BOOKS Nat’l Library Week, have you been?

Yes I have a Library always had a library. What constitutes a home library? Always lived with books Lets just say I have one.

When Lee was 18. And Jaqueline was 22

When I’ve traveled made a point of visiting libraries they say so much about its community. From the 6000 year old one in Ephesus, to the island library in Bahama where Queen Victorias picture still hangs as sovereign. Learned about Knut Hamsun at a stop in a Norwegian Library. To the library in Thousand Oaks Calif. where I accidentally went into the children’s restroom and nearly fell trying to use the commode.

Not a surprise that I created a Crew Library on The ship I worked as a photographer. Well intentioned passengers brought books aboard to read then leave them to be tossed out after hardly opening them? Realizing this, I asked the Austrian maids to bring the books to the crew lounge. So our library grew with the latest best sellers. Fast forward to LWB. And yes, inspiration struck again, you can thank me for the Little Free Libraries here.

Now I hold library cards to several. All of them, each, have their own personality from old to state of the art. Depends on funding and usage.

My most recent acquisitions I’m delighted with and bring me joy. One I paid for the other I happen upon. The Mystery Bookstore in DelRay ( closing it doors April 15 ). The other is a story . Was mingling w Mayor Betty and Sarah Martin just last Saturdays At Common Ground. And as I looked about the room I notice a lady putting books into the shelves. Rarely meet the people donating. So I walked over to say thanks, and always curious what people read. I share the kind of books I like and the ones I collect. Told her that I built the first LFL in LWB but it was for children and was the first registered from here LWB with the Nat’l LFL.

Two of My latest acquisitions
OMG. I really scored with this one and it was FREE

Happen to like hand written books with illustrations. The sister’s obviously illustrated, charming and I can share, use it for show and tell. Elmore Leonard was Tongue-in-Cheek and as I sat waiting for bus opened it and LOL it was illustrated as well, I got it as he authored it and it had a beautiful red spine and gold imprint. Never looked inside till I got to the bus bench. Just that morn I had been sketching, I believe in serendipity! Who would have thought he had a. Illustrated book.

EDITORS NOTE consider this Part one. Part Two in a few .

Today I recommend you ALL read “The Human Crisis” by Albert Camu. Those of you who do will understand .

April is Nat’l card & letter writing month

Designated as such by the US mail carriers. So what is it and how do we participate. LOL Easy Peasy. Birthdays in April, overdue Thank You notes. How about a quick note so nice meeting you again. Start today!

I’m on it

Pull out your address book. This is also a great time to teach that Thank You’s are always appropriate and appreciated, even if it’s a drawing for family. With Easter just around the corner, what a perfect time. Make it a family project. Sit together pull out some envelopes decorate them. The recipients will be inspired and you might just get one back.

Sweet sentiments, keeper!

So for those of us who embrace Mail-Art we are able to ramp up and fulfill 3o pieces of mail for Aprils 3o days. We have Calligraphy guild friends, there are museums, universities that maintain collections and support/teach this art form. International groups sponsor mail art calls. Then exhibits it’s art given freely and enjoyed

envelope coordinating the stamp it inspired
Self made envelopes to zoom friends
Mail Art, an exhibition always interesting


Alice in wonderland. Deadline. Nov. 5 2022. Mail to : P.O.Box 46 Lake Worth Beach FL. 33460.

The envelope is the gift it’s not opened. Draw write, be inspired by the Lewis Carroll classic

Mail art call “Alice in Wonderland”

Hello Denver and Seattle

From Lake Worth Beach, just not staying in our Quirky little sea side town.

Seattle enjoying our perfect beach

Today a bit overcast, Sitting outside with friends at the Monada Cafe. Watching people heading to the beach. One bike rider outfitted with helmet and little else except his speedo.

Anne and Gail just two of the regulars of the Palm Beach Sketch Group
They select a different picturesque location each week in Palm Beach County .

Wandered over the bridge to Palm Beach Island where our Lake Worth Beach is located and discovered that Viva la Playa overlooking the Atlantic Ocean is now serving breakfast, starting at 9 AM .

Smart looking in white shirts w logo

Taking a stroll along the beach found these kids playing this beach game not seen before.

Denver visitors
Nothing amis this Friday April 1 2022


It could not have been a more beautiful day for a gay happening. Who doesn’t love a parade. Caught neighbors friends supporting this event even if they did not belong to LGBTQ .

Our Honorable Mayor surrounded by our Commissioners

Arriving just a bit late, I asked if LWB banner with our commissioners had passed. Usually catch them at the post Office. This year was different no convertibles for them.. It’s not official till they make an appearance.

Family and partners in tow

Located at my favorite spot, not fighting the crowd or the sun almost straight above my head. So of course I got some great photos. Might turn one ot a compilation of a few into a painting.

Oh yes the word of this day was GAY

I learned the the word gay early and the translation meant gay, happy, lustic, Feliz. So I was feeling it, gay exuberant at all the happy/gay paraders.

Hula hoop queen seen in Bryant Park most Sundays
I yelled in a gay voice “ someone has to take pictures “
Loved seeing friends and neighbors having a gay time
Doesn’t miss a party, changed partners from the VA ride
Good to see who supports their children, long time in coming.

Once upon a time I dated a gorgeous young man. Never understood why his family disowned him. Sat shiva. Never knew if he was gay or dated a non Jewish girl. So we’ve come a long way . Was glad to see this group below participating

Mazes tov / congratulations you’ve come a long way baby
❤️ be still
We have lots in common yes a dbl entendre
Made new friends got their contact info. Yea Gary
Always looked forward for this enormous flag
Definitely in my next painting
Watch for my next Mad Hatter Event started the one in the Grove.
Haven’t seen our streets so busy, no more Covid let’s have a gay time
Definitely hot and gay

We celebrated our diversity not just this day but all year long.. and for you new readers of my blog we have one of the best facilities in South Fl that caters to to our LGBTQ population . It is a community Center You should go ck them out awesome and everyone is welcome. Even I’ve been welcome at the Compass Community Center.

Editors note: Now that I have your attention perhaps you’ll read some of my older musings . If you want me to cover something cultural artistic, reach out. I’m easy.

Sketching and other musing

Some days turn out better than other days. Today was a good one. Reached out to two friends as promised. Caught the wrong bus conveniently bus 61 arrived before 62, so had a pleasant stroll the remainder of the way.. knowing I was about to do what pleases me.

Missing Carl Stoveland

Sketchbook, coffee, baguette ahh. Had my first sketch done before the Lake Worth Beach Sketch group arrived. Occupied a single table and did a bit of people watching. First group on way to work via this coffee stop, was better dressed than the 2 nd shift thats wearing leisure, casual beach attire. We live in a quaint little beach town after all.

Captured this first thing. Looking out to the Lucerne bldg.

Moved to a dbl table. We compared notes looked at each other’s sketchbooks. Fun to see, shared tips. At a far table four ladies are practicing their french, adds to the atmosphere.

Show time Paris and Four Art garden in Palm Beach

Ruth sitting next to me speaks fluent French and will be traveling there in a months time. It’s almost tourist season and she runs a tour company there. Want a wine tour, beer or a cognac tour? We all live interesting lives. Behind us a couple wearing Irish biking gear. Hit my funny bone, st paddy’s day was yesterday. They engaged us and told us the large photos in the alley off 2nd and Ocean Breeze are theirs.

“Thank you for being part of the Art community”. David

Took my leave, thinking of past* *on my way to DelRay Library for a IPad class being offered. Use mine daily and realize I only use 40% of what it’s capable of. Yes I did learn useful short cuts. Then to the Mystery Bookstore next to the Library. $1 books always available. Big notice 50% sale going on. They are closing their doors on April 15. Sad what the state of the industry has come to, what Covid did to it. Guess Miss Cindy and Mary Lindsey can purchase their fixtures as well. I purchased an Elmore Leonard as I met him while living on SoBe while doing my bit to to supported this store

*. My thought went back to Coconut Grove where I made a deal with all the cafes. They would give free coffee to any artist that came in and sat sketching at on og their table, just coffee! N. The Grove had a reputation as an artistic hub. It’s called marketing. Even had artists carry large paintings in the street from Windisch-Hunt Fine Art to one of the other two I handled, when tour bus was in town. LOL

Chess Anyone ?

There are over 10,200 possible moves. Kids love games. So what are yours playing Tic Tac Toe, clue or something more challenging. Concentration is a good game and there are variations. I had the kids play Backgammon. But chess is king, no, yes, pun intended. One of the oldest games in the world dating back 1,500 years.

Made some accidental brilliant moves. She is 5 yrs young

This Saturday again, from 11-12:30 a total of six Saturdays Coach K as he is known to the kids is giving instructions at the Common Ground Cafe on s J st in Lake Worth Beach. I would have preferred Our Library, where knowledge literacy and culture is nurtured for not just our community, especially the young . Coach K an experienced teacher has brought teams to some major victories. The kids in this group range from 5 to age 12 and three participants are aged five. He is registered w Library services that make people like he, available for programs they wish to present. A little like a speakers bureau.

Just do it

One of these kids will put L W Beach on the map. “Geniuses are not born but made” is attributed to Albert Einstein. Kids are ripe for mental stimulation. This I discovered while I had them during Covid. While trying to keep them occupied and not knowing at what stage of learning they were. I did what I recalled from my childhood.

My neighbor Nancy ( did not know they do not teach cursive )
Access to children’s books via my LFL

This became apparent as language barriers are a concern but chess does not have that issue So I felt it was time for a new tact. I put up the first Hundred Susan Guyaux the Second and our Mayor Betty stepped up. A call came in from Staten Island also promising $100 from Ms Loretta Lutfy. I Searched and found Gyula Kovacs. He hails from Hungary via Canada. There is an article I found on Google. “ It checks out: Mr K has kids in Wellesley loving chess”. With photos .

Parents have to put in their time also. Our Library now more than ever needs adequate funding

as our schools have been denied funding from the state. It’s up to our community. Particularly In the Western sector if our town So we are grateful for this borrowed location. Once upon a time we use the Hatch bldg. for neighborhood mtgs. I gave free art classes there and the shuffleboard no longer there, is an accepted Ivey League sport where scholarships are made available by those universities. Reach for the stars!

Totall attention, offers mental stimulation

Chess teaches how to win and how to lose. Realize the consequences of their actions, helps focus and develops problem solving. These are part of the game. This is what Coach K was teaching as I watched. His technique No verbal reprimands, No, don’t do that. . I read where a Venezuelan study of 4,000 2nd graders increased their IQ score after playing chess for 4.5 months.


Here are a few films that portray kids and chess. “Queene of Katwe” a true story. A young girl from Uganda shows promise having Been thaught by a missionary but as she can not read she can’t enter competition and has the desire to learn. Her mother begging and trading so she can afford paraffin, this allowed her daughter to have light at night to study. It is rated Pg 13 due to the dire living conditions. It is a true story and of course happy ending she ends up in University here in the states. This is free on you tube. Then highly recommended is “Searching for Bobby Fisher”. I enjoyed “Knights of south Bronx” also based loosely on a true happening.

Weekend without a car – Lake Worth Beach

1st photo this weekend as we got off Bus #62

Met the Tri-Rail train to meet friend coming up from Miami. First time without her car. Lake Worth Beach is easy. For the next two days We get around via bus and on foot. On an ARTistic journey this weekend. So if you stay in any of our Bed n Breakfast or Air B n B or future Gulfstream Hotel. You can do it without the usual transport.

We are always prepared, bathing suits under our street clothes. Life is good! Directly from train to Lake Worth Beach from Tri-rail via Bus #62 east. We are in heaven. A few hours of sunshine back on bus #62 neither of us had breakfast so we get off in town. Hungry needing sustenance, looking wind blown and very casual. LILO’s looked inviting.

Outside seating LILO’s and a reminder post that utility bill.

Rather than trek home and change. Have not worm heels since coming to Lake Worth Beach. Changed into skinny jeans, combed wind blown hair. Come out feeling better and ready to wander around downtown, it’s Friday evening.

Want something French, this is the place.

Saw something, I want at The art of French Living 519 Lake Ave. Took measurements of fabric for tablecloth. Next stop is Mtn Gallery always a favorite with a new exhibition. Located next to Cultural Plaza. First, drop my bill at the Annex, then into the gallery. Wonderful whimsical art by Resident Artist.

A show that makes you smile.

Now the best gallery in town, we chat a bit with Cory manning the gallery. My favorite here was the Rousseau just on the left when you walk in. It’s Gouache on paper? Back through town west, passing restaurants with outdoor seating, it’s a windy evening. On Lake Ave. next destination HATCH. Have to make a quick stop at drug store enroute .

We locals know by the length of the receipts where we are LOL

and met this very attractive Finnish lady. She is here for the Finnish “Midnight Festival” She just relocated here from Hawaii and her sister has a cheese booth at the festival. Amazing what a smile gets and the joke about the receipt.

Onward just over the RR track, on Lucerne Ave. we arrive at the HATCH for the “community” show. It’s up for three weeks. I know everyone and we have art hanging. Both of us submitted art from the Windisch-Hunt Atelier. Mine a 4 hour traditional en Plein air “(impressionistic” painting. Hers finished at the Atelier. She loves mine and I love hers. We challenge each other. ( Currently both of us also have art hanging at the PNC Bank on Lucerne Ave. “Flora and Fauna”. 12×12 affordable art. ) From there we stroll home looking at possible future painting, a night time scene in the style of Edward Hopper perhaps.


Here a quick Thank You to who ever left the toys in my Little Free Library. It’s a busy weekend as the Flea Market is going on Saturdays And Sundays at the High School. So there is always lots of traffic here.

Neighbor scored for her son, loves Spider-Man.

Sailing from our docks got cancelled due to high winds, no problem. Green Market is just beyond across the bridge. Yes, Bus #62 takes us there. Ate our breakfast there. Me my favorite a Jambon, She a generous slice of quiche.

Found seating in the shade

Always see friends there, it’s that kind of community. Came to check out two of the artists who mentioned they would be displaying here.

Life is good.

Met up with several friends, making it a very pleasant morning. Next on our list the Norton Museum. Bus #1 going north on Dixie. It Got interesting here as our status was checked before we even got in the door. I have my wallet with shot and booster. She has no wallet her phone has all her vital info as she recently came back from New York City and everywhere including restaurants asked for this info. Did not anticipate this. bEWARE if you want to see the Norton Museum of Art take your Vax and booster documentation.

All masked up in the Norton Museum

Love the Norton And always visit the portrait of “Sonny Mac” by Robert Henri as I’m working on a little boys portrait and sweating the hands. Robert Henri didn’t think much of hands, and that portrait proved it.

Lake Worth High students also had art there thanks to their art teacher Brent Bludworth . Gay-Marlov Joseph and Jhony Zuniga Paz

LW High represented at the Norton.

Could not find the Blue Madonna that is holding a tablet. Did find painting of artist Fred Hunt’s art instructor from The Ringling seen here below just two paintings over to the left a painting from my Alma Mater. A very satisfying moment.

Guy Pene du Bois “ Girl in Pink Dress In the American Collection

Bus stop not far for return trip back south. We use the app Moovit only 17 min. Wait. But wait it wizzed right past us. Leaving Us and another in its wake. Well there is always another on the way. He walks to the next bus stop. We start out as well and pass him proceed to two more further stops. Would never have seen this mural riding the bus.

Discovered this very large mural at the HIVe complex

It’s an artful weekend after all. What do we talk about sitting on Dixie waiting on the next bus. We rename all the Lake Worth Beach streets after artists starting with the letter A . I live on C st. Caravaggio, no first names, must be last name of artist. We do the whole alphabet. We get back to Dixie and Lucerne walk into Starbucks then we sauntered down the street, enter the HATCH once more and realize some of the art is as good as what we just saw at the Norton. Maybe 70 years from now they will recognize some of us.

12×12’s Hanging now at the PNC on Lucerne.

We had plans to paint 12×12’s for the next show “Flying objects”. or faces on coconuts we just seen at the museum. Neither happened we were tired. We watched an episode of Candice Renoir and just chilled.

Burlesque at the Library

By 7 p.m. we recovered and strolled downtown. The promotion looked good and we’d checked the menu yesterday. they were out of the Jumbo shrimp blamed it on the Previous weeks Chalk Festival. So we settled.

The show was great. Voluptuous beautiful women. Took me back to when I first saw the famous Fan Dancer. Very entertaining next performance will be in six weeks at the Library not to be confused with the LWBeach Library also free and No cover charge here.

Host Alastair Graves aka Big Daddy

The room was small and the walls covered with book pages that will do for LILO’s Library. The Burlesque show was over, felt far to soon it was truly entertaining. If anyone has a image problems I highly recommend this show. Be who you are “awesome” fabulous!

Produced by Ruby Tesla.

Quick sketch of Freckles Galore the Latina fan dancer.

We left there took short cut to Rudy’s on south J st. It is always happening, no disappointment ever. As anticipated good music, happy people dancing with or without partners. a very lively place.

Walked home around 11:30p.m. Lake Worth Beach is a walkable well lit quirky little sea side town.

Proprietor Mary of Rudy’s


This past week Lake Worth Sketchers made the NEW Common Ground their destination. What a fabulous New Location their 4th Managed by Justin Olive. We will have to wait if there will be another Olive in the Wings for a fifth, perhaps when our pool gets done.

Newest Location

Lake Worth Beach Urban sketchers has morphed into Palm Beach Sketchers a our group has gained participants and sketches sites all over Palm Beach Co.. Each building in this complex has its own number 3065 s Dixie address it’s located on the West side of Dixie Hwy. straight across from 3030 south in WPB. With a bus stop less than 100 ft away.

The decor is calm spacious with lots of natural light from 3 sides. there is also out side seating facing this beautiful complex. Well situated away from the morning sun for a calm cup of Java. They could have been at the Mid, aesthetics do after-all count in architecture to draw the right people Saw no one over 50. Definitely their clientele is an upwardly Mobil crowd.

Interior sketch by Carl Stoveland

Location Location how often we hear this. Equal distance away from Clamatis nightlife north or south to our own Beach and Bryant Park. Each city is able to draw depending on the activities that each provides to draw tourism and the local residents. Common Ground made a great decision on this location.

Would you go the extra mile to experience this beautiful calm athmosphere ? Serenity now!

Sketch by AnnaMaria

Oh yes, did I mention each @Common Ground has a Piano. Always a pleasure to encounter a player. This location was quiet so very conducive to working sketching chilling.

EDITORS NOTE: Their other locations are downtown LWB on 12 s J st. In West PB it’s 3965 s Dixie Boynton Beach is 1517 S Federal. 1112 s Federal in LWB. This one Is a bit different as it houses not just a coffee Shop but a Music School rental spaces a pod Cast studio fully equipped and on Sundays a place to worship. Check out their FB as they all have programming pop up performances or special meetings.

Eye care catarac surgery results

Starting this story in the middle. almost missed the appt. When they rang me and said “ you missed the appointment”. “ no I’m suppose to be there Friday” had not heard about pre op. So, “can you be here tomorrow morning” i’ll take the 9 o’clock Train It was all about Covid testing prior to surgery. I passed, negative. 8 a.m. I’m checked in.

Easier to get to via Tri-rail then metro rail into complex

Waiting room has four others watching the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics. I sketch my fellow room mates. Nervous, a bit. Show time! “go up to sixth floor”. Take off your clothes. Wait, I’m having eye done. Each encounter with all the medical staff started with “what’s your birthdate?” After about the 15th time I give my age. No not happening, she smiles and firmly “what is your Birthday” speaking to a child.

I’m cold always am. Only time I ever got sniffles is after shopping department stores, can’t stand Air Conditioning. Requested an extra blanket, eye is dilated I’m flat on my back. I feel icy cold on my hand and a prick, it’s for hydration IV. Hands are gently tucked in. They put a tube under the blanket blowing warm air. YES Now I am comfy. Last thing I’m aware of is a rubber band stretching across my forehead.

Hear nurse gently calling my name “AnnaMaria” from across the room, I stir. “would you like some hot tea? “. Surprise, the tray has chicken soup, hot tea, apple juice and water. Opt for the chicken soup and I say I need more sleep”. Waking an hour later to my name from across the room. This time I’m aware that my R eye opened also. Slowly get dressed , feel nothing. No headache, no pain, NOTHING, normal.

Saturday Morning

Wake in my friends bedroom next morning, my eyes are open. I look across to the curtain it’s bright and what I thought was an abstract pattern is not only bright beautiful color but a bird w flowers. The bird before was a blue swatch abstraction! AMAZING. I can see.

Had no idea how diminished my eyes were.

I’m testing my eye hold a hand over the right, then over the left . Again left then right and again and again, all around the room. My friend is an artist also. Beauty all around me and I can see it. But now I’m aware that the left eye is not right if the R is now perfect. Hard to explain but found this image below an hour ago. This is the difference between diminished eye sight and what is considered normal. You may not be aware till covering one eye checking against each other.

Here the left as if Sahara dust covers your eye.

I’ve worn glasses all my life, but recently they were not working for me. I stopped doing art. Watching TV I would ck my left then my right eye and realized the colors did not match. Right eye was faded, that’s the one I just had done. But if this one is old and the left is seeing a Sahara fogging I’m due for another surgery.

Heading home to LWBeach via Coral Gables Sunday Morning

editors NOTE. If your 62 plus start checking your eyes against each other. SS. Covers this procedure.

I chose this facility as they have a great reputation and one of the surgeons Dr. Hudson an art collector purchased artist Fred Hunt’s art ever other year. Now retired.

# 23056 the very first LFL the story

Excitedly Sharing
Who would you turn to?

The exchange of books is not a new idea. If you spent any time on the water you know you can always trade books at the Dockmaster’s. I heard about LFL from a former resident. Great idea, so where to get the info and the help to make it happen. I turned to our sailing club and asked, I brought lunch, we met at Deans Sherwin’s RIP home. Ted Johnson brought a hope chest discarded and I had my husbands dresser.

This is Ted Johnson’s.
Mine, first one as I registered mine first

Then to celebrate this. Ted decorated his interior with pages from a nautical book. I papered mine with calligraphy work sheets. This was unbeknown to us there was another one. We made friends and traded among ourselves.

This was the other, hard to access but I took books there

We were invited to the group that later formed in town, so Ted and I went. We sat in the back. In the room used by the library for little kids at the annex. We were never acknowledged or introduced. Shoddy! But we accomplished what we set out to do.

Now Mary Lindsey took on the REAP grant and brilliantly got a $15,000 grant to continue what we three started. Unfortunately it was so successful that the City Lake Worth was asked to no longer submit. no longer welcome at table. We have needs still in most neighborhoods at least they have a LFL not exactly the same.

At Christmas time I put in new books gift wrapped.

My thoughts were not so much give back, maybe great for adults but I wanted the kids to own their very own books. Their first book and gift wrapped. So on my birthday I asked friends to purchase and we had a ice cream social, give me age appropriate books. I made invitation for the kids in our neighborhood. It was great grand opening

These kids are still coming after a few years now their siblings
This was the original LFL

Since then I was shamed that my LFL was not up to par w the newer ones. Well, I’m dependent on the kindness of friends. And so I asked. The newest version now still maintains Christmas wrapped books at Christmas, on my birthday. In May, I ask for new gift wrapped books and friends to give an hour to read to the kids.

This is one of my Lake Worthian friends reading.

So to put to rest that I was not the first one. I said I have photos. Yes there are more photos as I used to work for United Press International was published in Time Magazine with photo credit. Even in Rolling Stone. So much for one ups-man-ship. I’m not a joiner but will help when it is needed. Guess I’m more of an idea person, out of the box but this is about the LFL. Free to you and me. Maybe I am that outlier.

My newest version. Painted w portraits of the kids who use it.
Also a night light

So the best story is the newest one. We have a new crop of young ones and one little girl took of w the painting in back, then the little boy had his arms around the LFL trying to lift it to take it. It would not budge I asked him why he wanted it . He wanted the kids to come to his corner for books. LOL.

R I P Dean.