5-10-2020 Mothers Day

What no glorious Sunrise. Mother Nature must not be thrilled with us. Woke to the local lawnmower and no sunshine plus there is moisture in the air. then, this guy with a megaphone** only thing I could understand was alleluia .

My highlight this week was the trip to the post office. We all need a chuckle. Y’all know the Seinfeld episode with the Soup Nazi. Well, she was in the Post Office. Thank god not next to me but 12 feet away. Would not let next customer in the door, then when they did get in, she dictated where they may stand or not. She was the only one of the age range who should have remained at home. Fortunately four artists I recognized and we all have lovely dispositions so we let her carry on like a loone.

Exiting I encountered this lovely, pictured above here. Does anyone recognize her. She said someone on O street made the mask. You could feel her smile what a relief after the encounter inside the Post Office.

The week went this way. Fancy Nancy counting her seedlings as they quadruple daily we are up to 76 sunflowers now. What a show that will be. Her mother came to see how things are progressing via the DEVICE from North-grade.

Math lesson
Yesterday there were only 37
2019 Pride Parade on far left w hat on is Aidana, yes real people.

Just read FB and it appears that #CompassCommunityCenter is having a virtual Pride Day today May 10. According to one of my art newspapers, there is a renaissance of Mail Art. So for all of you artists crafters, put a sketch, a small work of art on an envelope and mail it to this address. We do not open envelopes. Email or add. on back.

Lake Worth Beach City Hall

7 n Dixie Hwy

Lake Worth Beach Fl. 33460.

My mail carrier did not disappoint me.

Did make a stop into our local florist and #AweFlowers was busy busy.

Destined to someone special
Happy Mother’s Day