everyone appeared to do ok for Valentine

I appreciated the mass Valentines being shared. Helped a few kids make them for friends teachers and Moms and Dads. Valentine is universal.

Mine was not anticipated. An adult asking about my personal life, and by a child asking to spell my name. So I did get a hand made card, priceless, I scored. William who comes to read, stealthily comes with something pink behind his back Sunday. morning. . So cute. Plus his little brother Pablo come to get the Valentine they created.

I had some time ago taken photos, before I knew them as they were racing in the alley. I an ex Indy official photog got in the act “Gentlemen start your Engines” even had a blk and wht kerchief. So the photos were a surprise. CVS had Special for 100 prints. The beneficiaries were two little neighbor girls. Dating 2019 2020 to 2021 as life ticked away in our little street. Memories from when we first met after Hurricane Wilma and as we got to know one another. Even included Ms Tammy who delivers books occasionally to my LFL. Helped purchase a bike for one of the girls at Christmas time but not for Christmas but because she was good. She did not attend my classes often as she had to care for her little brother and little cousins.. The trip to the zoo with the neighborhood kids. A new Baby in the hood, things they will not remember as they get older all documented for them.

Remote learning in Ns A’s garden

Don’t share personal trials as this week was stressful. Working on the Unity Wall last week I got rained out and so did my iPad. Disaster, I was disconnected from the world as my iPad sat in 5 lb. of rice 9 days still nothing. Today Sunday I went to UFIX on Lake Ave. Mathew there was awesome, they are able to take on Macs can do factory warranted. Who knew. So I share.

If your curious about this blog it’s 10 years in the making primarily visual as my background is photography my first gig being the Indy 500, ended w Cruise ship pictures of London. Published in Time, Rolling Stone, etc. etc. but ck out the photos especially Throw Back Thurs. last week obviously was not published but now it is.

Making necklaces from sea shells

Throwback way back 2010 2012

I’m late I’m late On Saturday I got rained out at the Unity Wall and now my iPad is resting in 5lb. of rice. Technical difficulty when one door closes another opens up and as Alice in Wonderland lost her way here I surfaced in the past. I moved here to retire from a 10,000sq. ft Art Gallery the Windisch-Hunt Fine Art Gallery on Grand Ave. Coconut Grove.

Being active what now? I committed to doing this blog 2010 New Years day. As you enjoy these photos at the bottom of the blog is a index guiding you to past posts. Have a look.

Paint your Heart out
we are about to have an election but without a public forum
Welcome hope Habitat for Humanity
It took a village
Once upon a time
Run run run
Centennial incoming congratulations from around the world
Mayor Pam
Old time friend now retired
don’t ask sorry spot with me.
our LWB Sailing Club
Seen here are Caroline Deli with Ray president of Tropical Ridge with a young lady who volunteered to choose the winners name.

Culture theirs mine ours

Interesting how we learn. Monday was Teacher work day and unanticipated I got company. This young man comes and says to me I came to help. Oh, i have not asked for help. It dawns on me he heard about the two hours of learning /instruction I give. Was going to beg off but here came William around the alley corner, I’m committed.

So I’ve structured the two hours as to not lose control or interest. First is reading the Whale book. a guy thing. then we will do happy things. Ivan and William are one year apart at Barton Elementary but don’t know each other. So we take turns reading . They get itchy and I call for a small break. Up my Poinciana Tree, only reason I think they come here. Times up, one says i can’t get down so I reply “guess I’ll have to call the Fire Dept.” That would be a wish fulfilled red trucks, big engine, a boys dream.

After Lunch, A book I ordered and am absolutely delighted with “Sincerely Emerson” hope they love it as much as I. But, it’s lunch break and William is all smiles. He brought lunch for himself and surprise, me. We shall be sharing 3 ways. This is where it gets interesting. The Ramen potato soup comes with tamale. I failed terribly, fail to grasp how to pick up ramen noodles with a tamale.

3 fingers no whole hand see!

I recall the first time I saw them eat with their hands. I don’t eat eggs without a fork and knife, get it. Was told it’s cultural and I’m adamant No. They all were so well behaved when I took a large group to the Zoo and we ate at a hamburger joint (it’s finger food!) Today relaxed enjoying their company I’m taking in our differences. Both are Maya from different parts, so one says 3 fingers the other whole hand. Anyone recall how a WWII spy was unmasked because of how he held his fork. It’s cultural, maybe i’ll surprise them one day with Palacsintas* with marmalade or cocoa. We can eat them with our hands. LOL

checking out Kipling

Now William is coming after school to sit in my tree and I read to him ” We Willie Winkie”* Double checks me to see if our character is really called Percival William Williams. I got his full attention, someone with his name. So now I shall call him Wee William. I get a big grin.

Throw back Thursday

This was going to be an expose. However when i started to look for the particular image, was not able to find it. So down the road of memory lane. I take loads of photos, very few include me as i’m holding the camera. I’ve not shared my meals out or my private live, like you who might be reading this. I thought, why not let you see into my world. (could be something you might enjoy doing for yourself.)

Lesson plans

As i went through my many photos there were images that are indicative of who I am. You might know me as a volunteer who can’t seem to say no. However Im learning lol.

Just one of the volunteers that used to be the Lake Worth information Center. Once upon a time. AS things are getting worse and we have such a small charming town would contact tracing be to much to ask for. Last night on our Bike ride we went through Downtown. Was like a regular Friday Night busy.
Coffee with the Comm now
Coffee with the Comm then

My cottage is full of art as small as it is, the walls are full and give joy, so not getting rid of any KonMarie. Some by me, a wonderful collection of friends and of course Fred Hunt r.i.p.

Jaffee Center for Book Arts every 1st Fri.
Woodstock N.Y. Drum Circle, can you find me?
sm painting headed for LFL interior

My second little FREE Library, first one fell apart. Painting in the kids who use it. Visit also the other two that were built by Ted Johnson and r.i.p. Dean Sherwin who replicated his house. We have the credit of starting this phenomena here in Lake Worth Beach. Mary Lindsey wrote a successful REAP grant and thus enabled the literacy program to continue.

No hobbies so to speak of my life is art of all types, mosaics, painting, calligraphy. Teach, more like encourage those who have the desire to learn. Currently initiating another great event “big does not make it better” Mail ART done successfully in Coconut Grove then for our Centennial Celebration and now putting Lake Worth Beach back on the ART map. Not easy with the distancing but oh so perfect for just this time of separation 6ft. distancing. Valentines just around the corner perhaps this will bring out the love of communication via pen paper and lots of hearts.

i’m on this wall

Mail hearts actually meant to type Mail ART subliminal message here. Stay tune for the next reveal.

Luna my companion one of 4
apt title for my abode of 650 sq. Ft. If you have had a birthday this mo. And did not get a card, waiting for Luna to get off her duff she is reclining on my address book.

Emerging 1/21/21

Ir’s been some time since I last posted. I got into a funk and then after the 6th the horror just hit and i spiraled into unbelief. I watched the TV hesitating to do my celebratory envelope of joy and celebration. Slowly I pulled out ephemera and stamps i’ve been saving for this important day. The envelope is at the bottom. *

A friend encouraged me to get out and do what i do well. So went to mtg. signed application and worked at home prepping with kids. Thought them to use a graph on how to enlarge a small image to a 10 x 10 wall, however the wall turned out to be 7 x 10. We made it work!

Leticia and Selina
110wall spacesComm. Carla Blockson

Plenty of 10 ft sections to show case the local artists who wish to share their talent.

We studied our graph paper and measured out where, what would go where and who would paint what parts. We were able to work on the wall all at the same time.

Franco opted for the sky and birds
break time

as we started early. by lunch we took a proper break, well deserved. Last minute adjustments were made on site. The easiest way to do this was to draw and cut stencils. This method is now is being borrowed by our neighbors from Barton Elementary. As always when something like this happens lots of visitors and volunteers drop by who want to participate and this is how we acquired Lena.

L-R Leticia Franco Lena and Selina

To give them credit, we had been assigned two spaces because of distancing. So we opted to memorialize the moment and the time. Love community and togetherness. This is not the end. Next week Part 2 and our finale.

Family affair Brother Franco sisters Leticia Serina and visitor Lena.

By chance VOTED early

Turned out I got soaked twice this day. My plan was to do reconnaissance while returning some very overdue Cd’s to the Mandel Library in West Palm Beach and A side trip, included posting 250 postcards to North Carolina. Being sequestered doesn’t allow for to many activities. Marching is out, holding placards on the street not.

Destination 1st time voters and previous voters.

I used to stand in protest lines. Those were, well some time ago. Feeling I must make some effort in the current election year I was recruited and gladly accepted two projects one was to reach out via postcards to voters who were challenged and needed a nudge to go vote. the other is a art project which, as of today, I can give full attention to regarding COVID-19

The last of the cards written. I called two friends, consider them my life line. There were some questions I was was vague about even though I read what the League of Women recommended. Checked train schedule and off I went on this lovely overcast sky with my ID, other documents just in case. Almost forgot the package for the Library return.

Waiting at the station I noted how terribly loud the south bound train was. Not having been out and about since March the noise level was disturbing. Then I heard the rain, the sky just opened up precisely at 2:44. I just marveled at the sudden deluge wondering how wet I’ll get while boarding. Returning home was not an option. Got to West Palm Beach and hid under a parapet waiting for the trolly, waiting, waiting.

This is the notification that greeted me. Searching for their number.i

Still raining, I start out. Uphill one street over one more I see the Post Office, good. Drop all the cards there. I know, your wondering about my #FreeUpTheMail*. (The choice was not mine but instructions were specific). Thought about hiding there till the rain abated, didn’t look like it would. I hugged the buildings and cafe awnings as I made my way down hill to the Library hoping the light would be green when I was ready to cross the street. I was wet as was my package. Library seemed desolate no magazine displayed, no books for sale just one young man behind a sheet of plexiglas who did not want the package. Out of the corner of my eye I spotted Dunkin Donuts but the atmosphere here in the library was as cold as I was. I headed for the exit asking security guard about voting. She she led me through the back lobby doors across the plaza right to the door. First friendly person! It got better, no line, no waiting. Only hours ago I went over the sample ballot so I filed in the little ovals in no time. Was I even in there five minutes?

Wet wet wet

Back outside I cross the plaza for a HOT cup of coffee. While there my “I voted” apparently slipped off my blouse, I was wet. Took a couple of sips and regained my composure. Do I want to go back across the plaza in the rain for my “I voted”. I did, at my age I may never again vote in another presidential election.


I went back and got my sticker.

** I advocated for #FreeUpTheMail with what I heard about the Post Office it is a small thing to allow others to have their one vote counted. I kept my MailArt, my October Birthdays out of the system.

Escape desperate for fresh air

Hard to recognize Tina Chiodo, Jessica Savage and Andy our commissioner

I have no problem with isolation. I took a leap Oct 3 and went out as a friend was volunteering, plus I was out of cream and love a cafe con leche. It’s only a matter of time with the pandemic growing we are bound to have another lockdown, just a matter of time.

Our Mayor Pam & Sylvina who’s bday falls between Oct. 13 – Nov. 3 #FreeUpTheMail timeline. Sylvina no worries it’s in the mail LOL

Got the coffee and wandered over to our city hall, where my friend was volunteering. The urge to reach out and hug was enormous in my excitement I spilled my coffee. I took pictures for this blog after all it’s called “Lake Worth every minute”. Enroute I knocked on a few doors encouraging people to come out like a town crier. “Gratis Comida at the courthouse now”.

5 masks, hand sanitizer, thermometer, personal care kit in the white bag

Saw our Mayor and commissioners helping out . The census was partnered with food give away. Via the cares act gift cards were available. The blue bag donated from * was very generous. It had a number of prepared meals ready to eat like chicken stir fry, chicken Alfredo, laden with gourmet canned goods from Buccan. They were so heavy, saw Commissioner Maxwell help a lady carry her bag to her car.

Census takers still trying to entice those who have not been counted
(Just spilled coffee), to the rescue Emmeric & Lauren of Leisure Services

*. this event was partnered with the Taipei Economic & Cultural Office in Miami. tHANK YOU! The prepared food came from Buccan 350 s county rd. Fine dining Palm Beach. a very grateful thank you. The Taiwan Student Assoc. was on hand helping.

MAIL Fun, important Mail, Mail trivia

Just around the corner is Oct 9, a postal service milestone. More about this, at the end of this blog. My involvement with communications via mail came naturally, having been a world traveler, family behind the iron curtain and serving years out at sea. All pre Internet. We have to recognize the existence of the Int’l Postal Union as it was established 1874. It established postal security. ( except Mail behind Iron Curtain)

My all time favorite envelope by a 7 year old Montessori student

It takes no special skill to reach out to someone “a most iconic act of showing someone that you care” my letters were illustrated, now I take a photo and push a button. Just not the same! I got involved with the IUOMA now going on 30 years.

Need ideas of embellishing a envelope, many ideas on their site

The last #mailartcall I did was here in Lake Worth, for our Lake Worth Centennial. Have done these calls several times. Wish I could show all the amazing envelopes from around the world. First one was for my gallery. My all time favorite envelope, is seen above by a child. Had a great write up, and here comes the Miami Post Master General? He loved it! I turn he sent me a piece of Mail Art seen here. My 2nd favorite.

Got to love it! That’s him. Holding Coconut while visiting the exhibit in the
Windisch-Hunt Fine Art

I also participate in different calls, like the Washington Calligraphy Guild “The Graceful Envelope” sponsored by the Postal Union of America They have themes but this year canceled. Others I submit to go to University Libraries. I gifted the Centennial Exhibit to our Historical Museum. Why should MOMA have a collection and we not. Do you ever Wonder what mail will look like a hundred years from now?

Go see their website the submissions are outstanding.

Now October is a important month. The 9th recognize the Postal Union now it is also an election year. and I’m advocating for #FreeUpTheMail. From Oct. 13 till Nov. 3. Saw it on #BillMaher

Getting out Bday cards that happen between Oct 13 – Nov. 3

So if you can support this, today being Oct. 1 start thinking of the birthdays in Oct. after the 13th, like Bama, Tom J, Mae G and beginning of Nov. Charka, Sylvina. I’m preparing those right now and will have them in the mail prior to the 13th. The bills, pay & send & post-date them. Ask your friends to do the same.

Recognize your postal carrier on Oct. 9th It’s World Post Day 192 member countries are part of it it’s an important day for your letter carrier. Let them know you appreciate them. They come to your door almost every single day maybe that’s the day to tip them. Now for the trivia! 1. Did you know. who our first postmaster general was in 1775? 2. What does ZIP code stand for? 3. When is National Letter writing Day ? 4. Where do you send your Mail Art submission to 5. What are the dates of #FreeUpTheMail. 6. When is the deadline for Mail Art.

This is the day to be grateful that your getting secure mail .

1. Benjamin Freanklin. 2. Zone Improvement Plan in 1963. 3. Dec. 7, 2020 4. Mail art. – P.O. Box. 46 – Lake Worth Beach Fl. 33460 5. Oct. 13 – Nov. 3. / 6. Dec. 15, 2020

Six months into COVID-19 sept. 16, 2020

Sharing my life sequestered can’t be very interesting, lakewortheveryminute blog is recording that and not just me but my friends in England from our Sister City. Our adjustments our similarities, our distancing from friends. Our smaller world due to COVID-19

My washing machine, all of it

Six month milestone should be positive, now its a measure of how long we have endured. Laundry used to be enjoyable, had my favorite laundry spot with WiFi, scrolling internet waiting for wash to be done. Purchased this thing with usb cord from the internet, yikes, did I make a mistake? My wardrobe has shrunk to 2 light weight t shirts 2 skirts, need nothing more. I see no one and it’s hot. Saving on Laundromat. Doing KonMarie clean out, 30 t shirts heading to Farm Workers. I suppose when I rejoin humanity I’ll be needing clothes again.

His first word was truck as he was pointing to a truck and We kept saying truck yes TRUCK

School is about to resume. Had not seen the kids since masks became mandatory. I handed out quite a few, but they were not worn. I’d say where is your mask “ it’s at home”. Me Ok. “Go home”.

Refurbished and loaded

Painted on each side portrait of the kids who use it. My cat Luna even made it into the painting, inside painting of a mother reading to her baby and the piece de resistance a solar light. They used to knock on my door to get books while it was being fixed.

That’s Kimberly in the middle lives on F st.
Happy again, visitors Chelsey and Corina from D st.

ended w a little birthday party for Chelsey’s 9th birthday.

impromptu Birthday party. Music from my iPad playing Corina Corina as the little girl on right is named Corina. This threw them into a whole lot of giggles. The pleasure was all mine! Might have been my singing

Still participating in Lake Worth Beach, sequestered. Thanks to ZOOM City Commission Mtg. Which Is available via ZOOM as well as Coffee with the Commissioner Herman Robinson, both I once attended. That was then this is now

I was one of 47 watching About the same that fit in the Chambers

I follow Instagram and love sharing the creative things I see especially this challenge to artists that are sequestered by the Getty. Love that kids are also participating. P.s. my Instagram tag is Annamaria33460 visit!

Thanks for reading my blog. I welcome your personal COVID-19 stories with photos

Mail art call extended to Dec. 15 #FreeUpTheMail. Send no mail no cards no letters home, no bills, no flyers. Allow those who have to use the mail their one VOTE

Six month timeline / hello from England

Hello. From England. Aug. 31, 2020. . . After a week of high winds and lashing of rain courtesy of storm Francis which battered lots of places around the U.K. Thank goodness the wind and rain have both gone and we were left with a serene Bank Holiday Monday. As a rule bank holidays are sunny and prompt lots of visitors to our coastline.. we, being the nearest beach to London experience crowding on our beaches which means that businesses thrive. After the last few months we could have done with a sunny weekend but never mind, there is always next weekend and I prefer it to get our seafront back to ourselves, we can swim and walk without weaving in and out of people.

It has been a busy week as the lockdown eases even further and more public places start to reopen. The community Hub that I run is one of those places and we have to jump through a lot of hoops to be allowed to open up. Risk assessments that show separate entrances and exits social distancing measurements, paper towels instead of material and copious amounts of cleaning in between groups. . . . Time consuming, but possible. But most of the paperwork is completed and now we have to try it out.

The first group we are welcoming back is the film group and the book club. Both on the same day but in different rooms which will make it slightly easier. I haven’t yet decided on how to serve tea and coffee yet. . . . As you know, us Brits can not go very long without a cuppa, so I have to solve that one pretty quickly.

And Our young people are back to school next week, I spoke last week how our system differs particularly in the area of holidays. It has been a longtime for our youngsters and they have to be back in school for a variety of reasons.. . . They really need to get used to learning again and to socialize in a different way of course. , but some of them haven’t seen their friends for ages. . They also need a routine in their lives. It will take some time getting used to the new timetable and regime. One of the big differences is that as a rule, students go to the teacher in specialist areas but now the teacher will come to the meaning students will be in the classroom for much longer periods. With staggering lunch and break times things should go smoothly, we shall see!!! There have been many instructions issued and many changes to those instructions almost as soon as they were issued which has caused some frustration but I think it is ironed out now, it is all new and you can rarely get it right the first time.

And now for something quite different, I thought I would tell you about some of the most interesting things that I have seen in our county of Essex, starting with Talliston House which is in a small hamlet not far from where I live here in Essex. This house looks like any other ex council house from the outside. The inside is very different. . . John Trevellian who bought the house in 1990 has transformed it into a wonderland of inspirational location, each set in a different time and place.

Each room has been deconstructed back to the brickwork and rebuilt from scratch that not one square centimeter of the original house remains both inside and outside.

At one point John had to reluctantly put the house on the market after he lost his job and could not afford the upkeep of the house. He set up a go fund me page and thankfully generous donors raised enough for the home to take it off the market. More than 1,650 objects from 27 countries fill the incredible house which he naught in 1990 for 73,000 lbs.

The word Talliston is Old English for ‘ Secret Place in the Woods ‘ and includes a 1950’s New Orleans kitchen Victorian Dining Room , Moorish bedroom, Cambodian Treehouse Loft and a Scottish Edwardian Hall. Even the smells are authentic as nutmeg and coffee prevalence the New Orleans Kitchen and the smell of jasmine wafts through the treehouse air.

Mr Trevellian opens the house to visitors and even hosts Murder Mystery nights and photo shoots , a perfect setting for both. He also of his house “it’s the perfect place for entertaining. People walk and are transported to different paces. I want Talliston to be the center of creativity. I want to inspire people.”

I so admire people who have the urge to do something different and actually create their vision, in this case it took 25 years and a lot of money . . . But it was worth every penny. If you have Netflix , you can see this house for yourself as it is featured in a new series about ordinary places turned into amazing interior space. Talliston House was one of only two properties to be included in the program ‘Amazing Interiors’

I must go as I have leeks to plant in the garden alongside of the carrots which should be on the table for Christmas dinner. Have a great week . I hope it is full of wonderful things.