FUNdraiser for BryaNT PARK

Before we forget the great time we had Saturday during the Derby Day event here is Throwback Thursday to This Event started years ago by the wonderful person who also started the Raft Race.  Now, it happened also to be  Cinco de Mayo, first people I saw were wearing large sombreros so was I at the right party?Quite a few things changed from what we used to experience. Formerly  A more casual level with children taking part. Also missing were our commissioners who judged the hilarity of the participants.

feeling kinda lucky!

The Prize value total was enormous $ 2.750 so the winner’s possibility endless, but not so this year it was split 5 ways. Obviously, the promotion of the wonderful gifts were not noted as in previous years.

the generous sponsors

Here i took a snapshot so you all know who provided so generously. My friend Lucky Richard Guercio was one of the big winners often seen in our local establishments. He wins a lot how do you do it.?  lol  Then there is always a 50/50 that paid out $300.  Would love to know who all the other 4 Lucky winners were.  I was table hopping and capturing the fabulous hats.  I totally agreed with the 1st place winner she was awesome.

opps wrong picture

absolutely exquisite and deservedly First Place Winner

Admired the hat the moment I saw it.  What an artist!   Jessica Teutsch’s usually has a spectacular creation, a little birdie told me she had started making it back in January. ?? The event was a class act event as I tooled around and saw so many friends and kept nursing my $7 Cranberry juice.




2013 Winner and moi

Worthy of note the complete outfit with Magnolia written + painted horse by Artist Leslie Smith

Parisian Chic, not able to compete as she was on the committee. selling 50/50 tickets

would not draw any attention in  Little Havana. Won the loudest shirt. hahaha

The actual race, 2 min. 4 seconds winner Justify and has a chance to be a Triple Crown winner as was Secretariat who made this race in 2 min. 24 sec.  (I was in the infield that year, won $270 ) now American Pharoah’s  timing 2 min and 26 sec.   Not a spot of mud thrown on Justify or jockey this was a clean race on a muddy track ck those times again.  Now back to the party which i always said was one of the top Fundraiser in our town.  Seen working hard was Tabitha, Jon Faust the consummate Lake Worth mc, The awards were unisex (so sad)

definitely had the Audrey Hepburn feel

two more local artists

If you’re looking for more great photos  Judge Sami Makela has some, always Tom Johnson, and of course Leonard Bryant never disappoints. Darin Engle also was seen taking photos.   If you didn’t see your friends here they made it to the other Derby Party which had 250 plus guests and some even attended from KY.   Anyone want to share photos from there just send them to moi.  My camera battery was exhausted.



Now about the Royal Wedding,  keep those beautiful hats handy and stroll Lake Worth in honor of the nuptials on May 19, as we will have our 2nd American Princess.  I’ll be sporting a Fascinator.


Lake Worth person named Grand Marshal

It’s official! Selected as the GRAND MARSHAL  of the 37th annual King Mango Strut Parade this Sunday a Lake Worth performance artist.  Yours truly will be Hurricane IRMA

A parody satire of all that was crazy this past year.  What to expect,  So some groups wait to the last minute, never know what hits the headlines the day before the parade.  This year on the line up  see Covefefe a dance to the Macarena, Opiod Czar -Kelly Ann Conway,   Omarosa with her meager belongings leaving the White House.  ITS GOING TO BE HUGE, ITS GOING TO BE GREAT, ITS GOING TO BE ORANGE. Can’t make it down there there is always a live stream video at

the Jury, NOT

There has always been a symbiotic thing going on between Lake Worthians and those friends south of us.   The Running of the Bullshitters has been a group participating yearly,  Along with MENSA,   Parrot Heads of Miami,  Barnacle State Historic Park friends

Lake Worthians

.  Seen above Tammy Pansa and Bob Lepa,   TJ Delaney seen below and  Cohorts (feel free to add your name if your one of them ) Only Last year we had a large group spoofing ISIS Mel and Vinnie carpooled and met up with Pedro  Gabriel and Marshal Pass.Video of that parade   23 min compilation here      Year before the Dead Heads in honor of Fred Hunt who was carried for the last time through the parade (as he was one of the original MARCHING FREDS) right behind, his widow in long black gown carrying his remains,  behind her was the 2nd Line New Orleans Band playing a dirge.

I could not think this year, Mel came up with this great idea.

environmental protest song by Mel and Vinnie performing for thousands, a different year.

Each year LW contingency has grown larger and larger. Some historyA funny thing happened on the way to the Orange Bowl Parade. Well, f or one thing, they wanted a lot of money just to get in. Then there was a limit to how many units could be in the parade and a design committee to approve your design.” LOL

“Bill and Glenn wanted to enter as the Merry Mango Marching Band, wearing conch shells on their heads, playing kazoos and banging on garbage cans. The committee rejected them!”    “Who needs King Orange – we’ve got King Mango!,” Glenn said.”       (See any similarity to the  Lake Worth Kitchen Band ).

Lake Worth

self explanatory

The last year of the defunct  King Orange Parade, the  committee marched for the last time in the King Mango Strut Parade in their official orange Jackets.  Here is a behind the scene from the Windisch-Hunt Fine Art Gallery staging area, for One Ear Society the morning of. Your sure to recognize some of the players of 2009 .  Barbie turned 50 and 50 Barbie dolls were in that pink dress by  Regina  McFall costume shop technician at the University of Miami’s Ring Theater  a regular strutter.   One Ear Society strutted for 17 years bring joy to the kids lining the parade route via great costuming.  Kids might not get the political satire but they always enjoy the fancy costuming by the OES art group.

Girls just want to have fun

this was a good one we had a dance routine.

from my photo album

Boys like to have fun too

He was offered a ride with the drummers

He opted to walk his last parade (love this phot)