Garlic Fest Volunteer Log day one


this map might help if you go tomorrow or later today

Always been positive about Lake Worth,  Had I taken Lake Worth for granted?  This morning I was a stinking volunteer, one of the best, so the T shirt said.  Of course I got there early and was able to wander about and see the tents opening for the 29th annual GarlicFest that is at John Prince Park./Lake Worth the event migrated from Delray Found Mary Lindsey putting up Coffee provided by Common Ground along with a sign they created for the Lake Worth information tent located  the same place as last year. 


Lake Worths fine Ambassadors on first two buses

Curious about what was different from last year, located a charging station in case the phone or camera gives out.  On the bus the Ambassador lauded the wonderful amenities we enjoy in Lake Worth, the upcoming Street Painting Festival just 2 weeks away.

happy passengers meeting  all heading to the Garlic Festival Party

We have our own Beach,  Casino Complex along with the fishing pier.  There was no end to what all we could laude.   Explained the Little Free Library the world wide connection  and how many we had here in Lake Worth.  We made them feel welcome

He had a knack for explaining who benefits.

We were partnered with Wheels for Kids and had a tip jar at the front and people were generous.  At end of the shift ran into some of our passengers who delighted in posing for my camera and told us where all the best food was. Once the gates were opened,  it was all business for our Ambassadors.   The buses run continuously, one was taken away as the ac failed.  Volunteered one more shift for tomorrow. Hope this helps you navigate if your want to just visit or if you still want to volunteer.  You get a stinking T Shirt that says your the best.  Contact Richard Guercio or Karri Casper. PS invited everyone if they are not to tired to attend the Art Opening tonight at HATCH 1121.  Promoted the arts and everything that is great about Lake Worth.

ps if your a local carpool or take your bike.  Prices I saw for parking were $10  and $20

the end for today

The Holidays have arrived

Pretty amazing turn out on the Cultural Plaza this past Friday Night.  So many things going on in town.* .  The tree lighting was enhanced by the new paint job on the old Courthouse annex building.   So many of the usual suspects were there volunteers from all over the city, employees, and a good number of visitors sprinkled in between Lake Worth residents.

happy background for a happy event

Our Mayor Palm did a countdown for the tree lighting.  Everything went according to plan and no one was disappointed.  Not just the tree but have a look at the background of our Annex on the Cultural Plaza that houses the Lake Worth Historic Museum on the upper floors and the Visitor Information booth on the ground level.  Guest performers were from Boca and the young dancers from our own Downtown Dance Co. who kept us entertained with their smiles and choreography.  Friends met up with friends and lots of selfies to remember this evening by. last tree photos here Courtesy Tom JohnsonAids Quilt now at Compass Community Ctr.