An Art filled weekend. 2/28/2023. 5 venues

Yes, five venues. It will take 3 posts to recount it fully, and share images with each. To start I created invitations to interested friends.

Post Card invitation to collage art

Arrival of a artist friend always sets the pace. First: Art Palm Beach, it’s the last day, let’s go!

Reminded me of Debra Providences work, hers is clay this is Murano Glass
This beauty is $25,000

Walk into our PNC Bank you will see very much the same quality floral art. Suitable for a cottage and far less than than the $25,000 price tag. . For the affordable price 175.00 pick up a 12×12 these charming oils fit into a charming cottages. Perfect for many of our cottages of Lake Worth Beach.

Amazing the variety or the similarity. Then I saw this painting . It took me back a week when I also drew the very same subject matter “Lucy in the sky w Diamonds” by Healander. Same vantage point, I was trying for a portrait. but she was folding laundry, not facing me. I drew her black patten heels . Healander’s is 3 ft tall in colour appropriately priced for Art Palm Beach and mine is in my sketchbook.

Yellow and Blue are complimentary colours

One of the sponsors of this show was Brightline so a lot of yellow and I could not resist.

Saw attributions, appropriations and yes I came away inspired. Next. TWO (2) Mtn gallery on Lake Ave. and just a block away our THREE (3) Palm Beach Cultural Council. The exhibition was about our environment it was an open call so many artists are represented here. I had to smile we were greeted by Royal Poinciana seedpods here’s image.

Another similar treatment to a common object found under our feet. my neighborhood has the oldest Royal Poinciana tree and very generous with its seed pods. We the kids and I made Christmas ornamentations gracing the tree this past Holiday season.

A neighborhood project Dec 2022

Always fun when sharing quality time w like minded friends. Here at the Cultural Council we enjoyed recognizing our friends efforts and successes.

Elaine Webber’s

Another work of art that caught my interest as a bibliophile was the treatment. Impeccably executed by Autumn Kioti. The title of the

Autumn Kioto

Exhibition title was odd “ they them him her his etc etc. “. How would an artist know to submit.

Part TWO

Now close to home at the HATCH Four (4)

An appointment to collect our art from the “ Community Show” it’s over! Now in its 5th year. It was let’s say ( from my perspective as a long time Galleriest/Judge/curator). A community show. Put up your $ and you will be hung. Here is where my personal opinion comes in. Enjoyed many PCs. Loved Sami’s Oversized Boxer, Bludworth’s sea maidens made from recycled cardboard. Here my eyes were drawn to a specific work of art. in love instantaneously as I delivered my effort. Yes I also liked the quality of my studio partners. Hers should have been larger, needed more presence .

Cristina’s should have been one of the top winners. I’m a traditionalist in taste. She could stand side by side with any of the impressionists..

My submission with my model Pedro Antonio
Cristina on left and Sherrie on right
Top Prize winner Debra Providence receiving her award.

It was fortuitous that we met at the end, mutual admiration. here we chatted a bit she belongs to the Palm Beach plain air painters and informed us that there would be a meet-up the following morning. YES. We will join in. 52 artists had already RSVP for Lake Ida paint out.

FOUR (4).

We headed to our friends Art loft of Louise Noaks across the street. A sign welcomed us to her pop up event. Two other artists joined her there. And we met up with new resident ! Old Groveite Cara Nusinov.

Louise showing her photographic prints
Cara chatting w Aidana’s husband Steve Sundberg Aidana seen Background

This was a great little gathering as Cara also a published poet of “unrequited Loves and other French Kisses” met Aidana’s Husband Steve Sundberg who wrote “street Logic”. Yes sometimes the faiths have a hand in our well-being. Always believed in serendipity!

A night out at the newly opened CANA restaurant and a game of Backgammo ready for tomorrow.

FIVE (5)

A meeting of 52 artists now 54. A bit like the wildcard* participants of Sky Arts “Landscape Artist of the year”. Don’t know it,.? check it out on you tube. Been following it since it’s inception.

Painters came to Lake Worth Beach
Ralph Papa at Lake Ida

We were early and found our spot met with Ralp Papa who recently brought artists to paint downtown Lake Worth Beach. This was eye opening. Found 4 Lake Worth Artists I did not know. This group will soon have an exhibition at the DelRay Library.

Christine LWB artist + memb. Palm Beach Plein air Painters
Marietta LWB artist + Memb. Of PBPAir Painters
But of course, one of my favorites. They were all good!

EDITORS NOTE. My blog my opinionated self.

Tourists are back

Lake Worth beach was a tourist MECcA this past Saturday. Plein air Palm Beach and the Palm Beach Sketchers converged on Lake Ave. Admired by visitors and locals, seen carrying their morning coffee. going from artist to sketcher along our avenue.

Saturday morning on Lake Ave.

We are known for having a fair share of Art Deco buildings, which was the focus of this day. Not just that but Lake Worth also has over one thousand charming quaint cottages that can easily be seen via a self guided tour on the one way streets that comprise the 2 mile area.

Saw Different medias in use, this one was pastel
Cluster of artists focusing on our Lake Worth Playhouse

Sketchers sat at Una’s Bakery looking north across at the pastel shops on the avenue. The artists came from Hollywood, st. Augustine, Singer Island, Boynton Beach. Etc. Etc. 38 had already RSVP when the invitation went out,

Sketchers enjoying the perfect morning.

A great gathering of art lovers. Met up w friends not seen for two years. I moved here for the Artistic vibe. First heard about it when the CRA held a charrette and 72 artists from around S Florida attended the presentation.

A local snowbird just arrived in time.
Representing Plain Air Palm Beach Ralp Papa and the Palm Beach Sketchers. AnnaMaria Windisch Hunt

And there is more off the main area there where one can find charming Art Deco Homes

Somewhere on S. Palmway

Day 2 of a Cultural weekend

If you grew up with movies like “American in Paris” or the “Sound of Music” do not miss this exhibition at the Boca Museum of Art. Many of us started day dreaming, they transfixed us and we put these locations on our bucket list.

North by Northwest backdrop greets you as you enter

The magic of it all. The harrowing scene of Deborah Karr about to fall over this cliff ( photo above). OMG or Awe are understatements when confronted with these film backdrops. All created by hand before the technology age.

My friend transported to the Austrian Alps

Both of us were anxious to see this show, as both of us had done back drops for plays. But none like these. The first one in your face was done on linen. We stood and studied the strokes. Videos accompanied the various backdrops the artists who worked on them

A talented group of Artists never got credit lines

Not just friends they enjoyed each other’s company on weekends as en Plein air painters. So now we studied their technique strokes even more closely as how did the trees look so real, each leaf. The videos were descriptive of the process and the difficulties. We spent at least a half hour in front of each backdrop then the next. Scenes we took for granted painted by a crew of California plein air artist who never got screen credit.

Wonderful seeing their tools, paint chips, gold leaf on drafting table

Unsung talented artists who fooled us all. I asked the guard was he an artist. “ no it’s the best show yet “ he’d seen. We took a break got a bite to eat and returned to the Boca Museum of Art for more. They had a work upstairs by the artist who did Obama’s portrait that’s hanging in the National Gallery. Nothing like seeing a work of art in person.

Recognize it?

Got a membership as they are part of a program that allows you free access to hundred others Museums across the U S of A. Unbeknownst it also happened to be Museum Day. Who knew ? Sponsored by the Smithsonian Magazine. @

Chance encounter

Never miss a stop at Books n Books when in Miami area, pick up my favorite magazine or just browse. Serendipity Author Daniela Pierre-Bravo was in the house for her book launch. “ The Other

3rd from the right. Is Ms Pierre-Bravo ( white heels )

My perception was way off, with the name and mention of women of color I prejudged. That’s what this book is all about.

Listening to her story, the struggle all to familiar. I also immigrated at age eleven but ever so long ago. The familiar scenarios she recounts, of the daily struggles, parents working two 3 jobs, housing insecurity, taking on parenting roles I see this daily in my Guatemala-Maya neighborhood.

I work with immigrant children, see their field bus dropping the parents . Before day break, I smell food cooking for their day away. I don’t see color. I’m witnessing the struggle for survival trying to assimilate in a new reality.

BIPOC Black indigenous people of color. “. If your the only woman, person of color, immigrant or any type of minority”. Daniella is addressing you in this book.

An undocumented Latina with no I.D. Trying to assimilate, struggling going to college. She takes you through her journey to becoming who she is today. Missed opportunities, best laid plans interrupted, reaching for the opportunities that exist and prevailed. The very same struggles our Lake Worth High Schoolers deal with daily in multiples.

Daniela Pierre-Bravo and Annamaria Windisch-Hunt

Yes I purchased the book had her sign it ( not personalized) and at Christmas one of the kids here will get it. Much like the Sonia Sotomayor book I had signed at the last Bookfair and raffled off to benefit my Royal Poinciana neighborhood.

I was so enthused and at page 45 when the Eye technician at Bascom Palmer Eye Institute called me in. I looked at her name tag and I knew I was looking at a success story. I mentioned the book, yes she also worked as a maid, in the fields and here she was. She took a photo of my book to share.

Editors Note: Daniela Pierre-Bravo. This is her 2nd book, find her on Ted X, Google her many TV appearances. Spoke with her and her publicist, who happens to live in WPB and works for NBC affiliate. Yes, she can be available for a author evening . I’m thinking our LWB Library but can we seat 50 maybe a presentation at our Highschool. Got their contact info!

Day at the Norton Museum w kids

A spur of the moment decision as I was searching their page at 5:55 AM and they have programming for kids this morning and most Saturdays starting 10:30 a.m.

Guided tour

It was just wonderful. My charges speak no English, having recently immigrated. Met with the tour, specific to this age group. pleased that they had volunteers who speak Spanish, as yet I’m not able to communicate and Marta Cruz, Norton volunteer, took on the twins and guided them translating along the way.

The kids family activities take place on the second floor in The Carroll Family room. They fund this activity with supplies, instructors to make it a viable on going activity. Participants take their projects home sometimes even get to keep some of the supplies that were already laid out for their use.

This Saturday was Giacometti’s with instruction from Ingrid Sanchez. Next Saturday will be Picasso’s turn. Registration is highly recommended as this programming is joyful and desirable. Parents can enjoy other exhibitions while the kids are engaged or participate.

Saturday Morning tour
Joy for the entire family “ family plays together stays together”.

Norton does have art work that resonates with kids. Here we were introduced to a different kind of sculpture beside Giacometti. Even Picasso had something to delight a child his drawing of Paloma as a child, with her doll

Child with Cat. Artists daughter
Paloma artists daughter

When at the Norton I always visit Robert Henri’s “Sonny Mac” he was not in his usual spot. Darn. They rotate their art holdings. Oh well! No, I am disappointed.

Happening NOW 2022
Saw this wall on Friday evening and just had to share w the twins.

Great neighborhood meeting

An interesting thing happened on the way to the Beach club (golf course ) 4 young men being cheeky offered me a Lyft, “put the bike in the trunk.” . I’m going to the club, i responded, I reassured them it’s not for fun but for a neighborhood meeting. Arrived early, Mitch has set up a table for 20 outside white tablecloth and I am early. Inside another table set for Ten, that must be the neighborhood meeting.

Xtra xtra read all about it!

I sat, order soda. Shortly I’m joined by complete group from the bar. We introduced our selves, they want me to stay. I’m surrounded by Libaterians. I remember being one in my youth Or was I just liberal. Same fight still going. Then it was the Texas school board.

Young Atty running for Congress talking a mile a minute. Her opponent is another Republican who wrote an OpEd in NY times regarding Gun control. Parkland trial in the news so it’s the right topic for now. Left their table as Mango Grovites arrived, I joined them with my own copy of the Constitution in hand..

Index of opinions is bigger than the Constitution itself.
Guest speaker Kim Stokes

By the time all of the mango head showed up we needed 25 seats. Six new members and the guest speaker. The topic that brought them was a mailer regarding air bNBs. Then the sky opened and we reconvened inside. Visibility zero just a sheet of rain, spotted one Golf-cart trying to make it to shelter, the inter coastal had disappeared.

The lady I sat next to has lived here since 2016 and this was her first neighborhood meeting and she was delighted to be part of it. I made so many new friends this night. It’s Wed. hamburger night. Mitch came over to make sure everyone was happy.

Charlene does an awesome comprehensive two page typed report, of all that we should be aware of that’s happening all over our city, pretty awesome. Then Rich took over and did a play-by-play of both Tuesday night meetings I attended the first one at the HATCH could hardly hear anything but Rich made up for it, he did the blow-by-blow description then the city commission meeting after. I myself nwent straight home from the HATCH mtg. turned on zoom for the city commission meeting it was 1:3o a.m. when my day ended on Tuesday..

FYI in case your interested.

Learning never stops

Two weeks till school starts and not a word of English sitting under my Poinciana Tree. 100° feels like 82 under the swaying Royal Poinciana, we have shade DYK *

The oldest RoyalPoinciana in Lake Worth Beach

Babysitting! Hardly, instructing non-English-speaking kids. I do not speak their language despite my being multilingual, not quite polyglot. My quirky neighborhood is diverse. I can relate as I also was 11, same age as the fraternal twins when I arrived. Eyes look back vacantly at me with zero understanding. The week before two nine-year-olds that I also did not understand, except for their giggles as we made shell necklaces.

Art Class at AnnaMaria’s

The 11 year olds are a challenge one does knot know her .ABCs. I did know mine in German, English tripped me up. Does it matter? They are heading to middle school we need basic daily words. I’m not giving up, each day, we used a dictionary* a lot of kids books with page after page of repetitive phrases.

We keep a daily log book with new words. A high liter for words we looked up in the dictionary and should be familiar with as we see it again like friends..

Four days before SHADE took on a real meaning, we sat under a tree or umbrella and the word is also in the “Giving Tree”. Finally in West Palm Beach waiting for the trolley in the scorching heat with sign language we avoid the homeless sleeping in the shade. I spot a clump of trees and I point, run and yell SHADE and we .get out of the direct noonday sun. This was a moment of enlightenment. We smiled at one another we know “SHADE.”

Even while waiting on the train learning does not stop we have a timetable, we repeat “ it’s not my fault “ from a children’s book. On the trolly our driver Vivianne offers each one of us a cold bottle of Water, we are grateful! ( if your reading this let the PB county transit people know). And in the Mandel Library our destination, we got weekend food courtesy from “Loi’s kids”.

Trolly Driver Vivianne

We spent a full day in the Kids room four of us among 50 younger kids. Heard drumming lessons through the walls, and This August they are offering Chess for the kids. What a novel idea.

The kids room. If your on the computer you got earbuds to keep.

Every moment counts even the art lessons. EYES NOSE EAR yes I can teach these as I was an instructor at the Bass Museum on South Beach and had non-English-speaking kids there as well. This day (below) the rain drove us indoors, we did a still life.

Walking through our alley I was explaining the 10 foot pick UP as we headed to the 5th Street bikeway aka “Royal Poinciana Way” and not a single Poinciana. We have the seeds we looked UP no wires, open sky. We DIG with TOOLs and planted seeds. We picked UP trash.

Over two bucket full of cans bottles, it’s our neighborhood.
Maybe in 4-5 years whoever sits on that bench will have SHADE

Then on to la Playa no one has a bathing suit, it will have to do!

EDITORS note: a ** big THANK YOU to our Mayor Betty Resch in hospital, ordered the kids Visual Dictionaries.

* Royal Poincianas when allowed to do their thing are meant to sweep the ground encompassing all who seek shelter and SHADE under the branches that speak of love

Kids being kids

Feel Good Day

With encounters at the Palm Beach Cultural Council. Event today with participants who share similar interests and overlapping goals.

Institute for Cultural Advancement attendees.

This was the last workshop of the series. We were even treated to lunch. Lots of sharing of business cards, introductions made and the all important take away was forming relationships.

Our host Dana Munson Thank You

Marketing was the topic. So much new to embrace, to keep viable. What is the Public perception of your brand? Is it time to update your mission statement? Which Social media is right for you or your organization.

Mari Ziev. Performer
Representing Boynton downtown Marcia Levine
Environmental Artist Elaine Weber, LWBeach
The presenters Founders of ART HIVE Magazine and hosts
of “Hello Creatives” podcast

Participants came from Boynton Beach, DelRay Beach, Armory Art Center and a number of independent artists, Foundation grantees, the One Ear Society of Coconut Grove. Even a realtor was embracing and looking to partner. Art Basel, Art Palm Beach were dangled. The message was relationships matter, teamwork.

So what was to end at 1:30 went past, such was the enthusiasm of of this very successful Marketing workshop. Well Done.

Editors note : left my home knowing there would be visitors that enjoy my company. So I left things of interest for my guests letting them know I would be late .

Came back to a note with a heart that’s said “I love You”
Two sets of twins, all just learning English.

A good time was had by all


Definitely a dazzling moment. The Bryant Park DERBY DAY event came back once again to a huge success. Congratulations to its Board. Covid seemed like a hiccup. A bit different than years before everyone was a winner. Congratulations to Michael Chapallier the 50/50 winner of Tropical Ridge neighborhood.

missed was Richard Guercio former 50/50 winner, my bet was on him. Oh well. Actually regardless what event, he was always a winner. This year we had in our midst Carmen Diaz new City Mgr. Sarah Parr Malega and Christopher McVoy our commissioners. The best silks went to Herman Robinson who enjoyed his retirement immensely .

City Mgr. Carmen Diaz
Day late and wrong location could of been a contender

Now for the long awaited SHOW it’s a video

Show us your hats

In all the excitement, no one noticed as everyone had fun that . The impending rain cut the event just a bit shorter. Next year 1st 2nd and 3rd will come back . There were ever so many donations 40 by my count that went to awards and many to silent auctions. No one was left behind

Amazing creation the horses painted front and back. A 360 view. the 50/50 was $190
American Pharos Triple Crown winner on my head
Absolutely stunning
Also ran

NOTE from the Editor: It’s my blog I have opinions.