Just a Sat. in Lake Worth

Three (3) Cultural offerings on one day and the car never left the driveway that is what Lake Worth Fl. can offer. That is not counting the morning at the beach before it got too hot.  The Lake Worth Historical Museum was open on Sat. from 1 – 4 p.m.  They have a wonderful marketing message created by Walter Harper that speaks to how young 100-year town is. So most of what is in the collection are relatable to a not so distant past.





The next stop was at the Cultural Council which just opened a new exhibit by YES local artist Deborah Yates another one of our gems.  Who has found herself in our burgeoning artist-friendly town, following the steps of  several other artists from Key West and Coconut Grove/Miami.  It is one stunning exhibit in the small gallery space sponsored by Chase Bank.  I have to admit I was taken with this work. It is abstract, not my personal taste, however, I recognize it’s power as you turn the corner and are confronted with OMG this is good. Deborah also does environmental art on a large scale.  Definitely, go see. 

Debra Yates left with friend Susan Guyoux at the opening reception

Then a stop for good Mexican food at Lupitas.  It was packed with people just returning from the beach Laplaya, with a party in full swing in the private room.

never had seen this room. looks like fun

Last wonderful experience of the day was Oliver at the Lake Worth Playhouse downtown Lake Worth.  It was well-produced everyone was on cue and the casting was flawless. (Call  for Flashdance is now open) The music memorable and the performances on track there was just one person who appeared to be out of sync at the very end and that was an adult.  The young theatre troupe was flawless. What wonderful future thespians talent we have here in our area.  Soon they can be inducted into the International Thespian Society  wish you all well.    Thank You Tabitha for the ticket.

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Throw back Thursday Peddlers

Thursday is when Thursday Night Peddlers meet up at the Gulfstream Hotel for a ride through our fair city, with  Throw Back Thursday photos or tonight you may want to meet at the Casino for the Historic Preservation Design Guidelines to help shape our future both meet at  7 p.m.  one at Historic Gulfstream and other not so historic Casino Ballroom.




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Mockingbird Earth Day

A charming gesture for a well-done performance (last photo in blog the reveal)

Earth Day Celebration at Mockingbird Gardens was a wonderful event yesterday.  So here are some of the photos of its participants.  For me the musical performances were the joy,  but before anything got started Mother Earth had two subliminal messages.  Not to be ignored.  Like, welcome to Florida and sugar sand, also a good sign was the Charette. If you have google click on their daily logo image and listen to Jane Goodall.

Earth Day recognition had been read at City Hall and here repeated for all in attendance by our Commissioners
Scott Maxwell and Herman Robinson

Enjoy the photos with minimum commentary.  This event was sponsored by Kiwanis with lots of participants known in our community.

The event was perfectly orchestrated with the help of Mother Nature

Just about everything showcased was handcrafted, recycled and earth-friendly organizations were there to raise our consciousness. The event was from noon to 5 one of the highlights this year was a  Adopt a Tree, which came with a certificate.  Neighbors and friends were visible and if you recognize them you realize they care about being earth-friendly in how they deport themselves.  Recycling, picking up trash when not asked or organized. 

repurposed and handcrafted side by side


Arts Loft Artist with his creations (in the buy and sell section)

On hand were artists who actually make their own creations with their own hands.    Speaking of artists these performers were outstanding true artists nurtured in our community.

Barton Elementary grades 2 – 5 just awesome

the youngest at Downtown Dance

wonderful performance

and seeing the future of our earth, of course, all the kids that had the opportunity to experience and be part of this Earth Day event. 

our own Childre’s Librarian with the LWL “you pick em books”

While this was going on there was a charette also dealing with our desire to see improvements in our community and don’t think it’s not about our earth as it impacts all humans in our community, not just the me me mes  in the attendance but something for the greater good .

possible options depicted



now what happened with mother nature at the gardens, she did not bring rain to save this motor bike nor make it easier despite ALL the manpower.  

unidentified hero, however, it required our Firefighters. Thank You all.

Grounded with Tai Chi was demonstrated

great place to let kids explore while catching up

this is the young woman who got the posy she performed in the choir


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something new a warning on her wrist.

Yesterday I along with 45 tourism professionals took a roundtrip on  Brightline, invited by Discover the Palm Beaches. It was a West Palm Beach to Ft. Lauderdale roundtrip. In early May, Miami will come online.   Each of the hubs that Brighline goes to is centrally located in each downtown hub with many cultural facilities nearby ( actually walking distance ) as well as shopping areas and restaurants. Fam tours are often offered to tourism professionals as a way of getting the word out to hotel guests and passing tourists about the nearby amenities. Discover the Palm Beaches is funded via the Hotel Tax. 

Here I share what I learned and what I saw also there are two live videos from yesterdays trip.  We were welcomed by Brightline spokesperson. Having already taken this trip before I was familiar with the wonderful facilities.  Each of the stations is a replica of the other so making navigation painless.    My first experience with photos is on this page  with photos when it was less crowded so the photo show more, however this time I’m with video streaming.

We have or will fulfill the purpose of this trip.  Many years ago I was in the very first tourism class offered in Miami created at the suggestion of Ambassador Plenipotentiary the Honourable George Neary, still have the papers* lol.  So here I was with my iPad getting the feeling and opinions of my companions on this FAM tour.  From Lake Worth were Karri Casper, Ted Johnson, Theresa Miller, Henryetta Seif, Gael Silberblatt, Elizabeth Nichols-Ross, AnnaMaria Windisch-Hunt.

if you bring your water bottle you can refill here also video contains bathroom amenities

The ambassadors from Palm Beach Internation Airport

a new trend in housing, by transportation a stone’s throw away available late fall. (just like Europe)

had a chat with this couple and then saw them leaving via this transport

*I could give this class as I spent many years in the tourism business via Visitor Center in Austin Tx.  9 years working for Cruishiop Pictures of London and of course as a gallerist for 17 years.

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Tonight Meet and Greet new Art Space City Place  7p.m.

701 Rosemary in City Place

Delighted to make this announcement as one of our Lake Worth Artists is making a splash on the international stage.  Ray Gross from s M st.  has been working for quite a number of years in his home studio, then he met  Gabrielle Kraus well it put the spark back into his effort. All us artists, need at one time or another a muse, the spark.  Come say hello to both and see how this space has been transformed.   reminds me of the old times at Mayfair in the Grove when I took over a Ralph Lauren shop. Wishing Garala longevity

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April Nat’l Letter writing month

Not this kind of letter!

Happy April, and welcome to the 2nd day of the Write_On Challenge! We love the excitement of beginning the challenge each year* – the satisfaction of the dropping those first letters in the mail is so sweet. Have you written your first two letters yet? If not, don’t stress – simply set aside 10 minutes, break out your new supplies and start with something easy. If you’re stuck, check out our online resources – we’ve got inspiration to keep you going all month long!  This is right up my alley been following them and was preparing, so Yes I did not write two letters but I got two envelopes in the mail. LOL   For the Mail Art Project.  P O Box 46   Lake Worth Fl.  33460  so send something either to Art Project or to someone you love.   Had no idea how much I used the US Postal Service.  I just went through a box and found the cards and letters I had written during my marriage. No reason other than to say I love you. I care.  Thanks for a great night. What was truly delightful was finding the thank you notes from his granddaughter, now a grown woman and an artist as well. Now I can share the moment I  opened that envelope again. A treasure among so many  I had forgotten.  On our trips, I used to write what we were doing what we saw besides the iconic scene.  We enjoyed those cards on our return and relived those moments. Made for a great photo album with cliff notes. Take a moment look at your partner and grab an envelope add a note of your gratitude (everyone is into gratitude right now).   Recycle the envelopes that your bills come in. 

one of my doodles to an artist who lives by the sea

 above a recycled envelope , plus it had gotten wet. Did it in the waiting room of a dr. then colorized it once i decided what to do with it. 





  • this comes from a card company named Egg Press.  link is above
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Easter Morning on Lake Worth Beach

Lake Worth has a strong spiritual foundation as seen by the many worshipers on our Lake Worth Beach this morning,  for their own Sunrise Services.   The first one group I passed were Russian,  then Lutheran, Nazarenes more Lutherans others I could only guess at.  Church by the Glades was doing submersions.  My own spirituality is being in awe of nature and grateful when the sun appears and the moon is still in the sky.

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April your could have fooled me.

We made it through March.  Now to see what April has in store for us.  What a rich picking of cultural and fun events in the Lake Worth area.  Mostly FREE but some indicate donations suggested.  Now you have bucks to spend in our local establishments.  Life is Good.  Make your plans get off the couch.  ENJOY

March 31  Saturday Easter Egg Hunt and Bonnet Parade with Mr. and Mrs. Rabbit. Bryant Park 9.am.

 Time to get your mail art in   Send your embelished  envelope to

ART Project      P.O.  BOX  46       Lake Worth Fl.     33460

This will go on display locally.  so put your email add. on back, so we can notify you of  its arrival. and post it to the internet.  

April 1.   6 a.m.  Sunrise services on our Lake Worth Beach.

April 3,   3160 PGA Blvd.   BB113     5-8 p.m.     Palm Beach Gardens, Florida 33410

April 4 Wed. (First Wed. of the mo.)afternoon Mockingbird Garden  have a sing-along and enjoy music with Mel and Vinney

April 6   FAU  Wimberly Library  3 rd  floor      (post about this event April 4 here)

April  7 BiblioArte hosting the creator of the Little Free Library at Hatch1121 Lucerne Ave.   (former ShuffleBoard Cour) 

Aril 7  something for adults  BOOk Cellar has the Author of   Marriage                                     of a Thousand Lies on hand to speak and sign her book.




April 12    Yom Ha’Shoah (Holocaust Memorial Day) noon to 2 p.m opening of Ruth Gellis Exhibit from April 12-30  during Mandell JCC Boynton Beach operating hours.  

has exhibited worldwide, featured in several museums,  studied at the Baux Arts in Paris.


EDITORS note       As events are announced this blog is updated.  Again I only feature free to the public in our area.  If there is a charge it will be listed.  Also posted my view on what is happening and going on in our community.  All Good.


April 21,  Earth Day


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Throw Back Thursday March 29 18

Still trying to get around my Photo Library thought i had deleted unwanted photos but apparently it’s all in the Cloud.  Doesn’t do me much good looking for just one photo.  Takes time and captured by memories.  Time-consuming for me but should be delightful for y’all.  Here are the good times I shared, I may not be in photo but I was there.  Here are  89 Lake Worthians in 20 photos

The Thursday Night Peddlers and tonight is THURSDAY



doing a project on growing up Lake Worth


Sounded good wonder if they are still chiming

i’m not the only one that misses this

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from across the pond

Hello, Hello from across the pond where although the weather

Chris Gostling
Monday Blogger

is not as beautiful as Lake Worth, it is nevertheless gorgeous blue skies and a slight chill in the air BUT the trees are beginning to blossom. It is like a miracle, in the four weeks I was in Lake Worth everything is coming alive. We put our clocks forward last night, two weeks after you so now we will also have the lighter nights, I love that. At the community hub where I volunteer, the grass had grown so long I had to cut it, the smell was delicious, reminds me of Summer.





I can see that there has been fun and games in LW, Floffing, pride parade, always something fun going on, I love the photos which so clearly show the happiness in people’s faces.

I arrived home on Monday afternoon after a good flight and car journey back to our house. It is always nice to get back to  your home after you have been away, check the post, make phone calls, shop for basics, chat to neighbours, catch up on gossip and happenings…..

I had to be up early on Tuesday morning as I was scheduled to have a cataract operation at 9:30am, how amazing that is….the next day I could see perfectly, it was a new world! I am having the other one done tomorrow……medical breakthroughs are incredible these days!!!

I am an assessor at our local hospital, we have groups of people who are not employed by the hospital who are trained to assess the wards, Accident and Emergency, outside areas and anything else that is deemed to be necessary. It is hugely interesting and shows clearly just how are the medical staff work. We have to look at cleanliness, quality of food, access around the inside of the  building and outside the building, garden areas, ramps, wheelchair access, Alzheimer’s arrangements…..all kinds of things that make a persons experience of hospital better.

We have a programme called Better Start where we look at what is provided in nursery for pre school children, we have 10 in our area and the first little Free library was installed in The Cockleshell Day Nursery, we are hoping that it will instil in the children a love of reading that will continue throughout their lives.

And of course, we have Comic Relief coming up, also known as Red Nose Day where all over the country events are carried out to raise phenomenal amounts of money for charity. One such event was the dance off with local firefighters organised with a local primary school, the children have so much fun and it shows them how we can help charities by working together, hopefully another lifelong lesson…….

Lastly another great project was added to our town for World Downs Syndrome Day. John Bulley, a local artist completed the huge mural of Amy under the railway bridge, it is beautiful and part of the ‘recognise us’ campaign started last year.

Today is gorgeous and is set to be the start of Easter week, I am off to the community hub to open up for coffee morning, an event I love and which will followed by a drumming and spoken work programme, I love my life!

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