6-2-2020 from a beautifully Sunny England……..

Hello from a beautifully Sunny England……..

I hope this finds you well and safe. The big news here is that the lockdown is being lifted cautiously….after all this time it feels wonderful, there is an air of happiness about the place!!! Today, those who are deemed to be the most vulnerable have been given the green light to leave their homes after 12 weeks and next week all stores will be opening, obviously with very strict guidelines as to how we move around the stores and in general…..all good news for us!!IMG_2128

And you, how is it for you? Your beaches have reopened I see, which makes a huge difference to how people feel, it’s a long road to recovery, but recover we will!!!

I am amazed at how children have adapted to the new behaviour of stopping suddenly and remembering that a hug is not allowed at the moment…I noticed this when at the VE Day celebrations in our street the two year old opposite us wanted to show me her doll and came towards me with it outstretched in her hand and then placed the doll on the road and stepped back so I could pick it up, amazing!!

So what else has been happening in our neighbourhood..I told you all about the scrubs that were being made at the community hub which are amazing, we started to slow down with orders which is good news and means we are getting somewhere with it all and most hospitals and care homes have seen PPE delivered, thank goodness. People have been blaming the government but hindsight is a wonderful thing, who could have predicted this dreadful situation??? And as usual, community won through…IMG_2129.I love the stories that emerge during troubling times, of people who have gone that extra mile or given that extra bit of time….for me the 100 year old major army captain Tom who walked a marathon by using his walker to walk round and round his garden (very slowly) to raise £1,000 and ended up raising over £33,000,000!!!!!

People took him to their hearts, as they did a young cerebral Palsy sufferer aged 9, Tobias Welles, inspired by Captain Tom who walked down his road every day for 70 days, he also has a walker to help him walk very painstakingly. Every day his neighbours would come out and cheer him on, he completed a whole marathon!!!!

The restaurants who provided food for hospital workers, who set up groups of people to contact the most vulnerable, keep fitters who set up virtual gyms to keep people fit….Joe Wicks set up exercise classes every morning for children missing out on exercising at home and ended up with half the nation joining!!! Hundreds of stories and all selfless people helping others.IMG_2130

The lovely lady in this photograph who made these fabulously funky scrubs is an ex student whom I taught in my very first teaching post….she is as lovely now as she was all those years ago!!!

There have also been protests here after the death of George Floyd, it was a dreadful thing and people here feel badly….our protests were in London and respected the social distancing as everyone knelt in Trafalgar Square and then continued to the American Embassy to stand in silence……we are always with you in troubling times.

Now we need to start thinking about the future, what can we do about travelling??? I am pretty sure we will not make it to Lake Worth this year or in fact, anywhere that means a plane journey…instead it is an opportunity to explore England – all the places we keep hearing about but have never had the chance to visit, it would be fun to hire a mobile home for a couple of weeks and see where it takes us!!! Half the fun will be in the planning…

IMG_2131You know we were in Vietnam and Cambodia before our trip was curtailed and we were flown home by a very circuitous route which was exhausting but very interesting. We got to see all these airports and testing and masks and temperature taking but we got home eventually. I was going through my photographs and it reminded me of what fabulous places these countries are, so rich in heritage, beautiful buildings steeped in history, magnificent in the midst of traffic and poverty and families travelling on one moped, grandma holding on for dear life at the back! And of course, because of the pandemic just starting to spread there were very few people around which was very much to our advantage, places which would normally be so crowded allowed us to wander freely to gaze at the splendour, to take photos which didn’t contain strangers because you could actually see the sights without ducking around people, always a silver lining!

It always strikes me when in a country such as Vietnam that despite the obvious lack of money and decent homes, people are still happy and smiling and seemingly content and happy to do anything to make our trip even more memorable.

The floating villages were amazing, no problem with social distancing there….houses on stilts, boats instead of cars, their shops and market all floating on the river along with mobile coffee vendors, all amazing to experience.

I hope that everything we have experienced over the past 12 weeks will have taught us all something about life, not to be too concerned with our appearance, it really doesn’t matter that our nails are not perfect or hair is a little unruly, making do with what we can get from the supermarket, which at times was not very much or varied but we survived, and new clothes, do we really need to shop as often as we do???IMG_2132

Having just finished my daily yoga session with the usual teacher who has been teaching us every day instead of twice a week and has only asked for donations to go  our local hospital for which we have now raised £1,500, whoopee!!!!  I feel great and energised, that is definitely something that I am going to continue……

By next week I will have a long list of others things I am going to continue, get ready and we can compare them….until then, have fun and stay safe and happy….always happy.

                                                               X X X

May 19 was my last entree. Today is 28th of May and we are still in difficult times.  Everything fades and becomes just a monotonous movement over and over now.  IMG_5893  The long awaited missive from England finally arrived.  Chris Gostling  (R) will again be the Monday blog contributor and give as the news from that side of the world.  They were caught in Cambodia when the lockdown became world wide, and just made it home to England on the last flight.  There after no more flights or travel for anyone.

I have new young ladies who expressed a wish to learn.. So the ciriculum is reading numbers for the little one via backgammon and of course art. School is out this week. IMG_1876.JPGThank you BArbara Resch for the die. Using pennies and dimes.

May 22,  My birthday                                                                                                                             Got up super early as i’m redoing the #Littlefreelibrary hoped to have it done and recreate the opening party.  Did not happen. Soon!  My door is open and and these two little ones are standing in the doorway.  Taken aback, surprised at the early hour.  I ask of course.  Mothers gone to work, the rest of the household is still asleep and they went AWOL with plastic bags under their arms in case of rain.  I’m looking at grubby little faces and ask “have you washed your hands?” LOL of course not. OK first things first  breakfast nextIMG_1894                                                           Wasn’t really ready for them i’m painting.  It’s ok they want to spend time here, cleaning? what!  I’m informed they have gone with their auntie to clean and know how to clean. Oh my god, i’m in chaos, books here papers there, I live in my studio.  Cleaning has never been part of my mantra.  All of a sudden it occures to me CLEANING (it’s my birthday! a Gift from heaven?  Recall a friend while teaching at the Bass Museum always was fascinated going thru my purse ART STUFF!

Hour later, saved by an emergency.  Flooding down the street. A picture is worth a thousand words.  Posted it to local FB page.  We saved the day and had have fun doing it.  Got immediate response from the City of Lake Worth Beach.  Who can resist splashing in the water.  They head home in the sunshine under my umbrellas just in case it rains again

It’s not even noon.  More rain expected plus morefor the next few days.                     Corona Virus upstages every life-event. Whats a Birthday like in quarentine?  Got lots of birday wishes on FB via Lake Worth Local, Lake Worth Beach Voice, and Lake Worth Life  and some awesome cards and long distant video chats.  All totally unanticipated or expected.  So once more to all who took the time to acknowledge me.

Thank You        Corona Virus Detainee  

Hello from England 5 25 2020

And here we are again!!!! I hope this blog finds you all well and happy albeit in lockdown and missing all the usual treats of each day –  like meeting friends, a hug, a handshake……all those little things which we take for granted and will savour so much when all this is over.IMG_6489.JPG

Things here in England are pretty much the same, rules are still in place but somehow there is an air of people starting to flout the them in small ways….there is more traffic on the roads, people are at the beach in bigger groups than allowed, young people gathering more openly! There are due to be more changes this week which will hopefully relax things a little more yet not go overboard. I worry that we must be careful of sending the death rates up again, there are so many heartbreaking stories that show us just how easy it would be to start this all up againIMG_6682 2.jpgIMG_0752.jpg

We have a bank holiday this weekend and usually the seaside resorts are where people would head for the day or a whole weekend if the weather is good which it is this weekend. But we are trying to discourage rather then encourage people from descending on our town, so many people seem to think that this pandemic is over and crowd onto the beaches despite many roads and car parks being closed. They ignore the rules and park anywhere…..needless to say, residents stay away and make do with long walks along the promenades!      IMG_0751.jpg Then of course, there is the issue that always appears when day trippers have left, the rubbish!!!! I wonder sometimes about people who cannot put their rubbish into a bag and take it home with them to dispose of there when we all have weekly collections of rubbish.Thankfully we have have many volunteers  who are part of the ‘keep our beaches clean’ group and help collect what is left ……. This helps the refuse collectors who are constantly emptying bins and replacing bags. Litter is one of my pet hates, I have been known to run after people who have dropped something to tell them, ‘I think you have dropped this’….I cannot repeat here what the response is sometimes, mostly they walk away from this mad woman chasing them and sometimes they actually apologise and take it from me, no doubt to throw it down again further up the road but I feel a sense of satisfaction……..

After telling you last week that we had completed the orders for scrubs, production has started up again, not in such a big way but enough to fulfil orders from care homes and doctors that fell through the net and did not get the scrubs and gowns first time around.

I am anxious to get the community hub up and running again, even in some small way – so to this end we have been getting the garden around the hub looking inviting and reminding people that we will return, it was a big job and has needed to be done for a long time. We cleared every speck of rubbish, pulled every weed, mowed the grass and planted more shrubs and flowers after pruning back overgrown and dead shrubs that had been allowed to grow wild. We hired a skip and filled it to the brim, jumping on the rubbish inside to break it down, a satisfying process!! What I love about working outside at the hub is that lots of people stop to chat, it is the correct distance, we are opposites sides of the wall, and use the library that has been outside for a couple of years now, I have seen at first hand just how valuable the library is to our neighbourhood. I keep meaning to make a map of where all the libraries are so they can visit them all, maybe next week!IMG_6778.jpg

We have a community out there just waiting to get back to the wonderful groups and projects that have been put on hold……board games, book clubs, history groups, film buffs, Astronomy (who will be able to get a clearer look into space with the atmosphere clearing), we have sewing groups, photography and lots more. I think the over 65 group is one of those that is hugely missing the company of others…….and our most vulnerable people who rely on us for so many things, I cannot wait to see them all! I realise of course, that it will be different and a long time before we get back to some semblance of normality.

I am, just like huge amounts of other people, loving the Zoom sessions, they are becoming more and more inventive as time goes on. We have quizzes and Bingo and guessing games as well as charades and challenges with friends and families, in some ways it is better for us because we are spending more quality time with people than before, it is such fun and can get crazy with everyone trying to answer a question or guess a person, combine it with a cocktail and it can be hilarious! We are also still taking part in our daily yoga sessions, these are brilliant and keep us moving!

Our weather continues to be glorious and although we are still officially in Spring the weather is in Summer mode, if it continues like this until Autumn it will be fabulous and holidays abroad will not be missed quite as much. In fact, we have been thinking about holidays and as most of you know, we love to travel but with the restrictions around going out of the country (as well as a little anxiety about getting on a crowded plane) we have been thinking about adventuring in our own lovely country of England. There are so many places we have not seen, historic buildings like Downton Abbey, Warwick Castle, country parks and the Peak District, coastal areas, countryside, activities such as the worlds fastest zip wire in the world, Zip World Velocity, and the longest in Europe which is in Wales, Stonehenge and many, many more. Always something to which we can look forward, even our next trip to LWB!!8ea3f829-dd13-4051-9e8c-b551a65f104b.JPG

I am attaching one of the Zoom puzzles we completed…IMG_0628.jpg……answers  next week

See you next week, stay safe, stay happy, always stay happy…..


       Hello from England…IMG_0742

Where it is Spring and the weather is beautiful. I never thought I would say it but sometimes it is better during this time if the weather is not so good because while the sun is shining,  day trippers will descend on our beaches and unfortunately some people have no sense of social distancing!!! Just last week the rules were relaxed to allow people to travel in their cars outside their immediate locations, to go out to exercise more than once a day and to meet up with family or friends in open spaces…..that was a good one as all those people who had not seen family or friends other than on Zoom or WhatsApp got to see them in person. Of course lots of groups are out, picnicking and playing games which involved being together. Although longing to rush up to them and have physical contact by way of a hug, it was better than nothing.

And my daily Thoughts for the Day’ board which I put outside every day states it is day 61 today. I thought back to 60 days ago and I was in Cambodia, having been sent out of Vietnam earlier than planned and arriving in Cambodia earlier than planned. It became obvious that we would have to come home and  the tour company managed eventually to get us on the last flight out of Cambodia, quite a circuitous route which just seemed a blur of airports and temperature checks and masks and form filling but we made it and two days later on Monday the lockdown was put in place!!!!! What a strange situation to be in……..IMG_6806

was a terrible time to start, we knew the NHS (National Health Service) would be stretched to the limit which it was…. and it wasn’t too long before the PPE equipment was running out and doctors and nurses and key workers were left vulnerable ….but as usual the community rose up to help. The community Hub that I run became the centre for collecting material, patterns and thread and before long completed sets of scrubs were completed and on their way to hospitals, care homes, hospices……and they kept coming. People donated material, dropping off in the box I put outside, it was full every day of sheets, duvet covers and pillow cases….all ready to be transformed into funky scrubs. The pillow cases make fabulous  uniform bags which nurses put the uniform into coming off shift and then throw the whole lot into the washing machine to prevent transference of germs.  IMG_6802 We have just last week stopped making them because the orders had been fulfilled and we are now onto masks because when we are going back to school or out in public we are going to have to wear them. I have just organised a group to make children’s masks as they will also have to wear them, once again people are offering to make them….community is wonderful! Our oldest sewer is a man of 90 years of age who is incredible with a sewing machine, in fact he can turn his hand to anything and was instrumental in changing an old store room at the back of the hub into a workshop where we hold classes for sewing and crafting and creating wonderful things. He gathered a team of women around him and with me delivering material and picking up completed scrubs, he had quite an operation going. Now he has turned his hands to the masks and, not content with using the usual pattern, has designed his own with a special pouch inside into which an antibacterial cloth is inserted, he’s incredible!!!IMG_6586

And so we continue, we are just about to open places like coffee shops, mostly for take away although there are lines on the floor denoting where you can and cannot sit…it’s a start. And my favourite, garden centres, are opening woohoo!!!! Now the garden can look beautiful. Clothes stores and large department stores are not yet opening and the High Street is deserted which is so strange to see, even more strange to see are the streets of London empty, it is always busy and like many big cities, it never usually sleeps….well, it’s having a long nap at the moment!

We have a big debate on at the moment about school openings, some say yes, some say no and it is all up in the air! I think schools should reopen for all students with restrictions, like wearing masks, washing hands and using sanitising gel….restrict movement around the High Schools which have narrow corridors and thousands of young people, not a good mix at the moment….and so we wait for the edict on that one, I will be interested to hear what is happening in LWB!!! We were supposed to be with you in LWB at this particular time, needless to say, it was cancelled………..I hope it won’t be long before we can all meet again.

Numbers of deaths have diminished hugely and we are winning this particular battle for the moment but when this is all over the hospitals will be stretched once more dealing with all the operations and appointments that were cancelled, seeing all those people who were too scared to visit the doctor or hospital………..let’s hope everyone has learned lessons from this and money is put into the right places, like the hospitals and clinics and care homes….time will tell.

IMG_0743Every Thursday all over the country people come out of their homes to applaud the doctors, nurses, key workers, refuse collectors, postmen and women and thousands of others keeping us going. It has turned into a big event every week now, cars blow horns, people, bang spoons on saucepans, musicians entertain ……. a nice event to show our appreciation. Even the royal family clap…………..IMG_5893

I hope you all continue to keep safe and well, we are all in this together…..see you next week with lots of positive news I hope……

5-20 and counting

It’s been exactly a week that I posted the last Corona Virus lockdown musings.

I made the exception, escaped to the beach. It was open for the first time after the nine week lockdown. Found that I was trespassing on Palm Beach’s beach. A part adjacent to Lake Worth Beach just south. In fact go north and same would Have happened. Lake Worth’s own beach is nestled in between, on Palm Beach Island. A little known fact. So our quirkey little seaside town owns its own piece of paradise on the Island?

Nancy and her Mother

Back to my Royal Poinciana neighborhood is my little corner of , paradise. Fancy Nancy no longer studies here, her mother is not working so she stays home . However in a previous post w picture of four little girls, who asked to learn here showed up waiting for me as I got back from the beach. LOL.

May 15 It’s one of those days raining. A rainy day and I feel just like my cat.

Lockdown still life

Shared this photo with artist friend . She replied “feel same way, still in my PJs, going back under the covers.” it’s 11:43 a.m. My other cat Oopsy is on top of my head on the headrest of the arm chair I’m occupying. No one is moving today. LOL


Kimberly is serious, 10 and wants to learn reading and drawing. She was articulate about this. Ok, so started her of with Nancy Drew‘s (Lilac Inn) Might have been to advanced. What’s a paddle, I draw it and explain. What’s a canoe, I draw that and show her the yellow one I have. Slow going. We go to collect my mail and she picks up a Poinciana blossom, that is what she is drawing in the picture above. as any ten year is able to draw. The leaves, stamens, the entire structure of the blossom is accurate.

May 19. City Hall on Zoom . Gosh am I one of 3 watching. Would have thought with the convenience everyone can tune in. No need to go downtown. Got there a few minutes after the start, go to kitchen, fix my coffee, feet up on the easy chair. First up are the first responders our #91 fire dept. doing annual report. We have 49 fire stations in Palm Beach co. I’m ready for a trivia quiz. Xx

Show and tell Nancy is maintaining the garden we started and here she is kidsplaining.

5-18 Lake Worth Beach opened

I went to our beach this morning, as weather is predicted for afternoon. Met these great people.

Lake Worthian and guest from Tennessee

Expected far more people as the car park upstairs was full. The weather calm overcast no surf. Found majority from Wellington area.

Wellington and Greenacres

They went first to Phipps beach but apparently no parking allowed there so they came here, to our Lake Worth Beach.

Very happy outing from Wellington.

I went my usual route south to do shelling. Beaches was clean. Found one pc of sea glass, technically not yet sea glass, so I took it home to dispose. No cigarette butts, no bottles, no trash, it’s possible to keep it up.

Incognito moi.

Discovered my Tiffany necklace* bandana when wet does not allow air thru. Yes people were wearing masks and some did not. The suggested distancing was observed, I counted about all were 20 feet apart. Very one I’m sure was grateful for the opportunity to have this freedom. Saw only one chair.

Ok there were two chairs on the beach lol. Lake Worthians

And yes I saw people I knew. Lol.

Usually do close ups but under the circumstances. Space was respected.

Quiet in the western quadrant of Lake Worth Beach. 5-13-2020

The lines for the food giveaway are still happening on Tuesday mornings. I hear of others also but remain self quarantined. Finally I received Essential Internet after I terminated myself for 90 days to satisfy Comcast Xfinity. Yet for more than two years I tried, qualified but they would not give me a break. Had their flyer in my hand knew I qualified as did this whole neighborhood. Now I have it and assisted my Guatemalan latch-key kids to get on and obtained their devices from PBSD.

So other than tutor I became somewhat domestic. Lol. Wondered who here in our community had to learn to cook and survive. My instinct comes from the old country.

Supreme Court is in session, Dr. Fauci is today’s hero.

Wishes to remain anonymous. Is that possible?

My lifeline are friends, neighbors. Just got a delivery of bleach. Did you know your toothpaste has poison control phone number. Your not suppose to swallow it either. Not seen here is artist friend Vee who brought art materials. As well as Susan below here, who also remembered the children here and brought toys and paints. I let the kids illustrate my correspondence.

Susan Guyaux

my guest in my living space/studio are the LWB City Commissioners via Zoom. Determining the future and welfare of our quirky little seaside town. Maria my Colombian friend was first to done the mask in this area. We chat she tells me that no one bothers to wear mask at Bryant Park when she walks her dogs, now that we are in Phase 1.

I rarely bother w the phone so impersonal, rather see a face. My form of communication is letters. #sendgoodlettersgetgoodletters. Majority are artist friends and I let the kids get the mail. They never disappoint.

Also visiting this charmed cottage over the fence are these kids. Asking if I teach and could they come to learn here. Had no idea I have this draw. I recall when I met my husband r.i.p. what drew me to him was how kids gravitated to him to watch him paint, and never interrupted him. This was his studio so the spirit is alive.

No candy here. Painted coconuts yes.

My live for now revolves here and under my Poinciana tree. Tammy Pansa checks in calls. So a great big thank you to all who showed you care that includes messenger. Lol. And from artist friend R-man

What do I want I want for nothing. Well, Send letters .

5-10-2020 Mothers Day

What no glorious Sunrise. Mother Nature must not be thrilled with us. Woke to the local lawnmower and no sunshine plus there is moisture in the air. then, this guy with a megaphone** only thing I could understand was alleluia .

My highlight this week was the trip to the post office. We all need a chuckle. Y’all know the Seinfeld episode with the Soup Nazi. Well, she was in the Post Office. Thank god not next to me but 12 feet away. Would not let next customer in the door, then when they did get in, she dictated where they may stand or not. She was the only one of the age range who should have remained at home. Fortunately four artists I recognized and we all have lovely dispositions so we let her carry on like a loone.

Exiting I encountered this lovely, pictured above here. Does anyone recognize her. She said someone on O street made the mask. You could feel her smile what a relief after the encounter inside the Post Office.

The week went this way. Fancy Nancy counting her seedlings as they quadruple daily we are up to 76 sunflowers now. What a show that will be. Her mother came to see how things are progressing via the DEVICE from North-grade.

Math lesson
Yesterday there were only 37
2019 Pride Parade on far left w hat on is Aidana, yes real people.

Just read FB and it appears that #CompassCommunityCenter is having a virtual Pride Day today May 10. According to one of my art newspapers, there is a renaissance of Mail Art. So for all of you artists crafters, put a sketch, a small work of art on an envelope and mail it to this address. We do not open envelopes. Email or add. on back.

Lake Worth Beach City Hall

7 n Dixie Hwy

Lake Worth Beach Fl. 33460.

My mail carrier did not disappoint me.

Did make a stop into our local florist and #AweFlowers was busy busy.

Destined to someone special
Happy Mother’s Day


Wow also Cinco de Mayo

How many of the stay at homers, reached out HELP and now really appreciate Teachers. It was yesterday. Never to late to write a thank you note and put them in your will. This Segways into, if you do not get your thanks into the post TODAY your favorite teacher (Mother) won’t get your card.

We now are still in my garden doing long distance learning.

We stand for the Pledge of Allegiance.

Then on to the prescribed lessons via the “device” from the Palm Beach School District. Left hand on the table, sit up straight. Am I asking to much? They will eventually be returning to school some day. No slacking, it’s not a vacation. Will they be held back because of lack of interest and not doing the work. The teacher have video chats w the kids. It’s a little like the zoom meeting that took place last night with our City leaders.

Out going mail

Reminder Mothers Day is this Sunday. Last delivery day, is Saturday if you mean to have your Mother’s Day cards there in time. Then again there is, “to your door delivery” from Awe Flowers. Also, Convivo Books is local and will deliver in 33460 while your there get yourself something as well. Not sure? Check Them out as today at 3:00 pm the will be on FB with a podcast.

Amazing little gem

As a collector of many things and do continually divesting into file 13. Among the gems I unearthed a little 84 p book. Tattered, moth eaten. Amazing what these women dealt with and knew. You can keep eggs unrefrigerated for months. But I was perusing for Mango recipes as it’s Mango season. Also found recipe for onion pie. Not trying that. Lol