Artful day with intention


Turn around on Tri Rail. My friend Sherrie had all her submissions accepted. Time to celebrate but doing an opening with crowds? Opted for a personal tour. She collected me from Miami airport station. Took note there was a trolly parked heading into town.

Fairchild Garden Vista by Sherrie Rose

breakfast was first, an eye opener, we drove to the Latin Cafe now called Sergio’s. Been there often. Looking up a new 14 story bldg now casts a shadow over the the Cafe. It’s chilly so we opt sitting inside I’m practicing my Spanish. The place is full. We are on track so not to spend too much time, we ordered the exact same things times three outcomes the food on an automated trolley and it speaks to us “Enjoy Your Food” I was not ready for this, I order something else, just to have the trolley come back again and talk. Now I’m ready in video mode.

OMG. LOL. “Progress is man’s most important invention”

This was just a hole in the wall w great Cuban food. 10 years ago. I’m looking at progress, our future. on to Fairchild Garden’s. Charles flew in from Winter Park, 45 minutes by air, where he teaches photography and he’s on the board of Habitate for Humanity . I have 22 HH houses here, so I know the intricacies from a board perspective as well as a neighbor. Our discussions just flows from topic to topic. Critiquing, lamenting our inactivity for the last two years. My last three paintings abandoned half finished. What’s wrong with us this is the kind of day that all Artist need. Meet up with others, go tho museums, go to gallery’s together, get re-inspired.

All 3 of her paintings were accepted.

entering the gallery i tap Pauline’s on her shoulder recognized her immediately.. found myself saying, (it’s been eleven years) “do you remember me”. she breaks out laughing, of course you’re on Facebook all the time. That’s how I’ve maintained all my artist friends from my gallery days. Recognize quite a few of the participants in this show, from gallery days

Pauline Goldsmith’s ever delicate touch. teaches at Fairchild

. We walk the gardens to the locations that are depicted in her paintings . Sit enjoy the atmosphere and sketch a bit. The air is awesome at Fairchild as I briefly takeoff my mask’s for a deep fresh breath of air, air. no pollution from traffic has reached ithe inner sanctums of these gardens.

Sherrie in her scene, just wonderful

A Quick stop at the local bank, finally meet the person Who ive been n speaking to over years but never met in person i look at the new bank and it’s empty of warmth and I think what happened to all the wonderful art? they always supported the local artist now I’m looking at colors, stripes of colors, hopefully they don’t offend anyone. As we pulled in I take a photo of Lisa Remeny’s Art so recognizable, fabulous and that apparently is the only remnant of a local artist. Coconut Grove had Xmas Receptions by invitation of local artists with their art. I remember as Fred Hunt was one of them.

Lisa Remeny’s mural

Driving through the Grove on Grand Avenue the Cottages that lined the south side are gone and empty lots is all I see. The cottages were still there, when I was involved and a group of us went to Key West to learn about land banking, which is still successful down in Key West but here what happened? Developers just purchased everything and to be honest I see no progress there its empty lots now. and my friends are still fighting for the rights of the Black people there. now it’s a matter of who can hold out longer.

Coral Gables Museum

On to Coral Gables Museum, we call ahead for the price and who’s the artist, the artist is Julio Laraz. next to my husband he was my next favorite living artist. almost met him twice at Art Basil I made it a point to go meet him. I was maybe 35 feet away from him when behind us there was this huge crash and someone had broken some very expensive art, chaos ensued.

Julio Laraz from Video Interview

I sit for the first 15 minutes or so watching a video watching him actually painting in his studio and I’m trying to figure out where is the studio has to be enormous, I’m in total heaven I see paintings that I’ve not seen before and I miss some others but of course they would all have sold. These must be from his own collection. Earlyworks and you see how he developed and I’m reminded of a friend who painted very very much like him 15 minutes watching a video and we just wander to do the galleries beautiful work the videographer was there and so we had a little chat. I have information that she’s not aware of, I originally discovered him up in Woodstock New York via one of his roommates from the early days so I have that and she’s wondering how do you know this. I looked at the clock, Oh my god 15 min. To get to train station. I’ve got to catch the train I have another opening to go to and last time I missed it by three minutes so here we are sitting in traffic and I’m thinking I’ve got a plan better than this next time.

PART TWO. Tomorrow