Real Mail Friday 1/3/20

This takes place on the first Friday of each month at the Wimberley library’s third floor. The Jaffe Center for Book Arts. It houses approx 10,000 hand crafted unique one of a kind Artist books. I’m always delighted to share it with acquaintances and friends and they have all become devotees of this once a month special afternoon . Bring your address book, I flip through mine, first the birthdays for the month and take time to write letters to friends I have not been in touch with, who do not do Facebook. Usually some 3o missives go out to friends, loved one’s, parents it’s hosted by John Cutrone a Lake Worthian that I met years ago as a member of the South Fl. Calligraphy Guild long before I moved to Lake Worth Beach. John created this event and he’s a marvelous host, available to those who attend are all sorts of ephemera glass pens, variety of inks, Washi tape, stamps for those feeling just a bit intimidated.

A congratulatory note on an engagement
A congratulatory note.

Each letter that leaves here is special. And while we muse over the right phrase not to be misconstrued we drink Coffee, tea and cookies can be munched on and chocolates. Each month brings surprise xtras depending on the time of year. Today it was crackers. inside were the traditional small gifts a crown, a joke and in mine I got the tiniest deck of Alice in Wonderland playing cards. 

Four hours of bliss thinking of someone special and communicating that love. Real Mail Friday also provides postage and there’s a basket where you deposit your letter, note and they will take it to the post office noblesse oblige.o

A letter to a parent from today’s Real Mail Friday.

Only 12 minutes south of Lake Worth Beach

National Handwriting Day 2018


phawnda art of writing

National Handwriting Day celebrates all things handwritten on the birthday of John Hancock, January 23 (born in 1737). The Writing Instrument Manufacturer’s Association selected that day in 1977 to honor penmanship.

Hancock’s distinctive signature is one of the two most famous in history (the other being Picasso, whose signed checks were often saved, not cashed ~ imagine!)

phawnda nhwd1

(image from Wikipedia)


In honor of John Hancock, let’s make something handwritten!

Here are 4 ideas from Phawnda Moore, a calligrapher, designer and instructor in Northern California. (See more projects on her FB page.)

phawnda nhwd21. Write out a pangram: “The quick brown fox . . . “ or, let someone know the meaning of their name. Micron pens are great for both. Add shades of color with pencils or markers.




phawnda nhwd3

2.Send a love letter or note ~ S.W.A.K., of course! Try a pointed pen with ink or gouache, or use a small brush marker.







  1. Encourage a friend with a handmade card and envelope. Brush

watercolor is my favorite choice for this because it’s so expressive.

phawnda nhwd4

Create something artful today to share ~ you’ll both enjoy it!


4. And, treat yourself to some new treasures, too!


image1We appreciate Phawnda taking the time to share her ideas for using your handwriting to connect with others. To help you in your endeavors, we are giving away a set of our staff’s favorite every  day writing pens, a Rhodia dot pad for practice, a Strathmore Writing journal to record all of your thoughts and ideas, and a set of Strathmore Correspondence cards to encourage you to send a note to a friend. To be entered to win, simply comment on this post with your own idea of how to celebrate National Handwriting Day. Be sure you include your name so that we can contact you if you win! Contest will close on Friday, January 26th!

If your interested in handwriting classes for children or for adults please contact me via

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