Artistic Arrondissement


Yes we have one in Lake Worth Beach. “Go west young man”. Lake Worth Beach now also has the very First Little Free ART Gallery in this artistic area. I attended its Ribbon Cutting.

Just one block north of Lucerne on F st.

It was a late afternoon affair with attendees bringing some of the first small works of art. This is via the effort of Amy Shaw and her partner John. Fairly new to our community who totally embraced what we in this quirky community are all about. First she installed her LFL, Then she purchased her gallery from an Etsy shop, fait accompli!

Local artists participated with stocking the initial small works of art. The gallery offers seating with miniature attendees who have gone walk about, often being mistaken for miniature art LOL which they indeed were.

Many done by our generous art community.
like neighbor Louise Noaks

My contribution was a 4×6 portrait of my cat wearing a Ruth Badder Ginsburg collar. It was immediately traded for this awesome small abstract painting seen top left. It has the Van Gogh colors yet reminiscent of the cave paintings of Lascaux. I could not get it out of my mind so early next morning I biked over and made it mine. (Done by 14 yr old Emma) A small Hurricane painting took its place that I used to sell at street fairs.

Raffle + collectible art and some jewelry were part of a raffle for this grand opening. Emma is seen here in lavender.

The mutual admiration society is alive and well. Amy not only put wonderful children appropriate books in but invested in colored pencils kits which are there for the taking. Bring a book if you have one to share or just avail yourself of a original work if art by the generous artists that live in this area.

This is the charming cottage that is home to our 1st Little Free ARTGallery.

Lake Woth BEAch Nov. 2, 2019

Welcoming a Saturday in Lake Worth Beach, 6:30 a.m low tide, 7:34. Sunrise, alway breathtaking. 25 or more people already here on the beach enjoying the same sunrise.

We are a quirky sleepy seaside town. With location location location!

Just over the bridge is our own beach and today we have the Farmers Market across from A1A. Wen’t to get coffee and my fav Jambon beurre $ 8 , a baguette with Brie and prosciutto (French street food). Eating while strolling from stall to stall supporting local bakers, farmers and artisans. Contributing to their development. Along the way hellos to friends. Moringa $4 a bunch, is very popular and I swear by it. ( have three trees) only grows in the tropics, well, that’s us here in paradise. Returning home for a bit of gardening. Watering my Moringa trees and newly planted corn celery etc. At noon bike to the historic Museum volunteer for a few hours. Open from 1-4. Looking forward to Dia de Los Muertes.

85* outside this afternoon. Slow on visitors, so good time to update exhibits and diaccession some materials more suited to Palm BEAches Historical Society. We were all one, once upon a time.

The day ends with Dia DeLosMuertes celebration “Day of the Dead” a free event . It celebrates the passing of loved ones with an altar commemorating their live and with offerings as their souls return and need sustenance. Our Lake Worth Beach event is now in its third year. And just as in California, it was initiated by the Chicano artists we have artist José Menendes to thank for bringing this annual event to us In Lake Worth Beach. It is always celebrated on Nov. 2. If you see Monarch butterflies those are the souls of children who have gone on to a better life. so ends a day in Paradise.

Zimmermans Cafe

A performance of gifted musicians who have, as a group been to parts of the world envied by the world travelers among us here in Lake Worth Beach. An afternoon of contemporary music performed in a setting harking back to the 18th century salon performances of the old world. This setting was less than a mile from the beach with casual attire (dress was long gowns once upon a time) get the picture.

The music written by contemporary Florida Composers recognized far beyond our 2 square miles. Morgan Denney, Marshall Turkic, Olivia Kieffer, Frederic Glesser and our own Clare Shore one of the founders of Zimmermans Cafe. The somewhat intimate setting allowed for a questions not just from the performers but also the composers point view and intent.

We had the honor of their presence in our midst as we experienced contemporary music commissioned by other artists as well of patrons. The Turkin piece Sonata for Alto SaxOphone and Piano was composed some 50 years ago. Here in photo below Turkin shares its history.

A well spent Sunday afternoonA well spent afternoon in our sleepy little city by the sea aka Lake Worth Beach. The next scheduled performance will be April 26, 2020. Highly recommend you save the date if it is anything as enlightening as this afternoons with such an illustrious group of composers and performers who are at the top of their field.

Happy mail

Was about to share the wonderful #mailart that came to Lake Worth Beach’s City Hall. however H. Dorian intermissum (Latin). City Hall had just received from Germany + France #envelopeart for our #mailartcall. We are not alone. Lake Worth Beach’s name change apparently does little marketing if any. We are the best secret on the Palm BEAch coast. 7 minutes from the Palm BEAch International Airport LOL plus TriRail service walking distance into town. I do my part. I sent a #decoratedenvelope to France and got back this most charming pc of #mailart in return. Charming as they thanked the #uspostalservice. On same day also received 2 from Germany. One from an artist who’s mailed me a #decoratedenvelope to the Windisch-Hunt Fine Art Gallery many years ago and I never forgot it. I took a chance, 15 yrs later, has he moved, how old was he, did he still do #correspondenceart. I was thrilled he responded in kind.

H. Dorian put a go slow into the #mailartproject. Today collecting the mail we received 3 pc of #mail, one from Spain.

Lake Worth Beach is getting subliminal notice, from #mailartists around the world. If you read this blog, thank you. I encourage you to participate in this creative activity. Just takes a envelope ( they are not opened) and a stamp! Mail it to:

Mail Art/City Hall. 7 n Dixie Hwy. Lake Worth Beach Fl. 33460.

To see the other #envelope art I posted on Instagram. Annamaria33460.

Lake Worth Beach

This charming quirky little seaside town who’s beach is nestled on Palm BEAch Island, just 2 miles south of Mar a Lago and two miles the other side Manalapan, home of the most wealthy. Lake worth Beach has location location location. 7 min up up I-95 is the Palm BEAch International Airport.

“I’ve always considered it a cross between Key West and the old Cocoanut Grove”. Life is go slow. Heard someone say, where can you live in a little cottage next to millionaires in a cottage. Over 1,000 cottages some in need of repair but most have gone through cosmetic rejuvenation. It had a historic waterfront with swimming pool that is now being rebuilt. Stay tune for that one as the sights are to make it the show stopper of Palm BEAch county.

Currently classes are given in neighboring pools this class in LWH pool. Private adult class given by Janet LaBanara

The pool once hosted many aquatic events now it will be redone for the community at large and its neighbors like West Palm, and Lantana. Architects have presented plans that look like a Bahamas vacation brochure. The citizenry are a bit more down to earth but insist on utilitarian use with wow factors. Even included the much sought after Beach side weddings in their plans lol.

Swimming skills are a must in Florida so daily there are swimming lessons being given in available pools until such time that it is reopened. At the commission workshop two local artists working together gave their concept David Whitlock via a Diorama and AnnaMaria Windisch-Hunt the drawing which indicated specific Aquatic requirements plus the wow factors. The 4 wow factors were were an infinity pool at the end a meditation area. Water fall from infinity pool buffering the noise level. A wind Turbine seen top left near pump room to offset cost of operating pool. A grand entry gate from s. And on East side a wall w portholes at different levels so activities inside pool can be seen by any age, and halt sand intrusion. A bridal suite was included w staircase coming down to a garden area just n of pool. So a $400,ooo grand staircase was eliminated. Staff was relocated to where they would actually be needed and the 5,00o square ft area ready to rent out to private public enterprise. A concession stand left bottom, open on both sides w cafe tables on both sides so even beach going public could get a quick bite.

Please respond to this post w your input. Thanks for reading. This post has published over two thousand items and all positive as the bikini states LW every minute.

Feel good night

Feel good nightEight miles up Dixie highway from our quirky little village of Lake Worth Beach, found another village. Last night it was a Woodstock recap. Yes there were a few of us who were really there but many more who wished they had been. Immediately you knew this was special as everyone was carrying a flower by the end of the evening they morphed into these lovely bouquets. Each participating merchants were given 100 flowers to give away.

Music came from two stages never intrusive mellow idyllic atmosphere as couples, groups shopped and everyone had a smile , it was nirvana. we supported the artists and merchants and restaurants in our own way . Visited. With artist friends. Thank you Northwood for such a special evening sponsored by the WEst Palm each CRA. I include the sign please read we could actually have a second CRA one to sponsor teacher housing am I still dreaming.

Mail art, correspondence a gift

Has no monetary value. Sent through the worlds postal system. A gift with no expectations, no money exchanged. Did you know the Lake Worth Historical Museum right here in our quirky little seaside town has a nice collection rivaled only by MOMA.

Many mail art calls have themes, and are viewed in Churches, Libraries, pop up galleries, some are published into chap books. One of the longest continuous call for #Mailart is supported by the U.S. postal service in Washington D.C. visit their website. Washington calligraphy guild.

There are many categories within this genre: just postcards, Cinderella stamps ( faux stamp ), naked mail which i have send via cocoanuts and received, red satin slippers, No packaging, just bare/NAKEd. We in #lakeWorthBeach currently have a #correspondence art call, recognizing our name change. Feel creative, send us an #envelope, they are not opened, put your email on reverse side so we can notify you of your #envelopes arrival.

Mail Art / City Hall. 7 n Dixie Hwy. Lake Worth Beach Fl. 33460. I myself have sent over 40 to artist friends with the most recent Woodstock 50 yr. commemorative stamp, as first day issue. The one seen below is heading to Belgium. LOL. Sublminal marketing our town. The Theme is travel.

New Business on Lucerne Ave. open 24 hrs.

3 Days a week the dryers are FREE. Thursday happens to be one of them.

This is a new business and while the offer last, dryers a free 3 days out of the week, Thursday happens to be one of them. Note they are very very busy on Fri. Sat as well as Sunday, be warned. They have the same machines and same prices as the one that I have written about several times up on Dixie by World Thrift. Its a great for the nocturnal person ( OPEN 24 hrs. ) located 1404 Lucerne Ace.