December Block Party from inside the NAPC tent

 A little known fact about the block party is that every month you see new faces, in the NAPC tents. Thats the Neighborhood Assoc. Presidents Council.  They encourage  each neighborhood to promote themselves.  So this very last one in the holiday spirit was hosted not by one but by two friendly neighborhoods, both were from the western arrondissement  as I like to refer to them. rather than on the other side of the tracks. lol
SoRoyal Poinciana took the holiday spirit to do a bit of fundraising along with Tropical Ridge.  You might have noticed the fabulous oversized train all decked out with lights. It was extremely popular with the kids.  Yes, I did hear do not touch. 
Part of what you might not have realized  was the generosity of  neighbors  friends giving  of re-gifted items in mint condition, share the wealth.  Nothing in the tent was over $25.00 Original small art from award winning artists. Also the one of a kind original Holiday mermaid cards went for only $5 @ and sold to one person waiting at the tent and after nine p.m.  you could get gourmet chocolates for $2  (fire sale) It all went to Royal Poinciana 100%

they were one of a kind, want some they can be found at Eau de Palm Beach for $18 each. Royal Poinciana thanks you for the support, thank you to the neighborhood friend that came to assist from Mango Grove and Parrot Cove. And all the friends who donated gifts and regifted items.