ART Season underway

Wed. Delray Art League reception Thursday Cultural Council reception. If it’s Friday it’s The Norton. Let’s begin with Wednesday. $110.000 is now the cumulative given by the Delray Art league via their 2019 Art Education Fund Awards.Presented at the Delray’s newest gallery space on Dixie Hwy. It’ spacious modern with working studios on site. the recipients this past Wednesday were, drum roll!. All Peoples Day ( Event). Twin Palms Ctr. For the Disabled. Palm Beach Rehabilitation Ctr. Plumosa School of the Arts. Florence Fuller Child Development. Milagro Center F A U. College of Arts and Letters. The stories of how the funds had impacted them in just the last year were heartwarming. Nurturing preK to College level . Ron Rizzo the new Delray PRES. Made the opening remarks introducing the space and. Fran Goodman on his left made the awards. congratulations on this new space, while still welcome by DelRay City Hall for their overflow meetings. These education funds come directly from the sales of art, as all Delray League artist members contribute to this fund a % of their sales. They believe in nurturing the future and know how it impacts the entire community.

Part two: Going with the Flowo


Sunday started slow but it was the icing on the cake. We had Tuscan breakfast at home at my artist friend Sherrie’s. Only two things left on the agenda as we woke to a cold day.

We took a leisure stroll around the Biltmore to admire some of the faux work she is credited with in the Lobby. Learned that that their pool is the largest in the country. Elegant old world hotel. In the lobby also where two large bird cages, home to gold fiches. So, I was going to paint sea gulls but now, it will be gold finches on gold leaf ground. Look at how the Finches food is presented. First Class all the way.

Then to the Coral Gables Museum. It’s a fairly new Museum entree fee $8. Worth every penny. The presentation of all 3 exhibits on display, exquisite! Nothing was crowded, making viewing a pleasure of the Peruvian photography of only 22 images. “Less is more” was never truer. The Historical aspect of Merrick, oh my, oh my.! Now to the exhibit by our Lake Worth Beach kids about their Maya culture was so well executed. There was video, Self portraits reinterpreted into textiles. The artists who worked on this project with the Children of the Maya Center should be lauded. This art exhibit/instillation should have longevity. I can’t mention everyone’s name but let me put name to image here. Left to right. Jessica Domingo, Mia Ruiz and Rodolfo Velazquez.A show I highly recommend. fIf you head to the Book Fair this is a worthwhile excursion or a $5 round trip Tri-Rail ride on The Weekend. There is a lovely gift shop managed by Books n Books and the museum also houses the Coral Gables Information Center. The day ended in a surreal Gustav Klimt moment as we entered the Starbucks cafe. Lol. “The KISS”. All things come to an end as it got considerably colder.

Going with the flow


just discovered that the international Book Fair starts this coming weekend. Headlining is Debra Harry starting Wed. 8 pm. And Friday is Free all day. Im bringing six programs to the Book Cellar for any bibliophile interested ‘in the going ins of major event. Does John Waters ring a bell, he’ll be there as well. Last year I purchased Supreme Court Judge Soto Mayors children’s book autographed for the Royal Poinciana neighborhood fundraiser. 20 dollar investment turned into $75 in our raffle.

Went down Friday to Books and Books in Coral Gables for a reading/presentation of Banana Republic artist/Buddhist Roberta Marks. Enjoyed seeing old friends. Next morning early start recycling electronics , paints hazardous chemicals two times a year at Coral Gables City Hall. On to my favorite breakfast place Coral Bagels where my and Fred’s art posters hang among all the other Coconut Grove Festival posters on display. Among them on the wall is my framed portrait as a King Mango Strutters. That made the front page. So this time I took photo of myself. Lots of fun as the wait staff make me feel like a star. Those that do not know me are soon regaled of my presence. LoL I was seated right under my portrait.

Next stop Bal Harbour for a gig at the brand new St. Regis 24 floor condo, with a view Right onto on the beach from the 14th floor. The job was faux finishing 3 outlet covers to to match the marble counter top. Each required an hour of patience. Then the clear blue waters of Surfside Beach beckoned.

There I also visited the post office. They’ve been decorated for Christmas already for two weeks. ( I asked) No such progress in our 33460 office, this past Friday before my departure via Tri-rail. Walked up and down Surfside past Kosher shop, closed, bridal Boutique, Starbucks, old fashioned Barbershop. A bit dazed, as I came to. felt I had fallen into a rabbit hole as I emerged at the Bal Harbour crossing.

To be continued!

Part two of going w the flow. SUNDAY This is exciting about the Guatemala children’s exhibit in Coral Gables Museum . Stay tuned next blog.

That kind of day Nov. 12

Out at Lake Worth Beach, being in the moment. It’s calm and the flag by life guard stand is yellow. Perfect condition on our beach, no wind, no rough seas. Officially Hurricane season is over as of Nov. 11. My friend Collected me and the ocean is less than 1.5 miles from I-95. Wow no crowd.

it appears everyone’s IPhone is out for that perfect picture. There are 4 Iphones in this picture below lol

The moments captured today are fleeting, memories of our Lake Worth BEAch this morning. Took some pictures. So a grandfather is bringing this baby for his very first beach day. ( no picture) I approach and he asks me not to take the picture. You know, (not really) but I acquiesce. Watch him bring out his SLR and 200 mm lens starting to collect his memories of Lake Worth Beach. I brought my sketchbook and started to sketch. No water for me this morning.then I remember this book I purchased at the BookCellar it’s about visual note taking so I note the temp, the atmosphere, the colony of seagulls with their babies. Watch the ocean rushing in. I’m thinking “here comes a big one run!”as they scurry and are missed. . Then another IPhone appears, I know I’m in his picture as he is obviously doing a video 360 panorama, another memory seeker. oh yes: here are my visual notes in my handmade journal.

Coming to you from our little sea side town

You might have missed this. Tue. Six o’clock City Hall Commission. The American Legion Post 47 was honored. They are celebrating 100 years in Lake Worth Beach. They established Post 47 in 1919, have won many Fl. wide awards and this evening recognized by our Mayor Pam. Also recognized “Paws on the Ave”. standing ovation

Now this happens every Wednesday evening: “The Thursday night Peddlers ride on Wednesday”. had I mentioned that Lake Worth BEAch is quirky. It was a comfortable evening (sign of cooling ) sometimes 5 riders at a times, or as many as 35. It is a leisure ride, no spandex. We cruise our laid back town. We ended at our Golf Club as they are offering a $5 hamburger. We sat outside enjoying the balmy evening.All invited, this week Friday Party at Paws on the Ave. 7-10 p.m. celebrating their Twentieth year in Lake Worth Beach. Donate $5 bucks as you enter so they can continue the good they do. Found a critter they will ck for a chip. They hold adoption events etc etc. they even carry Food grade Diatomaceous earth.

Saturday we honor our Veterans with a Parade, a ceremony, then in the afternoon go to Post 47 check them out have a hot dog on them.The Thursday night Peddlers riding on Wednesday and you who have a bike are invited to ride in the parade. Line up at 10:15 join our group, wear your red white and blue. We meet at Federal close to Lucerne Ave.where the staging takes place.

Lake Woth BEAch Nov. 2, 2019

Welcoming a Saturday in Lake Worth Beach, 6:30 a.m low tide, 7:34. Sunrise, alway breathtaking. 25 or more people already here on the beach enjoying the same sunrise.

We are a quirky sleepy seaside town. With location location location!

Just over the bridge is our own beach and today we have the Farmers Market across from A1A. Wen’t to get coffee and my fav Jambon beurre $ 8 , a baguette with Brie and prosciutto (French street food). Eating while strolling from stall to stall supporting local bakers, farmers and artisans. Contributing to their development. Along the way hellos to friends. Moringa $4 a bunch, is very popular and I swear by it. ( have three trees) only grows in the tropics, well, that’s us here in paradise. Returning home for a bit of gardening. Watering my Moringa trees and newly planted corn celery etc. At noon bike to the historic Museum volunteer for a few hours. Open from 1-4. Looking forward to Dia de Los Muertes.

85* outside this afternoon. Slow on visitors, so good time to update exhibits and diaccession some materials more suited to Palm BEAches Historical Society. We were all one, once upon a time.

The day ends with Dia DeLosMuertes celebration “Day of the Dead” a free event . It celebrates the passing of loved ones with an altar commemorating their live and with offerings as their souls return and need sustenance. Our Lake Worth Beach event is now in its third year. And just as in California, it was initiated by the Chicano artists we have artist José Menendes to thank for bringing this annual event to us In Lake Worth Beach. It is always celebrated on Nov. 2. If you see Monarch butterflies those are the souls of children who have gone on to a better life. so ends a day in Paradise.