Raft Race Returns 2021

The 4th of July Raft Race has been launched. Inaugural event took place at Mathews located on s H St. at this writing 7 Lake Worth Neighborhoods have thrown out a challenged to NA fellow party goers

The committee that made it happen

Not seen is the Jell-O shot toast. That followed the above photo. Opening this event officially, after Capt. And crew meeting decided there are no rules and after filling up their souvenir commemorative glasses.

Read carefully
College Park R e a d y
1st to trash talk
MC. Craig Rise and Jon Faust
Parrot Cove mascot
Parrot Cove crew accepting the challenge

Parrot Cove came with very authentic noisy sound effects from the crew. Accepting all challenges. And not to be outdone each neighborhood took turns at the mike. Erika from Mango Grove was silent. Secret secret weapon?

Intimidation tactics from this quarter
after the initial meeting, all welcome
So happy to see each other hugs even among challengers
The dark horse challenger

Music at Bandshell Lake Worth Beach

Something wonderful happened during Memorial Day weekend. Music at our bandshell. I share 20 plus photos but take a moment to also read the blog. LOL

Acquaintances and new friends

A city of acquaintances and friends met for music in the park. What a novel idea. We in Lake Worth Beach have a park and a city of talented musicians. It takes but one creative in this case, George Orr. Who spearheaded this.

Do I see one of our talented musicians.

I think I managed to capture all the folks who came out for the free concert this past Saturday.

What if this could be the scene every weekend. When not booked.

What a good appreciative group of Lake Worthians. Tag yourselfs. We are the ones who support our city and should express ourselves. So your thoughts please.

Under the shade
Our local troubadours THANK YOU

The Band stand exists. Why not make it utilitarian. Let local bands , musicians jamb. How about Shakespeare in the park. Invite local musicians for a 2 hour performance when not booked. Invite them via an open call. They will all bring their followers, and the rest of us get exposed to our diverse neighbors music. Win win!

Romantic tunes

Oh how about our own High School band practice. I can just see so many families who have never been to this park. It’s all possible. “ Feels like Home to Me”.

Love the tunes Kelly and George performed.
Romance is in the air
Yes, he played the Star Spangled Banner
Close to a hundred attended
Awesome. THANK YOU Kelly n George and Ben. Sorry do not know names of the others .

A wonderful time was had by all. How about the establishments from downtown sponsor a band, for a two hour performance. I’d come and have a drink in appreciation of the community support.

We all met our newest resident. This town is awesome.

Did I mention that many got up and danced also. As I was dancing I did not get that picture ck in with Tom Johnson.