Have a great Laborday weekend.


A early beginning at the beach Friday before the long weekend. I’m avoiding people, crowds. Haven’t been out in a while, not sure I still know my table manners. KEEP wearing a mask! We are not in the clear yet. Six Months and counting. Destination was Viva la Playa alas it was not open for breakfast. No sign on doors as to hours or when.

Next best Benny’s. Spotted long sleeves, must be a tourist. Indeed

Another early happy group

I had the Sunrise, no meat. Used to pay $5 for exact same called the “local special” at Mulligans but here it was $12. But what a view, sea breeze, the smell of salt air, took me back out to my years on the ocean. Of course location location.

This is their menu, just scan it. Welcome to the 21st century

It’s FRIDAY the beach front was getting a face lift.

Also seen so very early.

Very obedient. LOL.

Have a great weekend ! I opened my e mail about an hour ago say 5:15 p.m. and my VIP invite was in my box

Grand opening Sat n Sun. eleven to eleven both days

Sept. 3, 2020. Throw back Thursday.

This little sea side town of Lake Worth Beach also known by some as the isle of misfits. Has over the last 10 years been photographed/documented by myself and also the other professional photographers who have moved here and become part of the community here. Each having their own spin on how we see each other.

Coffee with the Commissioner

Each Wed. Morning Commissioner Robinson held open discussions of ideas. Everyone was heard. It was quite a civilized discourse as everyone had their turn as they turned up. Issues were discussed and laundry aired. That was then. Now due to the pandemic the meetings have gotten smaller, still being held each Wednesday from 9:30 a.m. to 11:00 sharp via Zoom. Anyone wanting to participate need only reach out to Comm. Robinson or myself and we will get you the invitation to attend. everyone is welcome as always.

The Sailing Club

Yes this small seaside town has a Sailing Club. Here they are pictured. Actively petitioning to get a marina up to make this town more picturesque. We have docks but usage is restricted. This might come under the heading of the isle of misfits. It would bring in day sailors who could visit Lake Worth Beach. Better yet create a yachting interest in the young.

one of many volunteer opportunities

Volunteer opportunities galore, so many here in Lake Worth Beach. There are advisory boards guided by liaisons from the City to help guide our quirky little town into the unknown future. A NAPC a neighborhood assoc. each has a President representing 16 areas of our town. New groups arise as the citizenry seem fit to create. LOL

Recognition of its citizenry

There are all sorts of honors bestowed on those who exemplify all that is good. Be it a loyal employee or an organization that has brought much to our community. National Holidays are also recognized all from the Dias.

First time train trip

Yes, there are those rogue personalities that see a gap and fill it. A little like “I’m depended on the kindness of strangers”. Don’t we all! We encounter them here here in Lake Worth Beach gratefully. Especially now serving in food banks. These kids were taken to West Palm, their very first train ride, very first time to see the holiday sand sculpture in West Palm Beach a stop at the Mandel Library. Exhausted, well behaved and quiet on the train ride home, engrossed in the reading material they were given at the Library.

Garden Party

They happen everywhere in our small city by the sea. Crashing one, no such thing, as everyone knows everyone and greetings are extended. Now there are some awesome parties that have become annual events, legendary. This year we missed out on the 4th of July back yard event. There is the holiday one on south M st. And for now on hold Diner en Blanc soirée.

Another Coffee with Herman Robinson
Tuesday night City Hall mtg. 32,000 could tune in via You tube. Just subscribe “City of Lake Worth Beach” and you will be notified when they or other boards meet.

Have I missed a groups, your gang, there will be more Thursdays to come. Cheers!

August 27 2020 Little Free Library

Updated as I remain sequestered. Lost days of the week, no particular milestone to punctuate my limbo. Managed to almost destroy address book, day pages. They drowned due to my wandering mind and then the rains came, the storm next. Due to my senior status I remain sequestered. It’s not all downhill, spurts of creativity put me into zen flow, then I wake to next project. Try to tackle household chores needing attention naw, not now, not in the mood . Anyone else experiencing this?

My little neighbors

So remain focused and busy. One side of #LittleFreeLibrary are of the kids in the neighborhood. I borrowed image as Kimberly was sharing with her siblings what I was teaching her. She’s clever and smart, on the telephone. Long distance learning before I even knew it was a thing.

Inspiration for one side of LFL a compilation Of several photos.

This is the other side with my cat Luna. And a motion light for night time use. LOL

Most of my followers of this blog have read the origin of this Library know it to be the first registered LFL # 23056 here in Lake Worth Beach. A cosmetic overhaul certainly is a improvement and waterproof . Inside is another painting of a mother reading to her baby. Before it was papered with my calligraphy practice sheets. ( we were 3 building our libraries together. Ted Johnson and Dean Sherwin ). Ted’s a sailor, so we papered his LFL inside with nautical terms and pages of a sailing book. Dean’s was the show stopper he made a replica of his home.


Anyone wanting to contribute this library was made to house youth and tall children’s books. Oh course take a book , keep it, share via reading to a cat or younger sibling or bring one to share.

It’s England Calling

And it’s HELLO after a two week break when my IPad got lost and then found again, thank goodness, so here I am wondering how everything is in Lake Worth Beach.

Here in England things are progressing little by little …… restrictions are lifted slowly to make sure the numbers don’t go up again and instead of closing everything when they do, the immediate area of the worsening is locked down and lifted again when numbers go down. It really is just a matter of people being responsible for each other. Masks/face coverings are worn to protect others so I do not understand people refusing to wear them, uncomfortable as they are it’s about protecting each other!!!

This week nail bars were allowed allowed to start operating again so I took that opportunity to get mine done, I did not realize how much difference it makes, it is wonderful, they look so nice and I feel good. My nail technician is called Hanha (Hannah) and she and her husband Hoan. Run the U.K. nails bar in Southend on Sea. I had not realized that the last time I saw her in early March she was just pregnant, so imagine my surprise when I saw her looking as if she was going to have a baby any second,!!!

They are Vietnamese and wanted to know how I liked Vietnam when I was there at the end of February. I had almost forgotten it, but I did remember my overriding memory of how lovely Vietnamese people were. And in all this time they have only had something like 27 deaths from Covid. If I Remember, everyone on the tour was amazed that they were so organized early on, they all wore masks, our temperature was taken everywhere we went, there were posters everywhere sanitizers at almost every corner and at the airport everyone was tested. …..of course we got home to England on one of the last planes out and waltzed, no tests no checks and the rest is history. And so every day another country is put on the black list as numbers fluctuate, people go on holiday and find the country they are visiting is put on the black list. the next day which means quarantine for 14 days when they get home, this causes a big scramble for flights home before the deadline. I have made the decision that I am not traveling abroad until it is totally safe to do so and I won’t find myself rushing home and be in quarantine. – it’s a strange world in which we live at the moment.

I have been very busy at the community hub where scrubs are still being made to order it’s incredible. Masks are being made to ensure everyone has at least one, every Monday is mask giveaway day and every Monday there are lots of people arriving to collect masks for themselves and their family. I love it as it gives me a chance to see all the lovely people who live in the community and catch up on news etc. many of our people are on and have been staying in shielding their own and finding its very difficult to come out , they are nervous of people and would rather stay at home. Where they feel safe. I am hoping the masks will change that for them. And they will feel safer wearing them and will start going out again.

And the children are due to go back to school in September after 5 mo. At home. There have been many debates about this and schools have worked hard to ensure that schools are safe places to be. And children will be looked after. Many of our schools stayed open during lockdown and children of key workers (hospital workers vital services and and many more who are needed to keep the country running ) children were taught on a daily basis along w nurseries . Key workers were also given priority shopping times , deliveries of food and supplies whilst working to keep them safe and making sure they had food and sustenance during the awful time at the beginning of the pandemic

Here in England schools have different holidays to USA ….our school year starts in September, there will be a one week break in late October , 2 weeks break at Christmas, one week in March 2 weeks for Easter, one week in May and six weeks in summer mid July to early September. This gives both students and teachers regular breaks. This year no examination took place for our year II’s the first time ever , so the end of school results were based on teacher assessments . . . Not perfect but fair. The schools both leaving at primary level, 11 yers old and Secondary School (16 ) missed out on proms , end of year parties and saying goodbye, such important milestones. I know some schools are still going to celebrate at some time when it is appropriate and when it is safe to do so. Young people need to be back in school , they need to be learning and they need routine, it will be hard for them to settle back into working but not for long. …. they are very adaptable and for many the can’t wait to get back to their friend and the camaraderie of their friends.

The government has devised a great plan to get the restaurants and the eating places back on their feet. And to encourage people to go out again – on Monday Tuesday and Wednesday every week till the end of August all meals are half price with the government paying the other half!! We have, of course been making the most of this and have eaten out with friends and family at this reduced rate……our favorite of course being the five star restaurant and hotel on the seafront where the food is excellent and of course pricey …. not with this scheme, it was fabulous!!!

Everyone who has been asked to make hospital scrubs and bags and hats and masks has been asked to submit a 4×4 square of something appropriate to the whole experience and all of theses sqares have now been made into a beautiful and exquisite and emotionally charged quilt. I watched these squares coming in one by one and sa it put together by Carolyn and has now been completed. The last square completed by me for someone who could not complete one due to work commitments. It has now been hanging in the hub for some 3 weeks and every time I look at it , I see something I have not seen before. I have the photo here but to see it for real is much better….the writing in between has been sewn from comments made by workers during the process. The fourth square from the top left is the one I have now completed.

So now Monday I am ready for the Monday Mask giveaway…. because we have to wear face coverings in all shops and enclosed places these are offered for free or donations. Again these are beautiful, different designs and lined for putting in a filter, made with love and effort because people care

The garden is thriving and plants are still growing, tomatoes in abundance which taste so much better when they are home grown!!!! The community hub is having a overhaul of the garden with bushes being cut down and fences being replaced. It is getting ready to welcome back all our lovely groups and projects and community members, I cannot wait! For now we are still having our yoga classes on Zoom but hope before long but resume the classes back In the hub ….

And another library has been installed in a little town called Hockley, this library is surrounded by beautiful land where a yoga studio is being built along with Yurts and all kinds of peaceful things . And on that note of peaceful tidings. I will say goodby until next week. My overriding wish is that all the wonderful things that have come out of this awful time continue long after it is all over. .. and that the country which comes up with the vaccine, shares it with the world rather than make it inaccessible to some countries, we are after all , in this together, everyone has been affected by this time in one way or another. Have a peaceful and happy week. . . . .

hello from England

And what a good week it has been albeit very busy. Firstly, I Want to ask how things are in Lake Worth Beachand how everyone is coping now? Here in England things have not changed that much, lots of relaxation of lockdown has been postponed because of a spike in numbers of people contracting COVID 19 and pockets of the country are being put back into lockdown as their area Falls into the risk category. This, in turn, is affecting every aspects for life …. the economy which was beginning to grow again, once again starts to fall once more. Jobs are lost as business after business fails through lack of support. We are still having to wear masks in shops and enclosed spaces hoping that this will be enough to stave of the awful virus.

people seem to be much better at social distancing now and understand how important it is to follow the rules. And so, with travel out of the question at the moment, at least abroad, we have decided to take staycations in order to see all those places in England that we have never seen. I am still on our first trip, which has braught us to Newcastle upon Tynewhich is the north east of England, known for being a shipbuilding and manufacturing hub. It is now a center of business, arts and science.
what brought us here is Hadrians Wall which stretches some 73 miles from coast to coast, it was built 123AD: to guard the wild-northwest frontier of the Roman Empire. It s now a UNESCO World Heritage site. Can you imagine this amazing treasure being built over a period of six years interspersed with forts every few miles which would protect the people within the boundaries.
here we are near the end of the wall and loving every minute of it. Yesterday we walked up a very steep stone path to the fort, phew,! The view from the top was spectacular, parts of the wall remain stretching both left and right of us. Sheep wandering freely across the grass. It was easy to see how they lived from the remains, communal toilets were at least 10 People could sit quite a convivial affair in those days obviously.! Romans were a extremely clever people, underwater heating and education being two important things passed down amongst many others.

I got to thinking what our generation will leave certainly it will not last For thousandS of years like these amazing artifacts. Things then were built to last, beautiful brick walls stone placed on stone with no concrete at all to keeping it upright, incredible.!! Today we live in a throwaway society where nothing lasts, a huge shame that Knowledge of our wonderful world will be passed on digitally. But we have had fun here and today we have walked and walked. We visited the local market which is Somewhat smaller Than usual, because of COVID. We have half the market this weekend And the other half of the market next weekend, better than nothing of course. Newcastle Castle was our objective after the market and having booked our places for 1 p.m. we spent the next couple of hours reliving castle life in the ruins of what once the most beautiful building dating back to the 1100’s

And tomorrow we return home after visiting The Angel of the North , a Hugh contemporary sculpture designed by Sir Anthony Gormley . Completed in 1998 , it is a steel sculpture 66 ft. Tall with wings measuring 177 ft across. The Angel, like a lot of his work , is based on a cast of his own body. It is Britain’s largest sculpture and the largest angel sculpture in the world. I cannot wait to see it having seen his other work. It seems to me that staycations will be the new thing as everyone decides to stay at home, already it seems that many hotels and places to stay are booked already. I love an adventure and look forward to many more.
It is a huge shame that we will not be coming to Lake Worth , it is where we feel at home and will miss our friends hugely.
Editors NOTE. I will wait until tomorrow To post this so I can include some Angel of the North Photos until next week, take care and stay safe . I am sure that this period will pass, when I do not know, but hope it is sooner rather than later.

Remains of Hadrian




Kathleen and Ron en route

We have spend our time chatting over fences, visiting Mom, painting, sanding, organizing and making our home more secure while preparing it for the storm season. All of Hesse jobs are labors of love we are glad to be doing. We miss socializing and having folks over for a get together usually involving libations, but we feel the more we stick to the guidelines the better the chance we can all really get back to work. We have not been to the places downtown we would love to is it and feel that’s our way to prolong this awful situation the world finds itself in at the present. In the meantime we have remained productive and mostly positive.l When we return to Germany we will have to quarantine again but will be able to go take a free Covid-19 test just showing our insurance cards and if negative, the quarantine will not be necessary altho things change daily. The German States have been changing guidelines as the situation develop. We pray there will be a vaccine developed as quickly as possible or at least a turn of events that ends all of this, and fervently wish we will return to Lake Worth Beach soon as it is where our hearts are. Quarantine on both sides of the Atlantic is not easy, but it’s what we have at the moment. We are so glad we got to spend our time here with so much that we love. Wish you all well. Stay safe.

Guest contributing blogger Kathleen

England independent lockdown their decision, and a Royal Wedding

All local councils have now been given the power here to impose local lockdowns if spikes in figures change. One such town, Leicester, was put back in lock down some three weeks ago and is now gradually being released bit by bit. I think it is probably the best way forward to prevent any new outbreaks. It also serves as a deterrent to those who are a bit lax and never follow instructions, simply because they are instructions …. they do not want another lockdown so are at least following guidelines Phew!! I mentioned last week about the mask giveaways we have been holding at the community hub, they have been so busy and we held a pop up giveaways on Saturday which wiped us right out of masks ….. Hopefully more will come in this week as the sewers work their fingers to the bone to complete them.

What is nice about the giveaway is that you get to meet all these really lovely people, four at a time, who really would love to stay and chat but we have to keep moving because the queue outside gets longer and longer. The quilt that I told you about last week is completed except for the square which will hopefully come in this week ….it is exquisite, here are some photos to whet your appetite – i had not thought of sewing and machining as being particularly creative, now I cannot wait to learn to use the sewing mariner properly, these pieces of work are beautiful, like little pieces of glorious art, each one so different but all made with love, what a great legacy this is going to be to hang in the hospital eventually as a reminder of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. There are over 170 people who sewed scrubs, now we have those who are making masks – for many of these people, sewing has been a lifeline in these times, many of our sewers are on their own and do not see many people, these scrubs and masks and gowns have kept them busy with little time to think about being lonely!!!

“ Something borrowed”

And we had a a royal wedding. Princes Beatrice, daughter of Prince Andrew, was meant to marry earlier this year but as lots of young people have had to do, they cancelled the wedding. This was kept very hush hush and was held at Windsor Castle Chapel. Windsor Castle is where the Queen and Prince Philip are living during lockdown. They both attended their granddaughters wedding, keeping a social distance of course. The Queen lent Beatrice a dress to wear which was altered slightly to fit her, and the most beautiful tiara….in the attached photo you can see the Queen in the dress some 60 years ago and beatrice wearing it last week. I think it looks amazing. In fact, this was the first Royal wedding behind closed doors for 235 years which was when George IV, wed his mistress in 175 in a furtive ceremony in her Mayfair drawing room …..can you imagine what a scandal that was !!!!Everyone loves our Queen, she is amazing and straight after the wedding she knighted Captain Sir Tom Moore who at 100 years of age started to walk round and round his garden very slowly a few laps at a time, caught the imagination of people around the world and his final total as something like 15,000,000 lbs. an amazing amount of money… everyone who knows who he is now. The Queen rarely takes part in the ceremony these days but she wanted to Knight this lovely gentleman herself. He stated afterwards that he is not telling anyone what they talked about it was the proudest moment of his life. He has inspired many people to follow his lead and Tobias is one of them, a young 9 year old lad who has a condition which means he has to use a special walker, he walked every day in his home town, up and down the street in which he lived, every day all his neighbors would come out and applaud, he made thousands for the NHS. ( national health service)

We are now having family meetings at my sisters allotment, community gardens which can be rented at a low annual rate for people to grow vegetables and fruit. I told you how popular they are here and over the lockdown period people had time to work their plots and they all look amazing with an amazing array of veg and fruit an abundance. I love the scarecrows made to scare away the birds who love to eat the seeds and fruits. Some people leave a small part of their plot to grow wild with corn and wild flowers growing together, they grow flower in order to have fresh flowers at home all through the Summer, they look fantastic, nature is a wonderful thing. And when lots of us get together it’s a great place to social distance and chat and eat. More and more of our shops are opening having made the necessary changes to keep people safe and it is lovely to see little local shops which we love coming to life again. This little tea room and Barkery will usually be filled up all day but to take away instead of eating in. It’s better now Nanny Egg’s is providing tea and food to take away instead of eating in. It’s better than nothing as the food is gorgeous, home made scones with cream and jam, cakes and sandwiches all created to make a take away picnic. Some of our high streets are suffering as people are still wary of visiting areas where there are lots of people around, hopefully this will change and our high streets will boom once more. I am hoping that everyone is well and staying safe, following orders from those in power who are trying to keep us safe !!! Just when you think that this awful virus is going away,m up it pops again sending figures higher again.

July 13 2020 England slowly opens as Florida hits #1 in reported Covid-19 cases

Monday blogger reporting, Chris Gostling

Hello from England where things are gradually coming alive again…….it is very much like emerging from a long sleep similarly to Snow White except there is no Prince to be seen. Hearing children’s laughter coming from the school is a sound I love, people talking, shopping, swimming, having tea in the garden with friends…….all these things are what normality is all about and yet there is something not at all normal about the situation. The children laughing in the playground is somewhat depleted and they stand apart, shops are restricting the number of people entering as lines if people wait patiently outside, there are large gaps between people on the beach, this one I love as I am a space hugger on the beach, claiming my space with a large blanket or beach towel hoping to stop people from being so close you can hear them snoring as they sleep in the sun, kicking sand on you as they emerge from the sea and flop down shaking their towel as they do so creating a mini sand storm!

Tea in the garden no longer starts with a hug, no squashing up on chairs or the grass close to each other to make room for everyone. Now we choose our group wisely, not wanting to offend, we are careful about our cups, our plates – no sharing or giving someone else a bite of our sandwich for them to taste.

Trips are back but not the old normal …. we went out on Monday to a favorite garden. We are very fond of gardens here in England and the Royal Horticultural Society has many beautiful open gardens around the country, usually in the grounds of a stately home or palace. One of our favorites is Hyde Hall, beautiful gardens landscaped across Hugh swaths of land. The house itself is not open and walkways are signed in such a way to avoid coming to close to others , one way walks, queuing for tea , food and toiletries…..all taking much longer than usual because of the distancing. BUT it is NOT normal as we know it, but it is better than nothing and hopefully, life will at some time revert to what we all know as normal.

It is mandatory here to wear masks on public transport in enclosed places such as shops and banks. To this end we have been making face masks, Hospital scrubs are still being made but not in the vast quantities that were required at the beginning. Last Monday we saw the first Monday Mask Giveaway…. it was excellent, we had our mask tree outside the Hub so people could see type of masks on offer and then come in to the building to collect them. Obviously we had to restrict the numbers coming in but it was fine. All masks had been sprayed with anti bacterial to get rid of any germs before they were put in bags. I know I have said this many times before about community being amazing in the face of adversity and this bears testament to that. The machinists making masks do so without question and will go on until they are not needed. …. like scrubs we will keep a reserve for people we have left out or who need replacements.

Mask Monday to continue for next few weeks

Little Free Libraries are still being erected and a new one arrived last week when my yoga teacher expressed interest in having one in her front garden. It always creates a bit of interest when a new one is places., I still get a buzz from that. I have to say that the libraries have been very busy during this period of lockdown as the public libraries have been closed and people have more time to actually sit down and read!!! Always a silver lining. ….. she is holding a bag of bunting which is now gifted out with every library to be used on high days, holidays and special occasions!!

A quilt is being made at this moment by Carolyn, the co-ordinator of the sewing group, which will be exquisite. It is made of 4×4 square which have been sewn by all the people who have been involved in and contributed to the scrubs project. They are all beautiful, I see something I have not seen before every time I look at it and marvel at the skill of these people. I will show you next week when hopefully, it will be completed.

I am so intrigued by the living walls that are becoming so popular now I love the idea and they look so superb in almost any setting. My nephew has just set up a company making them, I’m fascinated by the idea…… do you have many in Lake Worth? I cannot recall seeing any.


I belong to a sketchbook circle where everyone involved around the country share sketchbooks with each other. You are put into a group of three and every month you send your sketchbook to another person in the triangle and they send theirs to you. So I am A and send mine to B or send theirs to C who sends theirs to me, at the end of the month the process is reversed. It’s interesting and intriguing to watch other people react to your work in other mediums. Next week I will share some examples with you, it is certainly something artists in Lake Worth Beach * could start it’s huge fun too. I will collect pictures and more information for next week on this topic ….. I hope the week ahead is kind to you and you enjoy it, stay safe, healthy and happy . . . . .

* editors note we do have one and Chris is invited .

July 11, 2020 Sequestered

Friday was here and I thought it was Saturday with its expectation. Everything has become same old, samo kind of day, unless it gets punctuated. Stream of consciousness must serve, it worked for some and as to Proust, the past will be here when I finish this blog. Thursday FB surprised me with yet another memory. “We care about you ……..”

Windisch Hunt Fine Art

My gallery about the size of our PB Cultural gallery space, perhaps a bit larger. Lots of memories there. A new show each and every month, so many artists needing to be seen. Had a car show, not just on the walls. Regional Treasures all five over the age of 72. We staged our one Ear Society group for the Mangohttps://youtu.be/K14OwgPnEss Strut here. February was our Corporate Art Show ( oversized art work ). Every artist had an opportunity. During the time we were up in Woodstock we lent the gallery to Children Services of Miami for their successful soirées. Quite a few kids got adopted having been showcased on our walls. The gallery literally became the Groves community center. The Grove needed xmas decor on its streets, we pulled out tables and made them there. To benefit the merchants and driving traffic to their stores we painted coconuts, for the Coconut Hunt! Saturday nights the Krishnas danced thru the gallery regardless what opening or event Hari Hari. Always took it as a blessing.

Continuing w art this from Instagram, some of my favorite!

So clever
Love sharing these from around the world

Have distanced from kids when they drop by, I ask “where is your mask” [at home] “go get it”. Being cautious as I’ve been sequestered since the beginning. Fancy Nancy comes to check on her Sunflowers, which she sowed.


Thirty days till school starts up and no thoughts of studying so I prepared a excersise book for her so she can return to school, hopefully up to speed. 30 pages, one to do each day ( a calendar of sorts) and when it’s finished it will be time to go to school with a new skill.

Cursive, the reward her own Pink fountain pen.

Maria comes by to admire the sunflowers as they came from her seeds. We chat and she critiques the eyes of the kids on my LFLibrary that I’m painting. So easy to critique as a none artist. Lol. I share that on the back I’m painting Pablo Neruda doorway of Sebastiana, segway she is able to quote some of his work. We have a lovely discussion that’s what I mean by punctuate. We end as I discovered my very first Poinciana blossom on my 5 yr old tree. I quoted the song I can’t sing. She never heard it and so played her Bing Crosby’s “Poincianahttps://youtu.be/vhJ-_D-f5Fc”

July 7 something fun and interactive You’ve got Mail

Not exactly, but you certainly can participate in this Open Mail Art Call. So very easy take an envelope, a postcard embellish it and send to

Mail Art P.O.Box 46 Lake Worth Beach, Fl. 33460 USA

Mailart sharing for a cause #collagemailart

Mail Art aka Postal Art costs nothing more than the postage that sends your gift across the world or just across town. The revival of this art form has reached a new popularity. The Pandemic that left us home alone and the Postal Service is dangling by a thread. So give yourself a creative few minutes, support our mail carriers. Now a bit of history it goes way back to possibly Cleopatra who mailed herself in a rug to Mark Anthony fait accompli. The first picture postcard was sent in 1870 and since then , news bad and good has been announced via letters and postcards. Lets not forget the creed of our Postal Service “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these curriers ….. and so we await our mailmen and women.

Our friends, we depend on them
Invitation to participate heading overseas

There are museums* that house mail art. Many University Libraries* have collections. Right now with lockdown there are several #mailartcalls underway some with themes of lock down, corona virus, cats all those are searchable. A good resource for mail art inspiration is Pinterest or just google “Mail Art” There is a whole world of fabulous envelopes. There are group like International Union of Mail Artists to which I belong. Great archive there. Here is a link of two I curated, with photos of submissions. Lakeworthcentennial.wordpress.com for our hundred Lake Worth Beach birthday in 2013 or visit oneearsociety.blogspot.com Jan 21, 2009 should you look through the call for mail art there, you can find mail from children.

Check out Cinderella’s and faux stamps, Lots of fun there
One of my students, mail for Grandma

Don’t be shy! Send us your creative endeavors today .

No Jury, No Limit, No return, No theme. No Age restriction Deadline Nov. 15, 2020 send to: Mail Art. — P.O.Box. 46. — lake Worth Beach FL. —- 33460. — USA

So put your email on back of envelope we will let you know it arrived and where it will be exhibited and travel to other shows .