Palm Beachers visiting our beach!

A promising fabulous day at the beach YELLOW, we know it’s going to be awesome.

Hello Delaware

Where else can one stroll and enjoy this sunny morning. Here we have Palm Beachers taking advantage of Lake Worth Beach’s pseudo board walk, it’s a yellow kind of day( happy). Also seen this fine day at the Beach Our Assistant City Manager filming. (Top secret) if they wont tell me. No matter, having a yellow kind of day.

These folks are popping up every where at the library, our beach, the airport lol can’t get away from them. Airport some time back put a kabosh on them. on w my stroll after local breakfast special at Mulligans. Saw my friend Michelle Ma belle, she occupies the same spot every morning and Tina. What’s the happy conversation about #Zimmermans cafe just a month away.

Leave you with this great smile and I can fill in the high and low tide this week. Low tide is from 7 to 9:15 a.m. this week . High is while your sleeping, our water temp is perfection!

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off could not have been better than ours on Lake Worth Beach

After Lake Worth Beach street Painting event that was one of the best with only 15 min of rain on the first day. It was sunshine and gemutlichkeit. The crowds converged upon our little quirky seaside town, by train, buses and bikes.

Some wonderful creations on our streets

It ended with an up beat, as all good events should. great music for all to enjoy on J st courtesy of Rudy’s pub.

Music for all ages

Today was a “go slow” day, down from a high. We have bus #62 every half hour now, straight to the beach. Breakfast special $5 at Mulligans and it’s leisure time enjoying coffee and a Mimosa reveling in the view. Go with the flow. Took left over bread with me for seagulls.

Do not feed, he does not tip. Lol @mulligans LWBeach

Temp. Reached the 70’s with an ocean breeze. So I sketched the nearby sunbathers and the playfulness nearby.

We were among the many enjoying Lake Worth Beach morning till next time. It was time to go. Took #62 straight to the train for a farewell. Next week end the Finnish Festival more visitors.

The color of the sea today was spectacular.

Gold Leaf In Our PNC Bank

M/M mixed media can mean lots of things in the art world today. From Diamond dust to Digital Paintings to sparkle plenty? Gold Leaf appears to have come back from its origin, of the Virgin Mary wearing a gold leaf halo. Gold leaf chalice in the hands of a deMedici. I’m speaking of Gold Leaf. It is making a strong reappearance in the contemporary art world and not cheap.

Art Palm Beach Price of a nice car.

It’s a trend that has been reaching its momentum. Norton Museum for its re-opening commissioned one room with Gold Leaf. When something hits the creative air it blossoms in all sorts of formats by all sorts of artists from around the world. Interior designers are fond of it. Check out the Golden Pavilion in Kyoto it’s a precious metal.

I attended the last four major shows in our area and each time more and more gold leaf appears in the art as its focal point.

Art Wynnwood Miami $$ by the sq. Inch

So I put a call out to our area artists, a challenge. It must have gold leaf and no larger than 12×12 cost effective and affordable. We have so far 16 works of Gold leaf art hanging in the Lake Worth Beach branch PNC Bank on Lucerne Ave. it’s a continuing open call.

12×12. Iris Oil and Gold Leaf $150
3 D. Gold leaf. 12×12 “Deco Flats” $120

This brings me to the Wynnwood show in Miami. Saw some Julio Larraz (mention him as he is my favorite next to Fred Hunt) and other very famous collectibles. The Miami Art Club, only 16 members, a power house of young talent with prices they hope to achieve. Keep an eye on them. Now, in our own back yard, what was comparable to our Lake Worth Beach Exhibition at PNC. The light shines bright. Should we have price as recommended $3.00 per sq. Inch? You do the math!

12 x 12. $600 @ Some w color others just gold paint Impasto
The price at Wynnwood show for above age of hearts

Judging the value is difficult, galleries take 50%. You must love it, you both must like it, it’s hanging in your home. Now go see for yourself this very affordable exhibition. This could be your entry into local artist collecting? Also currently available in Lake Worth Beach a stop at the Palm Beach Cultural Bldg for Philip Ross Monroe, see his exquisites. draughtsmanship. Photography is at HaTCh and at the Compass Community Center. All available during the Lake Worth Street Painting Festival.

From the Norton Museum collection

Editors note. Buy what you love. Support the area artists as they develop. Your purchase today, gains value yearly.

Guiding the artists I’ve always recommend raising their prices once established by 5-10 % each year.

12×12. Oil and gold leaf $100 at PNC

Real Mail Friday 1/3/20

This takes place on the first Friday of each month at the Wimberley library’s third floor. The Jaffe Center for Book Arts. It houses approx 10,000 hand crafted unique one of a kind Artist books. I’m always delighted to share it with acquaintances and friends and they have all become devotees of this once a month special afternoon . Bring your address book, I flip through mine, first the birthdays for the month and take time to write letters to friends I have not been in touch with, who do not do Facebook. Usually some 3o missives go out to friends, loved one’s, parents it’s hosted by John Cutrone a Lake Worthian that I met years ago as a member of the South Fl. Calligraphy Guild long before I moved to Lake Worth Beach. John created this event and he’s a marvelous host, available to those who attend are all sorts of ephemera glass pens, variety of inks, Washi tape, stamps for those feeling just a bit intimidated.

A congratulatory note on an engagement
A congratulatory note.

Each letter that leaves here is special. And while we muse over the right phrase not to be misconstrued we drink Coffee, tea and cookies can be munched on and chocolates. Each month brings surprise xtras depending on the time of year. Today it was crackers. inside were the traditional small gifts a crown, a joke and in mine I got the tiniest deck of Alice in Wonderland playing cards. 

Four hours of bliss thinking of someone special and communicating that love. Real Mail Friday also provides postage and there’s a basket where you deposit your letter, note and they will take it to the post office noblesse oblige.o

A letter to a parent from today’s Real Mail Friday.

Only 12 minutes south of Lake Worth Beach

Lake Worth Beach 1/1/2020


New Years starts with optimism and Lake Worth Beach’s first day was perfection. Everyone from the surrounding communities Loxahatchee, Wellington and Palm Beach converged on Lake Worth Beach. A happy day as The only flag flying was yellow meaning, calm seas, no critters biting. Perfect for shelling and sun worshiping. A red letter day as The newest addition to the Little Free Libraries opened auspiciously yesterday with fanfare and deservedly so. It’s a “mini me” and belongs to none other than to Mary who has done so much to bring the many LFL to Lake Worth Beach. If you can read a book a day you’d be in heaven here. Each of our 16 neighborhoods embraced this project. Don’t have to look far to get the kind of book that you want to read, some of these actually specialize either Florida history or just for children it’s all available in Lake Worth Beach Don’t stop now, take a little bike ride. What I love to do is to look at the decorations, recently on NPR we were mentioned having spectacular lights in our neighborhoods. Our cute seaside cottages decorate and These particular decorations are best enjoy during the daytime. ha ha life in paradise we call it “Lake Worth Beach” our quirky little seaside town.

Cycling into the New Year, The Thursday Night Peddlers riding on Wednesday . . .

If this is Wednesday, we are riding TONIGHT. We are pleased to let everyone know that for the 54th Annual nighttime holiday parade 2019. They got 3rd place “Best of Show”. This award came as a pleasant surprise as this group always goes way out to meet the theme of the parade, this year it was the roaring 20s, last year it was the toy soldiers for the Nutcracker and prior to that it was the Grinch who stole Christmas. What is unique about the Thursday Night Peddlers riding on Wednesday, each holiday season they cycle and carol Lake Worth Beach’s new residence and community.

They are the only group in the United States to do this, to the delight of the community and are now in their 8th year of riding as a leisure group, enjoying paradise. Lake Worth Beach is flat, about every street has bike lanes, thanks to the CRA. Accepting this award presented from Leisure Services are Tina Chiodo a frequent rider and AnnaMaria Windisch-Hunt the founder of this group. ““We are A non-spandex group and every one with a bike in Lake Worth Beach and beyond regardless of age is always welcome to ride with us every Wednesday”. They meet 6:15 and depart 6:30 from the Gulfstream hotel each Wednesday. Did I mention they have had the honor of leading the parade. It is a non membership group so depending on what life has to offer there could be upwards 25 riding or as few as five.

You might also enjoy reading Throw back Thursday. April 26, 2018 and have a look at some of our participants.

Day 26 2019 Visitors from afar at our Beach


Sun is shining and the beach is beckoning. First thing I saw was the red and purple warning flags above the Lifeguard stand. I gave up trying to keep my cap on the wind was at least 20 miles an hour. The white caps are beautiful as the waves crash into each other, but no swimming. My friend and I took off on a walk heading south w the wind behind us. As we came onto the beach this couple was just emptying a bag of trash. We encountered them again on our return and yes they had trash in their bag again. They are from Canada. Thank you! And on we went to meet the next couple and of course I asked and yes they also were picking up trash. Mom is visiting from Atlanta . Thank You!My small bag also held plastic trash, I mention it as it was .suppose to have sea shells which I collect to make earrings. Small sacrifice when people who do not even live here care enough to make my Lake Worth Beach beautiful. My companion always picks up trash. Yesterday she and her family spent their time Christmas Day picking up trash. Not much action on the beach this morning. The purple flag warns about sea creatures and I spotted lots of baby jelly fish that the waves tossed ashore. a couple from Sweden Hello Montreal

Lake Worth Beach is a place to go to enjoy our awesome sunshine even if you can’t get into the water right now.. Happy Holliday to all our visitors.

Dec. 17 night before Impeachment West Palm Beach

I became part of history Dec. 17, 2019 arriving early in West Palm Beach downtown 4:30 an hour before the event. As the trolly approached, I thought the rally was in full force. What I encountered were two trump women w megaphones and two large flags all for Trump. Returning, to the start of the event, I could hear the crowd from a block away, now the plaza was full of protesters. The police dept had a few officers dividing them from us. It was well attended as you can see from these photos. My former UPI persona had to see the other side. How many Trumpers there were. I’d estimated 40 as I crossed to participate and approximately 575 anti Trump protesters verses 40.? Crossing the street again later to access a different vantage point, I realized no, there were no 40 trumpers, impeach people were mixed in. So the count went down to 25? What the Trumpers had were two media trucks that circled the block from different directions. As they reached the mass a loud roar went up “Lock Him Up” in unison. The impeach crowd were encouraged to call Rick Scott by repeating his phone number. His phone should be jammed this morning Thursday. This was a none violent crowd of mostly elderly educated people ( Florida is the retirement capitol of the U.S.) who know their history and what’s at stake. Also seen were a handful of millennials w one mega hat between them for a photo selfie op.

ART Season underway

Wed. Delray Art League reception Thursday Cultural Council reception. If it’s Friday it’s The Norton. Let’s begin with Wednesday. $110.000 is now the cumulative given by the Delray Art league via their 2019 Art Education Fund Awards.Presented at the Delray’s newest gallery space on Dixie Hwy. It’ spacious modern with working studios on site. the recipients this past Wednesday were, drum roll!. All Peoples Day ( Event). Twin Palms Ctr. For the Disabled. Palm Beach Rehabilitation Ctr. Plumosa School of the Arts. Florence Fuller Child Development. Milagro Center F A U. College of Arts and Letters. The stories of how the funds had impacted them in just the last year were heartwarming. Nurturing preK to College level . Ron Rizzo the new Delray PRES. Made the opening remarks introducing the space and. Fran Goodman on his left made the awards. congratulations on this new space, while still welcome by DelRay City Hall for their overflow meetings. These education funds come directly from the sales of art, as all Delray League artist members contribute to this fund a % of their sales. They believe in nurturing the future and know how it impacts the entire community.

Part two: Going with the Flowo


Sunday started slow but it was the icing on the cake. We had Tuscan breakfast at home at my artist friend Sherrie’s. Only two things left on the agenda as we woke to a cold day.

We took a leisure stroll around the Biltmore to admire some of the faux work she is credited with in the Lobby. Learned that that their pool is the largest in the country. Elegant old world hotel. In the lobby also where two large bird cages, home to gold fiches. So, I was going to paint sea gulls but now, it will be gold finches on gold leaf ground. Look at how the Finches food is presented. First Class all the way.

Then to the Coral Gables Museum. It’s a fairly new Museum entree fee $8. Worth every penny. The presentation of all 3 exhibits on display, exquisite! Nothing was crowded, making viewing a pleasure of the Peruvian photography of only 22 images. “Less is more” was never truer. The Historical aspect of Merrick, oh my, oh my.! Now to the exhibit by our Lake Worth Beach kids about their Maya culture was so well executed. There was video, Self portraits reinterpreted into textiles. The artists who worked on this project with the Children of the Maya Center should be lauded. This art exhibit/instillation should have longevity. I can’t mention everyone’s name but let me put name to image here. Left to right. Jessica Domingo, Mia Ruiz and Rodolfo Velazquez.A show I highly recommend. fIf you head to the Book Fair this is a worthwhile excursion or a $5 round trip Tri-Rail ride on The Weekend. There is a lovely gift shop managed by Books n Books and the museum also houses the Coral Gables Information Center. The day ended in a surreal Gustav Klimt moment as we entered the Starbucks cafe. Lol. “The KISS”. All things come to an end as it got considerably colder.