Tourists are back

Lake Worth beach was a tourist MECcA this past Saturday. Plein air Palm Beach and the Palm Beach Sketchers converged on Lake Ave. Admired by visitors and locals, seen carrying their morning coffee. going from artist to sketcher along our avenue.

Saturday morning on Lake Ave.

We are known for having a fair share of Art Deco buildings, which was the focus of this day. Not just that but Lake Worth also has over one thousand charming quaint cottages that can easily be seen via a self guided tour on the one way streets that comprise the 2 mile area.

Saw Different medias in use, this one was pastel
Cluster of artists focusing on our Lake Worth Playhouse

Sketchers sat at Una’s Bakery looking north across at the pastel shops on the avenue. The artists came from Hollywood, st. Augustine, Singer Island, Boynton Beach. Etc. Etc. 38 had already RSVP when the invitation went out,

Sketchers enjoying the perfect morning.

A great gathering of art lovers. Met up w friends not seen for two years. I moved here for the Artistic vibe. First heard about it when the CRA held a charrette and 72 artists from around S Florida attended the presentation.

A local snowbird just arrived in time.
Representing Plain Air Palm Beach Ralp Papa and the Palm Beach Sketchers. AnnaMaria Windisch Hunt

And there is more off the main area there where one can find charming Art Deco Homes

Somewhere on S. Palmway

Mockingbird Earth Day

A charming gesture for a well-done performance (last photo in blog the reveal)

Earth Day Celebration at Mockingbird Gardens was a wonderful event yesterday.  So here are some of the photos of its participants.  For me the musical performances were the joy,  but before anything got started Mother Earth had two subliminal messages.  Not to be ignored.  Like, welcome to Florida and sugar sand, also a good sign was the Charette. If you have google click on their daily logo image and listen to Jane Goodall.

Earth Day recognition had been read at City Hall and here repeated for all in attendance by our Commissioners
Scott Maxwell and Herman Robinson

Enjoy the photos with minimum commentary.  This event was sponsored by Kiwanis with lots of participants known in our community.

The event was perfectly orchestrated with the help of Mother Nature

Just about everything showcased was handcrafted, recycled and earth-friendly organizations were there to raise our consciousness. The event was from noon to 5 one of the highlights this year was a  Adopt a Tree, which came with a certificate.  Neighbors and friends were visible and if you recognize them you realize they care about being earth-friendly in how they deport themselves.  Recycling, picking up trash when not asked or organized. 

repurposed and handcrafted side by side


Arts Loft Artist with his creations (in the buy and sell section)

On hand were artists who actually make their own creations with their own hands.    Speaking of artists these performers were outstanding true artists nurtured in our community.

Barton Elementary grades 2 – 5 just awesome

the youngest at Downtown Dance

wonderful performance

and seeing the future of our earth, of course, all the kids that had the opportunity to experience and be part of this Earth Day event. 

our own Childre’s Librarian with the LWL “you pick em books”

While this was going on there was a charette also dealing with our desire to see improvements in our community and don’t think it’s not about our earth as it impacts all humans in our community, not just the me me mes  in the attendance but something for the greater good .

possible options depicted



now what happened with mother nature at the gardens, she did not bring rain to save this motor bike nor make it easier despite ALL the manpower.  

unidentified hero, however, it required our Firefighters. Thank You all.

Grounded with Tai Chi was demonstrated

great place to let kids explore while catching up

this is the young woman who got the posy she performed in the choir


Monday blog March 19.2018

Good Morning to you, this time from Fort Lauderdale Airport 

Chris Gostling
Monday Blogge are waiting for our flight home from our wonderful month in Lake Worth. And what a month it has been, gone too quickly of course!

Last week started with a visit to The Cultural Council exhibition which was very interesting. Interior designers meet artists and put whole rooms together which are then depicted in collage style, an unusual combination and you could buy any single item in any of the roomsWhat fun they must have had completing this work, it’s worth a visit if you have not been already. And the Annette Rawlings exhibition on the other side was equally as interesting, beautiful shapes of bright primary colours that popped out if the canvas…..beautiful!

If you were down at the beach at all last week you would have seen those amazing waves and the surf was high and powerful, perfect for a surfing school practising and riding high on the waves. It is so perfect down there at the moment, the breeze is just right and keeps the weather from being too hot. And if you forget to take a book, there is  always people watching to occupy you. I love to watch the children, they are so happy to be by the water and spend hours trying to outrun the surf as it comes in, and the teenagers playing Frisbee or surfing or just chatting…..perfect.

On Wednesday a group of got together at The Leisure Services Building to decorate hats for the children at the Easter Event in Bryant Park. This is, without doubt, one of my favourite things to do, get together with these wonderful women all chattering and laughing as we decorated the hats, it was such fun and before long we had 50 hits completed. I had made English scones with jam and cream and English Tea with milk and in  gorgeous bone china tea cups  and saucers which I had borrowed from a friend.

Ben, who works at Leisure Services is Scottish and enjoyed it very much, a taste of home. He wore a tail coat and top hat to the tea to mark the occasion, it was all very proper and huge fun. Look out for other events involving volunteering, you will enjoy it.

The St.Patricks Parade was fun and very well attended by so may people all wearing at least one green item of clothing. Children clamoured for the candy that was thrown from the cars and floats and cheered and clapped. There were Irish dancers, huge trucks and tiny cars dwarfed by enormous vehicles covered in shamrock. There were motorbikes and sports cars and of course that fabulous huge Little Free Library, being transported by Mary Lindsay and Judy Easton. A great aspect for us was that we saw lots of people that we had missed. I absolutely love the ladies kitchen band, they are such fun and joyfully danced and banged saucepans and kitchen implements…..

On Saturday the new Gallery and bar Sugar Plum and Grumbling Growler opened with a huge flourish. Jill Karlin and Rosemary Otto have art work exhibited and it all looked fabulous. Jill was painting live, one of her signature paintings with a central image of the SPGG surrounded by smaller pictures of other aspects of the gallery. The bar was looking very plush, craft beers and specially blended wines were on offer to make the experience different.

We ended our stay on Saturday morning with a breakfast at Mulligans with assorted and very dear friends.

Next week the blog will come from what I have been told is a very chilly England. That remains to be seen and I will let you know…..have a fabulous Lake Worth week.

A ordinary Saturday in Lake Worth

The past Saturday turned out to be an adventure & a discovery.  I broke my phone and I knew there was a shop that fixes electronics.  En route to volunteering at our Historic Museum, I was out and around 11:30a.m and got everything done in no time and in time to collect the keys to the Annex and to open it up. (not the phone however NOT)

Did YOU know we had a skateboard shop?

First stop HotChocolate and Common Ground Coffee Shop it is really good, rich and creamy sans whip cream.   Then I discovered this skateboard shop next to “I fix it”. Realizing how lively Lake Avenue was. I  started taking photos of people doing their Saturday things.

always a good stop when thirsty or hungry

Shop!  I walked over to  Lucerne nothing was open so back to Lake Avenue.

dropped in to say hi to Betty

the couple just walked in and this happy person just came out

this group of 5 asked why I did not take their photo as they also had just purchased something.                         Felt bad, so I got this photo

of course always say Hi to Andy

across the street Cultural Council also had activity.  At the library ran into Steve Horan Author/photographer   Chatting I spotted a book by Daniel Silva love his books as his protagonist is an Art restorer and as an Art Historian myself, I find his books fascinating.  This one is about Vienna who’s streets I know well, but here is the surprise of all.  Inside this jacket cover, a name just hit me. I then checked my other volumes on my bookshelf.  It is our own Walter Harper who designed the covers and type for this series and of course many other novelists, that was his career before moving to Lake Worth.  I got this hardback book for $2.00 and it is listed for 9.65 in a paperback on  Amazon.

editors note:  Gave a gift of one Silva novel to Capt. Silva as he departed Lake Worth.

ARTful evening in Lake Worth

As your out and about this evening make the Cultural Council one of your stops. They have multiple exhibitions worth your time.  The annual showcase of interiors matched with art, however, no catalogue you’re on your own.  the first on the left is so busy you can’t wrap your head around it and what appears Edward Hopper paintings but not. As you go further into the interior, you can calm down and enjoy the serenity of less is more. This is in the main gallery.  Now for the piece de resistance two different exhibitions with far to little mention.

from a private collection

As you enter go to the right and along that wall is a wonderful small collection of Florida Art.  On loan from the private collection of Phil Materio who’s collection could have taken up the main salon, he has upwards 500 works carefully chosen.

Clarence I Dreisbach 1903-2001

He continues collecting as only a few months ago I witnessed the purchase of a highly collectible Lake Worth Artist. The above painting not described,  could well have depicted a scene on Worth Avenue. Dreisbach originally from Pa. was a member of several South Florida art guilds.

JPMorgan Foundation space at PBCC

The other exhibition in the sponsored JPMorgan Chase Foundation space is Annette Rawlings.  Now a Lake Worth Artist whose work has taken on bolder colours.  A modern take on her formal beginnings of using rabbit skin glue and oils, she now is using acrylics gouache and ceramic media.  She is still true to her minimalistic art form. You can see from this photo what the middle image is. On the postcard, the colors were off and out of context, I thought it was an Ice Cream Cone.  Have for many years admired Annette’s work and she is also an author, plus has a line of jewelry.  She has exhibited from Woodstock, all the way to the  City of Lights. There is something to please just about everyone in this months show at the Cultural Council.  Well worth the trip and always support your local artist.  Purchase something.

She has

Hello Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania visitors enjoying  Lake Worth Beach

Hello Pennsylvania,  here to visit Lake Worth Beach on this gorgeous 81 degree.   Staying in W Palm for a week.   The traffic has already been diverted as of this Friday Morning to set up for not just Street Painting but also for tonight’s Taste of Lake Worth.

the view coming from the beach

Always wonderful to see friends and get to wish them a Happy Birthday. What else would you do on your special day?  Walk the beach spend time with daughter, of course.

A very happy birthday Erica

Want to acknowledge another birthday, today Annette Rawlings who moved here from Coconut Grove on my recommendation and has not regretted it.  She is currently exhibiting her Art at the Cultural Council.  For more ifnormation, she is one of the artists showcased in  “Portrait of our Artists” series about our Lake Worth Artists.

Artist Annette Rawlings

If your downtown tonight stop in at the Cultural Council and all the other art venues.  Especially J street is doing their own kick off for the weekend.  Jazz, at Common Ground Coffee next door a new gallery and Rudy’s, occupying the former  Bamboo Room.

Garlic Fest Volunteer Log day one


this map might help if you go tomorrow or later today

Always been positive about Lake Worth,  Had I taken Lake Worth for granted?  This morning I was a stinking volunteer, one of the best, so the T shirt said.  Of course I got there early and was able to wander about and see the tents opening for the 29th annual GarlicFest that is at John Prince Park./Lake Worth the event migrated from Delray Found Mary Lindsey putting up Coffee provided by Common Ground along with a sign they created for the Lake Worth information tent located  the same place as last year. 


Lake Worths fine Ambassadors on first two buses

Curious about what was different from last year, located a charging station in case the phone or camera gives out.  On the bus the Ambassador lauded the wonderful amenities we enjoy in Lake Worth, the upcoming Street Painting Festival just 2 weeks away.

happy passengers meeting  all heading to the Garlic Festival Party

We have our own Beach,  Casino Complex along with the fishing pier.  There was no end to what all we could laude.   Explained the Little Free Library the world wide connection  and how many we had here in Lake Worth.  We made them feel welcome

He had a knack for explaining who benefits.

We were partnered with Wheels for Kids and had a tip jar at the front and people were generous.  At end of the shift ran into some of our passengers who delighted in posing for my camera and told us where all the best food was. Once the gates were opened,  it was all business for our Ambassadors.   The buses run continuously, one was taken away as the ac failed.  Volunteered one more shift for tomorrow. Hope this helps you navigate if your want to just visit or if you still want to volunteer.  You get a stinking T Shirt that says your the best.  Contact Richard Guercio or Karri Casper. PS invited everyone if they are not to tired to attend the Art Opening tonight at HATCH 1121.  Promoted the arts and everything that is great about Lake Worth.

ps if your a local carpool or take your bike.  Prices I saw for parking were $10  and $20

the end for today

Openings this weekend

Although I put out a calendar at the beginning of the month 2/2/ 2018. Many things pop up not formally recognized at that time.  So this weekend are Some art openings worthy of your time.  Just in is this invitation from McMow Glass

by Bruce Highlander

called a Bakers Dozen in collaboration with Phil Materio of MacMow Glass.  Amazing what glass has evolved in terms of an art form.  Note 100% of sales go to support Center of Creative Education.  Located in Historic Northwood  425  24th st.  WPB 33407      TOMORROW A DBL HEADER not counting the Garlic Festival

Those not familiar with artist Rickie Leiter,  know her name, as she  keeps the art community abreast of all the happenings that are submitted to her and then sent to the larger art community in Central Florida.  In our own back yard, formerly known as our Shuffleboard Court, Armory Annex, now transformed as the Hatch 1121  by the CRA Community Redevelopment Agency.  The obnoxious gorilla* removed, has  taken on a rather modern feel and may proof to finally be a success.A community art display CURATED by former LW Galleriest Peter Meyerhoefer.  Hopefully the work does indeed represent our community but notification were spotty.  Some locals were notified early on others were given a very slim opportunity by being notified on Jan 18 and others not until  January 21,  giving those less than two days to submit by deadline the 24th.

Quonset hut by David Whitlock of Mango Grove

Also enjoy  the Lake Worth Theatre by David Whitlock, as it looked before the Cultural Council headquarters moved in. ( It lights up).  Parrot Cove artist  Claudia  Quacinella has a triptych in this exhibition.  She currently also has work in our local PNC Bank.  From Royal Poinciana AnnaMaria Windisch-Hunt  has one 18×18 oil, and photographer Louise Noaks who resides in the Arts Lofts submitted new work.. Eden Place Carl Stoveland.       Also from South Palm Park   Tracy Rosof-Peterson with a 3D work that appeals to me personally, as I have something similar in my studio.                                                                                                     DO NOT MISS  This exhibition is the Box Gallery on Belvedere a monumental work, a 32 foot long frieze in oil and gold leaf depicting the  10 year return journey of Homer.  Absolutely beautifully executed with a very personal take, humanizing the sirens and the monsters from her close friends,  her children acted out the monster parts by creating their own make-believe scenarios.   Athena seen below.  This show is scheduled to come down this weekend.

Athena who took pity on Homer

Rush don’t walk to see this work of art.                                                                                            * This indicates my opinion as an art critic,  prior to moving to Lake Worth,  I wrote an art blog in the  high density art world of Miami.   It was recommended by the NY art scene as credible and honest.  So as you read please also  judge  how you view a work of art.  Give it time, observe and be with one , is it cold or does it resonate. 

busy busy week end & into the future

Just not sure where to begin here.    There is much being offered in our area and lets face it we are in the hight of our tourist season.                                                                                             2/2  Friday     TONIGHT  Bonfire at the Beach 6 – 9  and every Fri. in February to make                                 up for the unfortunate cancelations.  2/2   Tonight is special  at Clay Glass Metal Stone   Young Miles will be performing.   2/3 Saturday   hang in with me here                                                                                                                              8-11 a.m.  Pancake breakfast at Sacred Heart    $5                                                                                                     8-noon    Farmers Market   under the bridge Palm Beach side.                                                      9   a.m    NAPC meeting for all neighborhood Presidents.                                                              6-9 p.m.  Daddy Daughter, Mother Son Dance at the Casino Ballroom          2//7  5:30    Wednesday Know who is running this coming election Candidate  Forum at the Lake Worth Playhouse starts at six   Public encouraged to attend  FREE  2/8 important message for Lake Worth from our Mayor  6 p.m  parking FREE    2/10  SATURDAY  Reception for Rickie Leiter 

2/10  RECEPTION   6 – 9 pm  the Lake Worth community exhibit of the artists from 33460 and 33461  I say, I say support your local artists  exciting.* come it will be a meet and greet the artists with entertainment by Soundproof

2/9-11         2018  South Florida Garlic Festival at John Prince Park     2/12   Monday Food Truck invasion   2/14     VALENTINES DAY             2/15    6:30 WLRN’s Tom Hudson speaks with Director of Norton about the impact of the arts in South Florida  (Sunshine Economy and the Arts) 

                          Basquait showing in February FREE while under construction.                              

2/17    3 – 5 Reception for Annette Rawlings at the Cultural Council downtown Lake Worth 2/17-18-19 Presidents weekend.  Coconut Grove Art Festival a short train ride south  $15        2/24-25     Lake Worth Street Painting Festival 

 *( I have one pc in the show at Hatch )

Art Palm Beach

I recommended it and I went, my opinion  always  have been strong.  Lots of the work is what I consider urban art (graffiti). After the outcry from locals about the Mural Project, when they first saw the containers in Bryant Park with graffiti,   You, might not enjoy this show as much.

urban art

There was quite a bit of photography blown up and in editions of 30, as they were presented by a gallery from a Holland gallery.    If you’ve never been exposed to art that is valued at $20.000 you should definitely go as it is all for sale. There will be someone who will appreciate and purchase the work.

Steve Jobs diet

This piece did intrigue me.  A still life of a persons diet?  Titled.  STEVE JOBS FRUITARIAN DIET  73 X 49 edition  of 30 only $4,700. and it is a C print.   Why did I find this interesting.  One, I did not know Steve Jobs was a fruitarian . Two  the artist/ photographer Dan Bannino  has gone around the world and gathered similar images of world famous people’s diet.  The gallery volunteered this info,  he has also had done Trump. lol .

Artist/angel George Taylor known for his equestrian art.Several not for profit made it into the show from Jupiter to South Miami.  Love that they made room for them.  Art Basel always had a long wall of not for profits represented at their shows.  Great way to discover emerging artists.  I found 4 from our area that are in this show.  Art Palm Beach seemed a bit smaller than previous years.  Whats NEW the parking arrangement.  You now park in the new garage, one piece of advice take your ticket with you.  Pay stations are in the garage lobby as you exit the show.  its $5 for up to 3 hours.  Was not able to return for ticket to 2nd level as elevator would not stop there.   Saw two miniature  faux Rothkos with scribbles across them (grafitti).  By miniature, they were  approximately 40×28 Rothkos originals always were quite large.

George Taylor with Louise Noaks of the LW Arts Lofts.

I said to Artist George Taylor “in 80 years you work  will also be worth $80,000” as his horses are  better executed than this primative work priced at $78,000 by little known French artist.  The piece comes from a period when we know THE French artists names. This piece is beautifully preserved and has charm, and most likely has provenance. Now is the time to purchase local area artists.  While it is still affordable!

next generation of artists

What gives me hope the next generation will find their voice and graffiti will by then be passe.