail you. It’s the thought that counts. I Visited one of our local shops today (support your local small businesses) not one inquiry was made about purchasing a Mothers Day Card.

The possibilities are endless

Visit Common Ground at 1201 s Federal to view the Mail-Art on exhibition right now. The place will surprise you. It is a state of the art facility there for the use of our community. Want to surprise someone with a sweet, or order her favorite pastry or go the whole shabang order a cake. Una’s bakery and pastry shop is right inside. Hours are from 8 – 3 p.m. located in Lake Worth Beach, in the South Palmway neighborhood.

We who attended the letter writing workshop have now gotten messages and phone calls of gratitude, recognition. Thank you, love you, miss you! All are two way streets.

Have your kids do what they love, paint love

Connect, with cards and letters this Saturday. April 24

These are faux stamps that will be available. You still need a real .55cent stamp to make it through the postal system.

The location of this free Letter Writing workshop is at the new state of the art facility located 1201 s Federal. This Saturday April 24 2021 at 10.00 a.m.

1201 s Federal. Lake Worth Beach. Zip 33460

.. Come, be inspired don’t have just the right words, we will help.

Illustrate your letter
Embellished your envelope

Make this Mother’s Day unique. Give of yourself to acquaintances friends that you have been distanced from. Your letter carrier could use a smile. Bring a friend, enjoy a morning of thoughtfulness, creativity. Available for your use will be stationery, cards, faux stamps as well as envelopes to upcycle. Send that belated Birthday Card. Thank you for the xmas gift. So many reasons you can still stay in touch and reach out in the time of social distancing.

Exhibition of mail art through May 30, 2021
Waiting for the music lesson to start

Drop by for the MAIL ART EXHIBITIOn A collection of various mai-art calls initiated and collected by Calligrapher/Artist AnnaMaria Windisch-Hunt. Member of The International Union of Mail Artists. Mail from around the world will be on display through May.

FYI. Mother’s Day is May 9.

First class postage will be on hand for purchase as well as a great cup of coffee and you can indulge yourself with some of the finest European pastries now available in our area. For your convenience we will also get your missive to the Post Office, on time for Mother’s Day May 9, 2021.

Take this opportunity enjoy the commeraderie.

Photo taken @RealMail Friday FAU Jaffee Book Art Center .
( temporarily on hold )
There is always one that pushes the envelope. Pun intended.
Mail art with collage.

Hope to see you at the Exhibition and Workshop. Any question pm me.

Artistic Arrondissement


Yes we have one in Lake Worth Beach. “Go west young man”. Lake Worth Beach now also has the very First Little Free ART Gallery in this artistic area. I attended its Ribbon Cutting.

Just one block north of Lucerne on F st.

It was a late afternoon affair with attendees bringing some of the first small works of art. This is via the effort of Amy Shaw and her partner John. Fairly new to our community who totally embraced what we in this quirky community are all about. First she installed her LFL, Then she purchased her gallery from an Etsy shop, fait accompli!

Local artists participated with stocking the initial small works of art. The gallery offers seating with miniature attendees who have gone walk about, often being mistaken for miniature art LOL which they indeed were.

Many done by our generous art community.
like neighbor Louise Noaks

My contribution was a 4×6 portrait of my cat wearing a Ruth Badder Ginsburg collar. It was immediately traded for this awesome small abstract painting seen top left. It has the Van Gogh colors yet reminiscent of the cave paintings of Lascaux. I could not get it out of my mind so early next morning I biked over and made it mine. (Done by 14 yr old Emma) A small Hurricane painting took its place that I used to sell at street fairs.

Raffle + collectible art and some jewelry were part of a raffle for this grand opening. Emma is seen here in lavender.

The mutual admiration society is alive and well. Amy not only put wonderful children appropriate books in but invested in colored pencils kits which are there for the taking. Bring a book if you have one to share or just avail yourself of a original work if art by the generous artists that live in this area.

This is the charming cottage that is home to our 1st Little Free ARTGallery.

Vaccinated today for JnJ

This is how it went, but first, tomorrow morning 4/1/21 you too can get it in Greenacres. no registration required. Sponsored through Palm Beach Co.

while waiting from 6:30 to 9:30 when line started to move.

I was prepped to get on line w Publix but I got a wake up call at six w the announcement “ no registration required and do you want to go”. I was outside of my house at 6:10 waiting for my friend Tammy . I grabbed some matzo and OJ for both of us. We were probably the 56th vehicle. Most single passenger and many there for the food distribution. 3rd car in line said he got there at 4:30 a.m.

8 rows Of 20 cars each

So we sat there watching the parking lot fill. It appeared to be running late. They would separate us into two lanes as we got nearer . The rain clouds were present no sooner did I make that observation it started.

Very organized here Thanks volunteers, we only came for the vax

We were guided down around the bend and told to park. Here where one did not know where the other organizer was intent on. Looking at the photo it appeared we could sit outside the car. I proceeded to dry the two chairs in front of our car.

Carl is sitting by Q sign , on my dry chair all others soaking wet.

IMPORTANT. See the “Q” signs. That’s how you register. They ask the pertinent questions are you allergic? have you had it ? etc etc. you get back an e-mail w your registration number and Barcode but chaos system prevailed it was the blind leading the blind. Some got Green wristbands. Where did you get those? Turned out had nothing to do with anything. The barcode, Is generated via the (q) thing. If you do not have cell phone or capacity as this 80 year old woman. Below. There is help on site that can generate this info for you.

She felt so discombobulated, had the phone but could not operate it. ( I was in the same boat. Tammy assisted me on my IPad . ThANK YOU. Tammy.
Natasha nurse administering the vax

It rained, did I mention this? And rained. Tents were brought in, and so I don’t think there were 400 people. Overheard was that RPB knew Monday that they were getting the JnJ. when asked how many were there from Royal Palm Beach not a single hand went up. People that were there got news via Social Media, the gentleman w nurse Natasha said his wife was in the medical fields that’s how he knew.

Moi in line I was one of the first 3 Scared had not had a shot in ever so long. It did not hurt. Was told to go sit 15. All’s well that ends well. Posting this 5 hours later still everything is ok. This J nJ is effective within seven days.

Will be here in LWB soon as our City Mgr. mentioned In his closing remarks at last City Hall Mtg.

ART alive and well in Lake Worth 3/12/21

Ok it’s not Miami or N.Y. Like some naysayers are alluding. I did discover some new talent right here tonight.

By invitation, Showcasing the awesome art of Glass. At Benzeiten tucked away in Royal Poinciana neighborhood. 2nd and S F st. Look for the colossus bronze at the entrance. Parking from 3rd.

See Leonard Bryant photography FB

There was the community show at the HATCH, more sparse than previous years. Blame it on COVID but they managed to fill it with future artists. Always a delight interpreting a child’s vision.

Even my little charge approved of what they saw on my iPad, that I shared the morning after. As It’s spring break we will make appointment and go see in person, then a Ice Cream treat, to remember the special day.

Just across the street a new art space full to the rafters like the Impressionist Salons. Quality however varied I.e. Salon de Refuse. All the famous ones we know today, came fron “The Salon de Refuse” so an art movement was born.

And yes, I found some I shall follow even my charge WeeWillie pointed to one he liked from the ones I photographed. He has a good eye. I chose the same artist, different painting.

William liked the far left, I was drawn to the bottom.

Onward to downtown my friend and I headed. On the Corner of M and Lake Ave. a NEW space. No gallery name visible but lights were on and hours posted. So any weekday from noon to 6 p.m. worth your trip.

Next door, one painting made my heart stop, art! Ok I’m a traditionalist, also beautifully framed.

Yes I had a oil painting accepted In the community show. I submitted 3 and what I considered my best was rejected.

Accepted and they misspelled my name LOL

Fred W. Hunt birthday

This is a Homage to a artists artist. Done in photo memories

A memoir from my recollections and soon to be in a book.

This stunning work had an unusual start in the Embassy program. Usually selected from existing art for Ambassadors residences overseas. This was a commission destined to the Panama commemoration of the return of the Panama Canal to its people. It was $42,000. And now again available.

The Gift

A small moment from a dance I commissioned for Fred Hunt’s Birthday and Performed in the gallery by Monica Craun during the “Homage a la femme and the artists who love them” exhibition. Video is on the OneEarsociety blogspot .

Miles of Smiles

Still available but has a hold on it so Dr H can finish his man cave. Lol. Purchases are personal and his wife did not want to look at Gary on a daily basis. They invest every other year . $17,000 location of Miles of Smiles is Wynnwood.

Cocoanut Grove Cottage

This was a gift to me of our cottage on the Brennan Property. This image became the Mothers-day Invitation for the 1st Coconut Grove Artist Studio Tour. (over 250 artists were registered in the Grove by the Miami Cultural Council) 42 were on the tour.

This is a very tall water colour titled “The Rosy fingers of dawn rising above The Gates of Hercules” ranged from $12,000 – 17,000 several variations were created for homes with very tall ceilings and some Corp. offices. Additionally he added one to the murals at the U of Miami.

Margaret Stoneman Douglas homestead

One of the smaller oil paintings at just 16×20 It is the home of Margaret Stoneman Douglas author of “River of Grass” “she was a delightful person” Fred had the pleasure of meeting her while he was painting. It was completed after her death. Still in our private collection for 7,500 the home is on the Historic register.

Handels Messiah

Home somewhere in North Miami Beach by a radio executive. The performance took place at the Arsht Center. That year a major accident delayed the performance. We were all invited back for the next nights entire performance. I chose not to go, Fred took our 89 yr old neighbor. searching for scissors I went to the studio and there on the easle was the almost finished painting. Only a few touches were needed. We first exhibited it at Fairchild Gardens and it sold. While still on display some performers from the H M came by and recognized themselves as well as some other performers. There were many amazing moments, like hearing music emanating from a painting he was working on painting in Woodstock Studio

Just a few of the One ear Society participants in the annual King Mango Strut

This was our annual event The King Mango Strut. Here we spoofed the City of Miami, not our first time. Parking meters were the issue. A young man on rollerblades added quarters to the almost expired meters in the Grove, Miami parking authority not happy. So we came out as the Fairies that year. We were inclusive volunteers children, we announced the theme and they showed up. Did not have to be a One Ear Society member.

Woodstock Drum Circle on the green

We loved Sundays on the green. Drumming commenced sharply at 4. If you needed to learn there were practice lessons earlier around one. It ended at six just as the Trailway bus pulled in and the entire circle dispersed, back to the City. There is a video of the drumming on the Oneearsociety Utube channel. See how many you recogniz

everyone appeared to do ok for Valentine

I appreciated the mass Valentines being shared. Helped a few kids make them for friends teachers and Moms and Dads. Valentine is universal.

Mine was not anticipated. An adult asking about my personal life, and by a child asking to spell my name. So I did get a hand made card, priceless, I scored. William who comes to read, stealthily comes with something pink behind his back Sunday. morning. . So cute. Plus his little brother Pablo come to get the Valentine they created.

I had some time ago taken photos, before I knew them as they were racing in the alley. I an ex Indy official photog got in the act “Gentlemen start your Engines” even had a blk and wht kerchief. So the photos were a surprise. CVS had Special for 100 prints. The beneficiaries were two little neighbor girls. Dating 2019 2020 to 2021 as life ticked away in our little street. Memories from when we first met after Hurricane Wilma and as we got to know one another. Even included Ms Tammy who delivers books occasionally to my LFL. Helped purchase a bike for one of the girls at Christmas time but not for Christmas but because she was good. She did not attend my classes often as she had to care for her little brother and little cousins.. The trip to the zoo with the neighborhood kids. A new Baby in the hood, things they will not remember as they get older all documented for them.

Remote learning in Ns A’s garden

Don’t share personal trials as this week was stressful. Working on the Unity Wall last week I got rained out and so did my iPad. Disaster, I was disconnected from the world as my iPad sat in 5 lb. of rice 9 days still nothing. Today Sunday I went to UFIX on Lake Ave. Mathew there was awesome, they are able to take on Macs can do factory warranted. Who knew. So I share.

If your curious about this blog it’s 10 years in the making primarily visual as my background is photography my first gig being the Indy 500, ended w Cruise ship pictures of London. Published in Time, Rolling Stone, etc. etc. but ck out the photos especially Throw Back Thurs. last week obviously was not published but now it is.

Making necklaces from sea shells

Throwback way back 2010 2012

I’m late I’m late On Saturday I got rained out at the Unity Wall and now my iPad is resting in 5lb. of rice. Technical difficulty when one door closes another opens up and as Alice in Wonderland lost her way here I surfaced in the past. I moved here to retire from a 10,000sq. ft Art Gallery the Windisch-Hunt Fine Art Gallery on Grand Ave. Coconut Grove.

Being active what now? I committed to doing this blog 2010 New Years day. As you enjoy these photos at the bottom of the blog is a index guiding you to past posts. Have a look.

Paint your Heart out
we are about to have an election but without a public forum
Welcome hope Habitat for Humanity
It took a village
Once upon a time
Run run run
Centennial incoming congratulations from around the world
Mayor Pam
Old time friend now retired
don’t ask sorry spot with me.
our LWB Sailing Club
Seen here are Caroline Deli with Ray president of Tropical Ridge with a young lady who volunteered to choose the winners name.

Culture theirs mine ours

Interesting how we learn. Monday was Teacher work day and unanticipated I got company. This young man comes and says to me I came to help. Oh, i have not asked for help. It dawns on me he heard about the two hours of learning /instruction I give. Was going to beg off but here came William around the alley corner, I’m committed.

So I’ve structured the two hours as to not lose control or interest. First is reading the Whale book. a guy thing. then we will do happy things. Ivan and William are one year apart at Barton Elementary but don’t know each other. So we take turns reading . They get itchy and I call for a small break. Up my Poinciana Tree, only reason I think they come here. Times up, one says i can’t get down so I reply “guess I’ll have to call the Fire Dept.” That would be a wish fulfilled red trucks, big engine, a boys dream.

After Lunch, A book I ordered and am absolutely delighted with “Sincerely Emerson” hope they love it as much as I. But, it’s lunch break and William is all smiles. He brought lunch for himself and surprise, me. We shall be sharing 3 ways. This is where it gets interesting. The Ramen potato soup comes with tamale. I failed terribly, fail to grasp how to pick up ramen noodles with a tamale.

3 fingers no whole hand see!

I recall the first time I saw them eat with their hands. I don’t eat eggs without a fork and knife, get it. Was told it’s cultural and I’m adamant No. They all were so well behaved when I took a large group to the Zoo and we ate at a hamburger joint (it’s finger food!) Today relaxed enjoying their company I’m taking in our differences. Both are Maya from different parts, so one says 3 fingers the other whole hand. Anyone recall how a WWII spy was unmasked because of how he held his fork. It’s cultural, maybe i’ll surprise them one day with Palacsintas* with marmalade or cocoa. We can eat them with our hands. LOL

checking out Kipling

Now William is coming after school to sit in my tree and I read to him ” We Willie Winkie”* Double checks me to see if our character is really called Percival William Williams. I got his full attention, someone with his name. So now I shall call him Wee William. I get a big grin.