Feel good night

Feel good nightEight miles up Dixie highway from our quirky little village of Lake Worth Beach, found another village. Last night it was a Woodstock recap. Yes there were a few of us who were really there but many more who wished they had been. Immediately you knew this was special as everyone was carrying a flower by the end of the evening they morphed into these lovely bouquets. Each participating merchants were given 100 flowers to give away.

Music came from two stages never intrusive mellow idyllic atmosphere as couples, groups shopped and everyone had a smile , it was nirvana. we supported the artists and merchants and restaurants in our own way . Visited. With artist friends. Thank you Northwood for such a special evening sponsored by the WEst Palm each CRA. I include the sign please read we could actually have a second CRA one to sponsor teacher housing am I still dreaming.

Mail art, correspondence a gift

Has no monetary value. Sent through the worlds postal system. A gift with no expectations, no money exchanged. Did you know the Lake Worth Historical Museum right here in our quirky little seaside town has a nice collection rivaled only by MOMA.

Many mail art calls have themes, and are viewed in Churches, Libraries, pop up galleries, some are published into chap books. One of the longest continuous call for #Mailart is supported by the U.S. postal service in Washington D.C. visit their website. Washington calligraphy guild.

There are many categories within this genre: just postcards, Cinderella stamps ( faux stamp ), naked mail which i have send via cocoanuts and received, red satin slippers, No packaging, just bare/NAKEd. We in #lakeWorthBeach currently have a #correspondence art call, recognizing our name change. Feel creative, send us an #envelope, they are not opened, put your email on reverse side so we can notify you of your #envelopes arrival.

Mail Art / City Hall. 7 n Dixie Hwy. Lake Worth Beach Fl. 33460. I myself have sent over 40 to artist friends with the most recent Woodstock 50 yr. commemorative stamp, as first day issue. The one seen below is heading to Belgium. LOL. Sublminal marketing our town. The Theme is travel.

New Business on Lucerne Ave. open 24 hrs.

3 Days a week the dryers are FREE. Thursday happens to be one of them.

This is a new business and while the offer last, dryers a free 3 days out of the week, Thursday happens to be one of them. Note they are very very busy on Fri. Sat as well as Sunday, be warned. They have the same machines and same prices as the one that I have written about several times up on Dixie by World Thrift. Its a great for the nocturnal person ( OPEN 24 hrs. ) located 1404 Lucerne Ace.

April is designated as Letter writing month

challenge for Nat’l Letter writing month. Communicate every day via mail. Each day during April take a moment, send that over due thank you note, how about a birthday card. A friend you lost touch with perhaps. be the first to address a letter using Lake Worth Beach ( gotch ya) sent out four to four friends already. This brings me to this Friday, Real Mail Friday is happening every first Friday at the Jaffe Book Arts Center. fAU. HOsted by John Cutrone on the 3rd floor of Wimberly Library. A Lake Worthian.This has been an on going event for a few years. There you will be surrounded by thousands of one of a kind artists hand made books, what a treasure. You get to enjoy coffee, tea, cookies or cakes. Whatever is appropriate be it holiday or just gemutlichkite. It’s an open invitation, bring your address book. they provide ephemera, stationery, even stamps. The cost for this engaging afternoon is a donation.

A great way to reach out to a friend wouldn’t you rather get a handwritten envelope in your mail box instead of reaching in and look at a bill or flyers in your hand. You can decorate the a colored pencils or or or. Here are some samples from WW II. Edward Gory the author sent his envelopes with images and received some like it. So send and see if before the month is out you get one back.

Hello Montreal, Yonkers, Jersey

Perfect weather, calm waters and our beach is perfection today. Ever so often I love to feature the visitors who come to our beach, and they come from far and wide. Today I met this very happy lady who hails from Montreal full of enthusiasm. She has been a Snowbird here for 27 years. She invites friends who are looking at our town very seriously. Her last guest was a golfer and could not have been more enthusiastic about our municipal course.

Then this lovely couple from Yonkers, allowed me to photograph them. They were wistfully looking out over the calm ocean.

From New Jersey desperately seeking a tan before she heads home.

Here is my friend who never ever goes for a walk on the beach with out carrying a bag to pick up trash. Why is she emptying the bag, because she also found a sea urchin shell, she is taking home. I only accompany her part way, she goes all the way to Lantana. I slow her down as I look for sea shells have a swim, so, go only part way.

Flofing 2019

Once again the much anticipated sport of Lake Worthians was on schedule and again a great success. This years line up started at the home of the flamingos Dave Savage and Sandy Weston.

Over heard ” I have these tickets, but if your not in, I want my money back”. So once again a favorite is back. It’s a lot of work and time put in by the fun loving Downtown Jewel Neighborhood. As I’ve been saying for several years this is the best Neighborhood FUNDraiser.

First to tee off was newly elected NAPC PRES and behind a out of towner, who flew in for this event. Representing Buckeyes, they will be bringing more with them as this was a blast. And so this event grows exponentially. I brought one newbie, he flew in his sister and she’ll be bringing more next year.

Go buckeyes. LoL

As always transportation provided between the far apart holes. By our famous and

Some infamous drivers. You might want to revisit my blogposts of years past that show

Different holes and the past participants.

check out ” Flofing? Only in Lake Worth “.

March 27, 2016 That was a good year

always give credit to our chauffeuranother great hole was beautifully layed out and the water feature was hidden from the tee box

Another surprise this year was how welcoming this particular hole was. The meatballs made with Guinness was tasty. All holes had drinks and munchies.

The themes were as varied as were the new participants to the game. New residents were drafted. Loved the joys of Christmas, where TJ showed his skill, driving the ball into the tree for a par 2. (Ok finally I know what a par is, took a few years) everything I know about golfing comes from FLOFING. Lolnow this one deserves a close-up. Who doesn’t like bling

Was a feel good to visit some of our usual participants. This year quite a few new ones. The surprise was propaganda. Love community participation.

Encounter with the famous Flofy

it is always a fun event as we are amused at the clever creative ways everyone embraces this event. In keeping with the politics and tomorrow’s run off I came in red white and blue with my pole sitter. A subliminal message. I had to depart for a previous commitment so I missed half. Said good by But returned to see the dismantling and recognize the worker bees who were there from start to finish.

Mel and Vinny. Every year volunteering

The unspoken hero

Thereis a brown/beige sign indicating golfing in Lake Worth Beach, so they might still be out there searching for the golf course. To see more photos, definitely go to T J hashers face book page he has 100+

till next year

your pole sitter. ( not one dirty minded person was encountered with this spoof.

just one more day

IMG_0031Don’t  think anyone can be any happier, that this is almost over.  Always been independent and sought out what i thought was best from my point of view.IMG_0033

So glad not to see vitriolic postings and those massive e mails that clog up my daily mail, all because I gave a few dollars.  My contribution, far less than the cost of the mailers coming to my home, time spent sending daily e-mail notices from areas I do not vote in.  about how we are doomed.IMG_0038

I  take the time to honor the women who bravely paved the way regardless of  their sacrifices. To honor the women who suffered so we could live free and with rights. How far would you walk in their shoes, or your own to the nearest polling station.?  Thank you all who will vote for the first time, taking the first step towards a future you envision for us all. .IMG_0110.JPG

Dia De Los Muertes

45467565_10213163200983216_2793518871884070912_n-1.jpgThe event has grown in our community from a well attended first time event, to last nights awesome turn out.  Embraced by all from the City of  Lake Worth Beach.

A parade from City Hall lead the way to the HATCH where authentic food vendors were ready and artisans with a variety of authentic and hand made Day of the Dead trinkets.45419344_10213163208143395_8400616526696153088_n

Kids and adults waiting in never ending lines to get their faces decorated,  by the face painters on site.  Many came already made up and the faces were just so beautiful down to the last detail with their costumes. Check out our area photographers who capture this event,

Tom Jonson and 45320601_10213163205743335_8542820999786135552_nShawn Moss engaged by the city.  Steve Horan,  and the black and white photos of Adriano Ficarelli  and check everyones personal FB posts of those who attended. Great memories from last nights event at the HATCH.45325318_10213163212303499_9058855054043250688_n.jpg

The altars more authentic this year and should you have had the pleasure of viewing the film COCO you will understand the seriousness of these altars.


By artist Francisco  who no longer lives in Lake Worth, 

My first Year I came pretty traditional.  This year it was a challenge as a friend who is visiting  San Miguel Allende an artist community,  also known as the most beautiful city in Mexico. She is sharing photos from Dia De Los Moertes event, (not an event) actually the whole town was out and about, as this is a  Mexican Catholic tradition.  I myself got educated while watching COCO as to what and why they engage in this annual event. Being of European decent i witnessed  candles in the grave yards but never to the celebratory extent the Mexicans engage in.  Here we just love a party!

45396853_10213163219823687_381949753711132672_n-1   By noon  I had ideas but so late in the day.  I had 2 sheets of pasteboard cost $1.  35 years old leotard that has seen better days and lots of cold weather .  I cut  butterflies out of scraps of paper,  and left over Easter flowers.  A tube of white Toothpaste priceless, from a s o s call to friend Tammy.  I smelled great and minty.  I used the toothpaste to paint,  leg bones , hip bones on leotard carried it with me for touch ups.  The inspiration came from 18 year old Freda Kahlo’s painting  “Broken Column”  who spent a good part of her youth in a body cast.

I’m Back


 If it’s Thursday so YES we ride tonight. Thursday Night Peddlers 

We are only about 8 weeks away from the new year. Our calendar is filling, lots of wonderful things happening in our quirky seaside town and expect to get news from not just this blog but follow FB pages by Tammy Pansa’s “Lake Worth Local”  Bob Lepa’s “Lake Worth Voice” Wes Blackman writes at blogspot “Lake Worth City Limits”. Follow any of these three and you’ll be well informed.  

Took a breather from blogging after what seemed a very long summer.  My computer after 10 years decided it had enough.  After the shock and pain wore off i found IFIX in downtown Lake Worth, yes they do electronics other than phones or cracked screens.

a yearly favorite, I did say quirky

so here we are.  Things are always in flux. and if it’s possible to have an issue we will make one.  We’ve lost our weekly Friday on the Plaza replaced by major monthly Block Party.  Oh  yes our pool is empty right now and a contentious ” issue ”  Dia de los Muertes only two days away and celebrated in our city and in case you did not know the Marigold is its official flower. Photos of this event next week.  Stay tuned for the usual the unusual and feel free to comment.

The only City in the USA that Carols on bikes at Xmas time