Day 2 of a Cultural weekend

If you grew up with movies like “American in Paris” or the “Sound of Music” do not miss this exhibition at the Boca Museum of Art. Many of us started day dreaming, they transfixed us and we put these locations on our bucket list.

North by Northwest backdrop greets you as you enter

The magic of it all. The harrowing scene of Deborah Karr about to fall over this cliff ( photo above). OMG or Awe are understatements when confronted with these film backdrops. All created by hand before the technology age.

My friend transported to the Austrian Alps

Both of us were anxious to see this show, as both of us had done back drops for plays. But none like these. The first one in your face was done on linen. We stood and studied the strokes. Videos accompanied the various backdrops the artists who worked on them

A talented group of Artists never got credit lines

Not just friends they enjoyed each other’s company on weekends as en Plein air painters. So now we studied their technique strokes even more closely as how did the trees look so real, each leaf. The videos were descriptive of the process and the difficulties. We spent at least a half hour in front of each backdrop then the next. Scenes we took for granted painted by a crew of California plein air artist who never got screen credit.

Wonderful seeing their tools, paint chips, gold leaf on drafting table

Unsung talented artists who fooled us all. I asked the guard was he an artist. “ no it’s the best show yet “ he’d seen. We took a break got a bite to eat and returned to the Boca Museum of Art for more. They had a work upstairs by the artist who did Obama’s portrait that’s hanging in the National Gallery. Nothing like seeing a work of art in person.

Recognize it?

Got a membership as they are part of a program that allows you free access to hundred others Museums across the U S of A. Unbeknownst it also happened to be Museum Day. Who knew ? Sponsored by the Smithsonian Magazine. @