Great neighborhood meeting

An interesting thing happened on the way to the Beach club (golf course ) 4 young men being cheeky offered me a Lyft, “put the bike in the trunk.” . I’m going to the club, i responded, I reassured them it’s not for fun but for a neighborhood meeting. Arrived early, Mitch has set up a table for 20 outside white tablecloth and I am early. Inside another table set for Ten, that must be the neighborhood meeting.

Xtra xtra read all about it!

I sat, order soda. Shortly I’m joined by complete group from the bar. We introduced our selves, they want me to stay. I’m surrounded by Libaterians. I remember being one in my youth Or was I just liberal. Same fight still going. Then it was the Texas school board.

Young Atty running for Congress talking a mile a minute. Her opponent is another Republican who wrote an OpEd in NY times regarding Gun control. Parkland trial in the news so it’s the right topic for now. Left their table as Mango Grovites arrived, I joined them with my own copy of the Constitution in hand..

Index of opinions is bigger than the Constitution itself.
Guest speaker Kim Stokes

By the time all of the mango head showed up we needed 25 seats. Six new members and the guest speaker. The topic that brought them was a mailer regarding air bNBs. Then the sky opened and we reconvened inside. Visibility zero just a sheet of rain, spotted one Golf-cart trying to make it to shelter, the inter coastal had disappeared.

The lady I sat next to has lived here since 2016 and this was her first neighborhood meeting and she was delighted to be part of it. I made so many new friends this night. It’s Wed. hamburger night. Mitch came over to make sure everyone was happy.

Charlene does an awesome comprehensive two page typed report, of all that we should be aware of that’s happening all over our city, pretty awesome. Then Rich took over and did a play-by-play of both Tuesday night meetings I attended the first one at the HATCH could hardly hear anything but Rich made up for it, he did the blow-by-blow description then the city commission meeting after. I myself nwent straight home from the HATCH mtg. turned on zoom for the city commission meeting it was 1:3o a.m. when my day ended on Tuesday..

FYI in case your interested.