Martin Luther King Day in Lake Worth Fl.

Morning starts before 6 a.m. for many of Lake Worth Volunteers, they have done this year many years now, in our community.  They are charged with the preparing and serving of the breakfast for 7:30 held at the  St. Andrews Church on s 10 and E st.. The  Interfaith service is attended by area leaders of different denomination with the goal,  of peace and unity. 

a four-mile route through downtown Atlanta” I with with thousands walked the entire route following behind.” eye witness, Fred W. Hunt

The  day is spent in recognizing what brought us to this point , 50 years later and in service to others. As a volunteer one is in the background and does not see the dedications or the performances that take place honoring Martin Luther King.

hand in hand “For the Children”

As a volunteer your in the background and do not see the dedications or the performances that take place honoring Martin Luther King. A program with song and prayers in all denominations  and reflections of where we are, our hopes for the future.  Our own troubadours Mel and Vinnie performed as did  others including kids from For the Children

Mel and Vinnie leading the song “Rainbow Race”

the ladies (backbone) of this event Karla Blockson, Laurel Robinson not seen Ms Retha Lowe

The day then begins after everyone disperses and I found myself downtown and spoted these children in front of one of our new murals.  Quite a large statement for unity “Build a Bridge” A statement that embraces us in Lake Worth  50 years after Martin Luther Kings death.  Perfect!

Build a Bridge

The volunteers with little rest,  back on track no later than 4 p.m. at the other St. Andrews, this time it’s the Episcopal church on Lucerne and Palm Way corner.

still smiling,  preparations for over 200 expected guests

It’s the same crew that served and prepared breakfast.

same as morning crew with a few  more volunteers.

This time the preparations began around 4 p.m. while the march is being organized from City Hall to the MLK memorial globe on our Cultural Plaza. Again some like Commissioner Maxwell appears to be everywhere, as he was, at breakfast serving, at the Cultural Plaza dedication, and again serving.

some of the raging grannies who have led protests for oh so many years.

There were two seatings and myself had counted the plates for the deserts and last count was 275.  We were treated to a short performance,  beautifully choreographed and the words of  Martin Luther King and Maya Angelou interpreted in dance by these  talented young women.

if you know any of the dancers or people in these photos please share.

The following photos are shared from participants in the march from Lake Worth City Hall to Cultural Plaza .

young lady on left was in photo “Build a Bridge”                                                photo by Tom Johnson

the ragging grannies                                                                                                photo by Tom Johnson

candle light march                                                                                                   photo by Tom Johnson

Videos available on  FB pages of  Theres Mangini   and David Winter  and Maryellen Healy

note the camera,  I was behind the scene     photo by Maryellen Healy

my newest neighbors, asked me for a lift to get downtown for the candle light march.