Artfull weekend 2/24//18

Bruce Helander with one of his  original collages

This past weekend I spent an artful weekend.  I share just the first part,  9 a.m. to 4 p.m. only $30  at the Center for Creative Education *with collage artist Bruce Helander. At the modest price of $30 for 7 hours. (a gift for any artist to oneself)  It was an art form that is not my bailiwick, I enjoyed the class when I first took it, at the Woodstock School of Art, so here, it was being offered and I needed to get out of the box. 

title of this work           “I love Paris in the springtime”

First, this class that I took at the Center for Creative Education.  Just 20 minutes north of Lake Worth and a facility that is near a charming little enterprise zone. Restaurants, decorator shops, lots of parking and coffee house always a de riguer. The class was full to capacity 40 plus students.  This work right below was created with intention and gets changed out periodically rotated in and out of frames. 

 12 x 12 ready to be matted and hung.

Here showing off the work that was done on Saturday. No one wanted to take the lunch break.  Some of the students were repeating students from previous years and it showed.  Like these above & below.  Not quite sure of the title could be just a working title for now. 

title eye boot?

Bruce worked around the room, everyone got the personal touch and of course.  I have never seen anyone use scissors so nimbly as when he did the demo.

Class Demo

  The work that was created here seemed almost impossible with the amazing number of resources that were laid out.  Some came to learn to enhance their future presentations as we all have done vision boards that are wrinkly, fall apart before they are even realized. Using the proper structure and proper glues and techniques thought by an expert such us Bruce, makes all the difference for the finished work of art.  That is meant to survive, as the image below currently being showcased at the MET   Joseph Cornell circa 1955.  Bruce Helander’s introduction to our collage class mentioned Juan Gris and his work.

Joseph Cornell’

Juan Gris’s celebrated collage The Man at the Café (1914)  below right inspired the series Birds of a feather the series now at The Met,  through April 15.

Joseph Cornell’s Homage to Juan Gris reunites for the first time nearly a dozen boxes from Cornell’s Gris series together with the Cubist masterpiece, The Man at the Café. There are inside jokes, puns and wordplay in French that tie the art.

  • how was the rest of the evening,  I spent it at the Opera and enjoyed the performance of Candide by Leonard Bernstein based on Voltaire’s book.  One artists inspires another and no it is not copyright infringement but homage.

Lake Worth Street Painting 2018

Good Morning … fabulous to be back in Lake Worth

Chris Gostling
Monday Blogger

and what a beautiful morning it is, perfect for the start to the week, blue skies and sunshine. And this same weather prevailed over the weekend making the 24th Lake Worth Street Painting Festival a huge success. I love it if I am here for the festival because I think it is by far the most exciting event of the year.

The taste of Lake Worth on Friday evening heralded the start of the festivities with wristbands on sale which entitled you to visit something like 20 different eateries and bars and sample food and drinks at each one. Many people took part, walking from one venue to the next laughing and talking with others about the food. There was music everywhere and the sound of equipment being moved into place here and there along the two roads closed for the weekend. Children made the most of the closed roads and rode scooters and bikes up and down and chased each other and played games, parents safe in the knowledge that no cars would be coming. Some of the artists had already set up and had their work outlined ready to go early on Saturday morning. All the roads were marked in spaces evenly set out, ready for their artist to claim as their working area when the sun rose.

I worked the shuttle buses that drove backwards and forwards to the college outside town where people could leave their cars and travel in on the bus free of charge. The job of all the ambassadors on the buses was to welcome the people to the event, give the background to the Festival, encourage visitors to make the most of the restaurants and other facilities and promote the two charities to which any donations would be given, namely The Carers of people with ALS and Wheels for Children, a scheme to provide children with much needed wheelchairs. On my bus we made $42 dollars for the cause, not bad I thought!!!

The visitors were lovely, very friendly and made from all age groups, all with the same intention of having fun. There were large groups, couples, people on their own, some had visited before, others had never even been to Lake Worth. What I enjoyed were those who rode the bus in and then got on the same bus when returning to the college, they talked with excitement about their experience, discussing which piece they thought was the best, where they had eaten, the one common theme was how much they had all enjoyed the town and the experience of the Festival.

There were artists of all nationalities, both adults and children, artists who had taken part many times, some for the first time, school groups working together each knowing exactly where to make a mark, which colour to use and working in harmony to create fabulous shapes and images, all covered with chalk, some with as much on themselves as on the ground. Some were local, some had traveled from the other side of the country, some worked alone, other in pairs or larger groups……all with the intention of creating something to amaze the audience.

Sunday, of course, saw the artists finishing their work and packing up, leaving these wonderful artworks to be driven over and obliterated when the roads were reopened at 9pm, leaving the faintest marks to show that the Festival had taken place and was not just the figment of the imagination.

I have never been able to bring myself to drive down Lake or Lucerne until all traces have gone!!!

Enjoy the week, see you next Monday!                                                                                    Editors note:  Chris Gostling hails from England and has been a contributor on Mondays prior to her moving back to England’s Southend on Sea, Lake Worth’s sister city.  Photos  by Chris Gostling                             Photos below by Susan Ona  

The Little Train that Could                                                                     photo by Susan Ona

 photo by Susan Ona

Hello Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania visitors enjoying  Lake Worth Beach

Hello Pennsylvania,  here to visit Lake Worth Beach on this gorgeous 81 degree.   Staying in W Palm for a week.   The traffic has already been diverted as of this Friday Morning to set up for not just Street Painting but also for tonight’s Taste of Lake Worth.

the view coming from the beach

Always wonderful to see friends and get to wish them a Happy Birthday. What else would you do on your special day?  Walk the beach spend time with daughter, of course.

A very happy birthday Erica

Want to acknowledge another birthday, today Annette Rawlings who moved here from Coconut Grove on my recommendation and has not regretted it.  She is currently exhibiting her Art at the Cultural Council.  For more ifnormation, she is one of the artists showcased in  “Portrait of our Artists” series about our Lake Worth Artists.

Artist Annette Rawlings

If your downtown tonight stop in at the Cultural Council and all the other art venues.  Especially J street is doing their own kick off for the weekend.  Jazz, at Common Ground Coffee next door a new gallery and Rudy’s, occupying the former  Bamboo Room.

Busy little Lake Worth

This blog is tourist and resident friendly.  I do not list events that have outright entry fees.  However, there are strictly Lake Worth events that at times do charge.  Such is the Midnight Sun Festival on March 2-4. $5.00  So Much happening in our Vicinity of Lake Worth.  Every  Thursday/Friday you can check here. My calendar updates and articles posted the past week.                                                                                                        2/23  TASTE of Lake Worth   starts 6:30 and yes tickets required. $25  well worth it.  Tickets available at Studio 205  Andy’s store. 

this takes place on J st. Common Ground Coffee area

2/24  Friday   LAST Bonfire on the Beach                                                for the season 

last one of the season

       2/24-25   Lake Worth Street Painting Festival

Lake Worth Street Painting Festival the largest in the East as the other one is in San Diego Calif.  Last Year it drew 100,000 thousand people   Admission to the Festival is FREE   Shuttle from Tri-Rail is FREE  and from parking at PB State College another Shuttle also FREE

2/25    8 a..m. – 11a.m..   The $5 breakfast open to the public at the Gray Mockingbird Gardens  2000 n D st.   Have your eggs your way,  cooked to your specifications, less cheese more mushrooms.  you name it they do it.   Meet your neighbors there.  

2/25  NORTON MUSEUM OF ART   Sunday  FREE actually Free till the construction is done.

Activity Schedule

Noon-12:30 PM / Events open with MC, Mr. Trombone / East Courtyard

Noon – 4 PM / Art Activity: Basquiat Community Collab (all ages) / East Courtyard

12:30-1:15 PM / Talk: The First African-American Community in the County / Davis Gallery
Everee Jimerson Clarke, the author of Pleasant City, West Palm Beach, discusses the history of the community and signs copies of her book.

12:30-1:15 PM / Reading: Radiant Child with author Javaka Steptoe / Fisher Program Space

12:30-1:15 PM / Haitian Folklore Dance, Le Nubian Dance, Inc. / East Courtyard

12:30-2 PM / Teen Advisory Squad members discuss art by African-American artists / Galleries

12:30-3:30 PM / Art Activity: Augusta Savage’s Gamin Reimagined (all ages) / Central Courtyard

1:15-1:45 PM / Performance, Black Student Union, Dreyfoos School of the Arts/ East Courtyard

1:30-2:15 PM / Talk: From Bannister to Bearden –  African-American Art at the Norton, by Ellen Roberts, Harold and Anne Berkley Smith Curator of American Art / Davis Gallery

1:45-2:45 PM / Hip-Hop Performance, Eric Biddines, / East Courtyard

2-2:50 PM / Norton Collection Highlights Tour / Meet at the Visitor Services Desk

2:30-3:15 PM / Teen Talk: Issues in Popular Culture, Norton Teen Advisory Squad / Davis Gallery

2:30 PM / Free tickets available for 3:30 performance of Ain’t I a Woman! Limit of four tickets per person while they last / Central Courtyard

3-3:50 PM / Exhibition Tour: Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney: Sculpture / Meet at Visitor Services

3-3:30 PM / Live Music: Tribal Rhythm, Barton Elementary School Students/ East Courtyard

3:30-4:45 PM / Theatrical Performance: Ain’t I a Woman!
The Core Ensemble’s performance features Deltoiya Goodman in the roles of Sojourner Truth, Zora Neale Hurston, Clementine Hunter, and Fannie Lou Hamer. / Fisher Program Space / Tickets required, doors open 30 minutes before performance.

3:30-4:30 PM / Drum Circle, Abasi Hanif / East Courtyard

3:30 – 4:45 PM / Art Activity: Exploring African-American Textile Art, Kianga Jinaki / Davis Gallery

4:30 -5 PM / Mr. Trombone closes the program / East Courtyard

Noon-5 PM / Food Trucks

Special thanks to the West Palm Beach (FL) Chapter of The Links, Incorporated; the Palm Beach County Library System, and the Palm Beach County School District.

2/27  Tuesday   11:00 a.m.  A very exciting long-anticipated event 

Celebrate with the Royal Poinciana Neighborhood

Throw back Thursday 2//22/2018

14 pictures featuring 44 Lake Worth personalities doing what they do best, have fun.  Plus a band.

the laudest shirt for Derby Day

Girls just wanna have fun

Growing up Lake Worth

day of ribbon cutting for the Arts Lofts

who else but the Mango Grove NA

wonder where they are now? possibly volunteering at the kids section

she’s back in town and will be doing the Monday Blog again

Lake Worth Sailing Club

2014 Tropical Ridge neighborhood meeting

coming your way soon the Easter Bonnet Parade end of March

2014 hanging out on Lake Ave.

Street Painting 2014 performance

2014 Pride Parade

The Brightline experience

Word of mouth was out, Brightline is offering specials. The challenge was on.  I shared with someone who might have difficulty.  My friend in his 80’s with cane, sharp of mind agreed and  at the other end was the arranged meet-up with Miami artist, also interested in seeing the Frank Stella exhibit, at the Ft. Lauderdale Museum.  We were not the first Lake Worthians to do this trip.

Charging stations everywhere plus under the seats.

I carry Lake Worth brochure as a group of friends  will be coming up for the Street Painting Festival.  The station is centrally located in W Palm Beach as well as in Ft. Lauderdale. and the soon to be completed Miami

#gobrightline the locations all centrally located.

Ft. Lauderdale arrival brought us right next door to the  Bus station  on Broward Blvd. and within walking distance to the Concert Hall,  Science Museum, the Art Museum. We took  taxi  $4 .00 To see Frank Stella.  The West Palm Beach location is beautifully located inside just north of City Place and south of Clamatis .   The trip from Lake Worth, Dixie Hwy and Lake Ave. takes exactly 17 minutes to the free parking provided by Brightline.  (for now all parking both places is free.) Taking into consideration traffic and Rosemary going through  City Place where there is a stop on each corner and of course people crossing in the middle of the block.  Seventeen minutes total !, Turn onto Elvernia east and you have arrived.  We got our tickets day before so as not to be rushed.  Get the app on the cell phone and do it all before you get there.

Artist George Taylor known for equestrian art. Yellow shirt was by chance.

Then head up the escalator and through the turn-style .  The Station are identical. On one end is Brightkids who have some amazing space with a TV that continuously plays cartoons.  I witnessed some awesome constructions .

self imposed barricade keeping parents on the other side.

I also did some live stream videos  from the moving train, My first attempt  to share the Brightline experience.  Not sure how  they turned out.  They are on my FB page AnnaMaria Windisch-Hunt. The entire station and train has lemon yellow accents with “a pale shade of gray ” throughout terminal and embroidered seats.  I was on coach and would never have thought so.  Having ridden on the Orient Express and it’s  luxury this was the modern version.  For a mere upgrade of $5  gets you two free drinks.  Coffee service was available for $2.14  on the train.  In the terminals you can self serve coffee or go get it from a barista.  Considering it is a new form of transportation with some resistance.  I know and so should you Brightline is here to stay.  The travelers few but it could have been the time of day I was boarding which changed by late afternoon.


The few passengers i got to know and  I spoke with were delighted with the service and the ambiance.  One father of two seen in video (grandmother lives in Lake Worth) they spent the entire day at the Science Museum.  One couple from Welling was celebrating her birthday and dined in Ft. Lauderdale.  Now the Evening was an eye opener

#gobrightline just a small group of millenials

in Ft. Lauderdale about 50 some millenials got on the train with the purpose of having fun and spending the evening in City Place. The reverse Las Olas is just a stone throw from Ft. Lauderdale station.   Then I spotted this couple who came dressed bright to celebrate Brightline, on their own just having fun.

-bright to honor @gobrightline

Perfect guest for Diner en Blanc Lake Worth next year.  Lake Worth needs to do some Trolly transport from W Palm Beach to our Beach. The alcohol and many of the other amenities are shown on the 4 large screens.  Last but not least it is an all American made and assembled train . Your  $5 upgrade LOL looks like I did manage to get four videos and they are on my FB page AnnaMaria Windisch-Hunt  They have been viewed and this was my first experience with Brightline.  Not a commercial I do not do those but am sharing a new experience.  While exploring  W Palm Beach found UPTown Art and have been asked to share my talent via teaching how to paint the  beach bags which is seen in the very first image.

editors note:  pm me  via face book if your interested in this  art class.  different images always also do corporate leadership classes.   now that is self promotion. 

Throw back Thursday streetpainting 2014

Almost forgot today is Throw Back Thursday.  Here are photos of  a lot of volunteers from of all times 2014   Do you all remember this.?DSCN6006DSCN6061DSCN6164DSCN6069DSCN6022DSCN6029DSCN6045DSCN6115DSCN6149DSCN6082This last one I remember well.  It was done for the cottages of Lake Worth and Saturday afternoon it started to rain and they all had to start all over again.

about Lake Worth happenings

Lake Worth Ladies Kitchen Band

2/14   5:30 p.m. One of the most exciting things going on today for Lake Worth  is the move of Rudy’s Pub. A parade lead by the LW Ladies Kitchen Band from the old location to it’s new home in the Bamboo Room on s J street.   all day Valentines Day  all day not just for lovers. wishing everyone a loving day now if your stumped as to what to say here is a bit of help  from a whole poem to just the right words.          2/15  5:30 meet up with the Thursday Night Peddlers. This group has been riding together for about 4 years and it’s never the same people but many are regulars.  It is a leisure ride through some of the nicest neighborhoods here in Lake Worth. Everyone welcome.  Meets at the Gulfstream Hotel leaves at 6 pm   1/16  6 p.m.   Evening on the Avenue 

Performing Marijah with the Regge All Stars

1/17 Saturday start at the Farmers Market  with hot coffee and pastry provision with special treats for weekend guests. Lots of fresh produce. 1:30 the Story of the Zodiac  for children                                                                  3:15  Dragon Dance and Lion Dance  performance                                                      3:30-5  Calligraphy demonstration                                                                             6:30  Fireworks over the Inter Coastal.   ALL FREE                                                 2/17  Saturday  10 am – 3 pm  bring your I.D. Utility Bill and pick up a tree while they last.                    Schedule   10:30  Tree Pruning                    11:10 Greenways  (we have one about to be opened)                    11:40 Mayor Pam Proclamation                                  Noon  Native Shade Trees                  1 p.m.  Green by Design  SPECIAL GUEST  Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk                                                                    2/23  Friday Taste of Lake Worth    A lively evening of nibble stops at the many restaurants that participate and will have nibbles    Tickets Required.            2/24 & 25   10:00  a.m  Lake Worth Street Painting Festival 


March 2-4  Midnight Sun Festival      St. Paddy’s Day    Easter Egg  HUnt  on 31st and Bonnet Parade.

Garlic Fest Volunteer Log day two

Came early again with renewed enthusiasm.   Sharing what makes Lake Worth so special.  It takes a great many volunteers to make anything happen.  As our Mayor Pam said only days ago the volunteer hours given by our community were over  600,000  and valued at  $   ??     .    Had the same bus driver, so we had our routine down.  My introduction went smoothly and the riders learned about our solar field, the Little Free Library, the Street Painting Festival.  and what a surprise that Lake  Worth actually had a beach with lots of amenities in the Casino Complex.

yours truly with Awe Flower Shop owner Patty

The new businesses in our quaint walkable downtown area. Even got to mention that Rudy’s known for live music, will have a Grand Opening at the former Bamboo Room on Valentines Day.  I wandered around checking out what was new to this fair.  The ice cream had mixed reviews.  The riders shared their best experiences, one being that the pick up and drop off was smooth this year. They all had smiles on their faces, were well satisfied with their

happy winners all

experience and yes will return.  Not knowing who is on our bus or who we are engaging with came as a lovely surprise.  I couple seen below here. I had actually witnessed being drawn by the cartoonist only an hour before.  here they were on the bus, Gus.  Then someone in passing asked what I did and they then asked “Do you know John Mangan”(a fellow artist)  yes I do.  “he was our neighbor” .  Had not dawned on me that we were also informing  our own  Lake Worthians.  Hope my enthusiasm for Lake Worth showed.  On the last trip inviting all to return soon, to the Street Painting Festival, someone said “I will be back sooner I work at the Sheriffs Dept. ” You just never know who your fellow passengers are. We got hugs and some even remembered my name.  A good feel experience all around.     “I’m your Lake Worth Ambassador AnnaMaria WELCOME! “ so started my introduction on the bus, we had a script to follow.

Editors Note: Now if you my dear reader would like to volunteer for the Street Painting Festival there are lots of opportunities. Comments always welcome.

Garlic Fest Volunteer Log day one


this map might help if you go tomorrow or later today

Always been positive about Lake Worth,  Had I taken Lake Worth for granted?  This morning I was a stinking volunteer, one of the best, so the T shirt said.  Of course I got there early and was able to wander about and see the tents opening for the 29th annual GarlicFest that is at John Prince Park./Lake Worth the event migrated from Delray Found Mary Lindsey putting up Coffee provided by Common Ground along with a sign they created for the Lake Worth information tent located  the same place as last year. 


Lake Worths fine Ambassadors on first two buses

Curious about what was different from last year, located a charging station in case the phone or camera gives out.  On the bus the Ambassador lauded the wonderful amenities we enjoy in Lake Worth, the upcoming Street Painting Festival just 2 weeks away.

happy passengers meeting  all heading to the Garlic Festival Party

We have our own Beach,  Casino Complex along with the fishing pier.  There was no end to what all we could laude.   Explained the Little Free Library the world wide connection  and how many we had here in Lake Worth.  We made them feel welcome

He had a knack for explaining who benefits.

We were partnered with Wheels for Kids and had a tip jar at the front and people were generous.  At end of the shift ran into some of our passengers who delighted in posing for my camera and told us where all the best food was. Once the gates were opened,  it was all business for our Ambassadors.   The buses run continuously, one was taken away as the ac failed.  Volunteered one more shift for tomorrow. Hope this helps you navigate if your want to just visit or if you still want to volunteer.  You get a stinking T Shirt that says your the best.  Contact Richard Guercio or Karri Casper. PS invited everyone if they are not to tired to attend the Art Opening tonight at HATCH 1121.  Promoted the arts and everything that is great about Lake Worth.

ps if your a local carpool or take your bike.  Prices I saw for parking were $10  and $20

the end for today