Weekend without a car – Lake Worth Beach

1st photo this weekend as we got off Bus #62

Met the Tri-Rail train to meet friend coming up from Miami. First time without her car. Lake Worth Beach is easy. For the next two days We get around via bus and on foot. On an ARTistic journey this weekend. So if you stay in any of our Bed n Breakfast or Air B n B or future Gulfstream Hotel. You can do it without the usual transport.

We are always prepared, bathing suits under our street clothes. Life is good! Directly from train to Lake Worth Beach from Tri-rail via Bus #62 east. We are in heaven. A few hours of sunshine back on bus #62 neither of us had breakfast so we get off in town. Hungry needing sustenance, looking wind blown and very casual. LILO’s looked inviting.

Outside seating LILO’s and a reminder post that utility bill.

Rather than trek home and change. Have not worm heels since coming to Lake Worth Beach. Changed into skinny jeans, combed wind blown hair. Come out feeling better and ready to wander around downtown, it’s Friday evening.

Want something French, this is the place.

Saw something, I want at The art of French Living 519 Lake Ave. Took measurements of fabric for tablecloth. Next stop is Mtn Gallery always a favorite with a new exhibition. Located next to Cultural Plaza. First, drop my bill at the Annex, then into the gallery. Wonderful whimsical art by Resident Artist.

A show that makes you smile.

Now the best gallery in town, we chat a bit with Cory manning the gallery. My favorite here was the Rousseau just on the left when you walk in. It’s Gouache on paper? Back through town west, passing restaurants with outdoor seating, it’s a windy evening. On Lake Ave. next destination HATCH. Have to make a quick stop at drug store enroute .

We locals know by the length of the receipts where we are LOL

and met this very attractive Finnish lady. She is here for the Finnish “Midnight Festival” She just relocated here from Hawaii and her sister has a cheese booth at the festival. Amazing what a smile gets and the joke about the receipt.

Onward just over the RR track, on Lucerne Ave. we arrive at the HATCH for the “community” show. It’s up for three weeks. I know everyone and we have art hanging. Both of us submitted art from the Windisch-Hunt Atelier. Mine a 4 hour traditional en Plein air “(impressionistic” painting. Hers finished at the Atelier. She loves mine and I love hers. We challenge each other. ( Currently both of us also have art hanging at the PNC Bank on Lucerne Ave. “Flora and Fauna”. 12×12 affordable art. ) From there we stroll home looking at possible future painting, a night time scene in the style of Edward Hopper perhaps.


Here a quick Thank You to who ever left the toys in my Little Free Library. It’s a busy weekend as the Flea Market is going on Saturdays And Sundays at the High School. So there is always lots of traffic here.

Neighbor scored for her son, loves Spider-Man.

Sailing from our docks got cancelled due to high winds, no problem. Green Market is just beyond across the bridge. Yes, Bus #62 takes us there. Ate our breakfast there. Me my favorite a Jambon, She a generous slice of quiche.

Found seating in the shade

Always see friends there, it’s that kind of community. Came to check out two of the artists who mentioned they would be displaying here.

Life is good.

Met up with several friends, making it a very pleasant morning. Next on our list the Norton Museum. Bus #1 going north on Dixie. It Got interesting here as our status was checked before we even got in the door. I have my wallet with shot and booster. She has no wallet her phone has all her vital info as she recently came back from New York City and everywhere including restaurants asked for this info. Did not anticipate this. bEWARE if you want to see the Norton Museum of Art take your Vax and booster documentation.

All masked up in the Norton Museum

Love the Norton And always visit the portrait of “Sonny Mac” by Robert Henri as I’m working on a little boys portrait and sweating the hands. Robert Henri didn’t think much of hands, and that portrait proved it.

Lake Worth High students also had art there thanks to their art teacher Brent Bludworth . Gay-Marlov Joseph and Jhony Zuniga Paz

LW High represented at the Norton.

Could not find the Blue Madonna that is holding a tablet. Did find painting of artist Fred Hunt’s art instructor from The Ringling seen here below just two paintings over to the left a painting from my Alma Mater. A very satisfying moment.

Guy Pene du Bois “ Girl in Pink Dress In the American Collection

Bus stop not far for return trip back south. We use the app Moovit only 17 min. Wait. But wait it wizzed right past us. Leaving Us and another in its wake. Well there is always another on the way. He walks to the next bus stop. We start out as well and pass him proceed to two more further stops. Would never have seen this mural riding the bus.

Discovered this very large mural at the HIVe complex

It’s an artful weekend after all. What do we talk about sitting on Dixie waiting on the next bus. We rename all the Lake Worth Beach streets after artists starting with the letter A . I live on C st. Caravaggio, no first names, must be last name of artist. We do the whole alphabet. We get back to Dixie and Lucerne walk into Starbucks then we sauntered down the street, enter the HATCH once more and realize some of the art is as good as what we just saw at the Norton. Maybe 70 years from now they will recognize some of us.

12×12’s Hanging now at the PNC on Lucerne.

We had plans to paint 12×12’s for the next show “Flying objects”. or faces on coconuts we just seen at the museum. Neither happened we were tired. We watched an episode of Candice Renoir and just chilled.

Burlesque at the Library

By 7 p.m. we recovered and strolled downtown. The promotion looked good and we’d checked the menu yesterday. they were out of the Jumbo shrimp blamed it on the Previous weeks Chalk Festival. So we settled.

The show was great. Voluptuous beautiful women. Took me back to when I first saw the famous Fan Dancer. Very entertaining next performance will be in six weeks at the Library not to be confused with the LWBeach Library also free and No cover charge here.

Host Alastair Graves aka Big Daddy

The room was small and the walls covered with book pages that will do for LILO’s Library. The Burlesque show was over, felt far to soon it was truly entertaining. If anyone has a image problems I highly recommend this show. Be who you are “awesome” fabulous!

Produced by Ruby Tesla.

Quick sketch of Freckles Galore the Latina fan dancer.

We left there took short cut to Rudy’s on south J st. It is always happening, no disappointment ever. As anticipated good music, happy people dancing with or without partners. a very lively place.

Walked home around 11:30p.m. Lake Worth Beach is a walkable well lit quirky little sea side town.

Proprietor Mary of Rudy’s

about Lake Worth happenings

Lake Worth Ladies Kitchen Band

2/14   5:30 p.m. One of the most exciting things going on today for Lake Worth  is the move of Rudy’s Pub. A parade lead by the LW Ladies Kitchen Band from the old location to it’s new home in the Bamboo Room on s J street.   all day Valentines Day  all day not just for lovers. wishing everyone a loving day now if your stumped as to what to say here is a bit of help  from a whole poem to just the right words.          2/15  5:30 meet up with the Thursday Night Peddlers. This group has been riding together for about 4 years and it’s never the same people but many are regulars.  It is a leisure ride through some of the nicest neighborhoods here in Lake Worth. Everyone welcome.  Meets at the Gulfstream Hotel leaves at 6 pm   1/16  6 p.m.   Evening on the Avenue 

Performing Marijah with the Regge All Stars

1/17 Saturday start at the Farmers Market  with hot coffee and pastry provision with special treats for weekend guests. Lots of fresh produce. 1:30 the Story of the Zodiac  for children                                                                  3:15  Dragon Dance and Lion Dance  performance                                                      3:30-5  Calligraphy demonstration                                                                             6:30  Fireworks over the Inter Coastal.   ALL FREE                                                 2/17  Saturday  10 am – 3 pm  bring your I.D. Utility Bill and pick up a tree while they last.                    Schedule   10:30  Tree Pruning                    11:10 Greenways  (we have one about to be opened)                    11:40 Mayor Pam Proclamation                                  Noon  Native Shade Trees                  1 p.m.  Green by Design  SPECIAL GUEST  Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk                                                                    2/23  Friday Taste of Lake Worth    A lively evening of nibble stops at the many restaurants that participate and will have nibbles    Tickets Required.            2/24 & 25   10:00  a.m  Lake Worth Street Painting Festival 


March 2-4  Midnight Sun Festival      St. Paddy’s Day    Easter Egg  HUnt  on 31st and Bonnet Parade.

busy busy week end & into the future

Just not sure where to begin here.    There is much being offered in our area and lets face it we are in the hight of our tourist season.                                                                                             2/2  Friday     TONIGHT  Bonfire at the Beach 6 – 9  and every Fri. in February to make                                 up for the unfortunate cancelations.  2/2   Tonight is special  at Clay Glass Metal Stone   Young Miles will be performing.   2/3 Saturday   hang in with me here                                                                                                                              8-11 a.m.  Pancake breakfast at Sacred Heart    $5                                                                                                     8-noon    Farmers Market   under the bridge Palm Beach side.                                                      9   a.m    NAPC meeting for all neighborhood Presidents.                                                              6-9 p.m.  Daddy Daughter, Mother Son Dance at the Casino Ballroom          2//7  5:30    Wednesday Know who is running this coming election Candidate  Forum at the Lake Worth Playhouse starts at six   Public encouraged to attend  FREE  2/8 important message for Lake Worth from our Mayor  6 p.m  parking FREE    2/10  SATURDAY  Reception for Rickie Leiter 

2/10  RECEPTION   6 – 9 pm  the Lake Worth community exhibit of the artists from 33460 and 33461  I say, I say support your local artists  exciting.* come it will be a meet and greet the artists with entertainment by Soundproof

2/9-11         2018  South Florida Garlic Festival at John Prince Park     2/12   Monday Food Truck invasion   2/14     VALENTINES DAY             2/15    6:30 WLRN’s Tom Hudson speaks with Director of Norton about the impact of the arts in South Florida  (Sunshine Economy and the Arts) 

                          Basquait showing in February FREE while under construction.                              

2/17    3 – 5 Reception for Annette Rawlings at the Cultural Council downtown Lake Worth 2/17-18-19 Presidents weekend.  Coconut Grove Art Festival a short train ride south  $15        2/24-25     Lake Worth Street Painting Festival 

 *( I have one pc in the show at Hatch )

Happy prosperous 2018 to all my readers

This blog was started Jan. 2015  and has over 1,600 posts.  all about Lake Worth, covers cultural happenings from Central Fl. to Key West.  I run a feature on the Artists periodically who live in 33460.  I try to be informative and I thank you all for reading, following plus commenting. NEW a dated chronological events listing bellow and where possible links to them.   This is not a political blog

in the Historic Museum 100 mail art pieces from around the world for our Centennial celebration.

For the 1st post  the New Year I embrace some of  Lake Worths history.  As you see this is our Lake Worth Ladies Kitchen band.  Where did this come from, you ask.  Well on the wall as you enter the annex from Lucerne Ave. look to your left.  This is the band from 1912

Lake Worth Ladies Kitchen Band circa 1912

the LW Ladies Kitchen band circa 2018

From here on in, the Lake Worth Historical Museum will open the 1st Saturday of the month and there is a grand opening scheduled.  and below if you did not realize the City of Lake Worth has the Hibiscus flower as it’s emblem, the original banner, was still hanging in City Hall last time I looked.  This version was done by Walter Harper who has been a driving force to get the annex open and our rich Lake Worth  history available to visitors and residents with viewing hours.  He also was behind getting some of the old photos enlarged and displayed. See them on the lower level where we pay our utility bills and where the information desk is located. Museum is upstairs and maintained by Mrs. Green who has worked tirelessly along side Glenn Scheiner who is converting the info to digital format. Contact Walter Harper  seen below, if you want to volunteer on

Saturdays for just a few hours.   Walter and Marion Cohn recently penned a informative pocket book travel guide about LW and cottages, easy to carry about. They can be purchased at both Info Desk. or at the Museum.  A very GRAND OPENING is in the works. Marion Cone will  give a presentation Jan. 17, 7 p.m. about her research and how she located the few remaining oldest houses dating back to 1912.  This will take place downstairs of the Musem.  Fascinating we do not have such a long history as in Europe however  just as interesting as we can relate.  I have been able  date back my name to the roman times and roman village.                                                                                         Not seen here but on the walls of the Museum  there is a most interesting photo of the “FAT Man’s Race”dating to 1912 during the 4th of July celebration.   Lets bring it back this year.  (they did not appear fat to me)




1/13  Reception  BOX GALLERY  811 Belvedere A 12 ft Frieze by Artist Martzia*

1/13   GRAND OPENING OF MATHEW BREWING 130 s H st.  noon

1/14  CELEBRATINGH ZORA   2 P.M.  St. Andrews Episcopal   Lucerne Ave. +                    Palmway


1/15  UNITY BREAKFAST.   7:30 am  South 3 and 10th  CANDLE LIGHT MARCH                         5:30  from City Hall. follows  COMMEMORATION @ MLK fountain.                           FELLOWSHIP DINNER thereafter ST ANDREWS EPISCOPAL till-8                           volunteers  always welcome call Retha Lowe  561-586- 7276


1/17   presentation 7 P.M    LW OLDEST HOUSES.@ANNEX  414 LAKE AVE.

1/18  Mango Grove mtg.    BLUE FRONT



1/23   National PIE DAY


1/27   Fine Art Show  WELLINGTON ON THE GREEN  by W.A.S.


2/3     DADDY DAUGHTER DANCE   Casino Ballroom

As these events get closer there will be more info and visuals till then hold the dates if your interested updates covered as they arise.

*Artist Martzia art work explained will be in tomorrows blog.