Chance encounter

Never miss a stop at Books n Books when in Miami area, pick up my favorite magazine or just browse. Serendipity Author Daniela Pierre-Bravo was in the house for her book launch. “ The Other

3rd from the right. Is Ms Pierre-Bravo ( white heels )

My perception was way off, with the name and mention of women of color I prejudged. That’s what this book is all about.

Listening to her story, the struggle all to familiar. I also immigrated at age eleven but ever so long ago. The familiar scenarios she recounts, of the daily struggles, parents working two 3 jobs, housing insecurity, taking on parenting roles I see this daily in my Guatemala-Maya neighborhood.

I work with immigrant children, see their field bus dropping the parents . Before day break, I smell food cooking for their day away. I don’t see color. I’m witnessing the struggle for survival trying to assimilate in a new reality.

BIPOC Black indigenous people of color. “. If your the only woman, person of color, immigrant or any type of minority”. Daniella is addressing you in this book.

An undocumented Latina with no I.D. Trying to assimilate, struggling going to college. She takes you through her journey to becoming who she is today. Missed opportunities, best laid plans interrupted, reaching for the opportunities that exist and prevailed. The very same struggles our Lake Worth High Schoolers deal with daily in multiples.

Daniela Pierre-Bravo and Annamaria Windisch-Hunt

Yes I purchased the book had her sign it ( not personalized) and at Christmas one of the kids here will get it. Much like the Sonia Sotomayor book I had signed at the last Bookfair and raffled off to benefit my Royal Poinciana neighborhood.

I was so enthused and at page 45 when the Eye technician at Bascom Palmer Eye Institute called me in. I looked at her name tag and I knew I was looking at a success story. I mentioned the book, yes she also worked as a maid, in the fields and here she was. She took a photo of my book to share.

Editors Note: Daniela Pierre-Bravo. This is her 2nd book, find her on Ted X, Google her many TV appearances. Spoke with her and her publicist, who happens to live in WPB and works for NBC affiliate. Yes, she can be available for a author evening . I’m thinking our LWB Library but can we seat 50 maybe a presentation at our Highschool. Got their contact info!