“Play Date Wanted”

L to R Chelsy Royal Poinciana, Essy Mango Grove, Nancy Royal Poinciana. We are now past the first 14 days.

So we are making small trips to to keep the appearance of normalcy. Daily around close to noon we take a break from studies and walk to LW High School for the free lunch. En route we call out to latch-key kids, who need lunch. thank You for everyone who remains at their work or volunteers so these kids get food. We continue our lessons in the yard as we watch the world go by, here on the western front.

Love what College Park is doing with the spotting of stuffed wildlife. Clever and fun but out of range for us in Royal Poinciana. We could bike but that would leave Nancy out. Teaching them sharing and kindness. here is what we did this past week.relief from the serious work. will purchase one more from BookCellar before Tuesday’s final closing day .art lesson, Self portrait

all about Japan, from one of the LFL books, show and tell.

poetry and Rhyming

here is a bit of a story. found Chicken which had laid eggs in my yard. So I had the kids crawl under the palmettos and retrieve them. Love eggs for breakfast. My property my eggs, well I cracked one open it was bloody so, I returned them and hoped for the best. Forgot about them. Today Sunday one of the kids came running and told me about all the ckicks. Not believing, took a look at the nest and they were as you can seegone and they knew exactly where the chicks were. Lol just a bit of excitement. Keep telling them never a dull moment. One day they will understand that phrase. Worked out a lesson plan for the coming week to include school curriculum. the daily visit from my neighbor Maria.we talk over the fence . It’s Sunday morning and attempting to plan the coming week lessons and projects to keep them interested. A salute to teachers, don’t know how you do it . No discipline issues here, lucky me.


My garden has been turned into an outdoor classroom for my charges. All seems normal with their families, leaving for work by 7:30 a.m. and returning after 5, no time for TV in fact no internet and asking is the radio reporting. I get a negative head shake. Whereas I’m tuned into NPR.

Glad I collect books, destined for #Little Free Library

Becoming more in tune w my neighbors as I remain close to my house. Met a Finnish neighbor out for his early morning walk, a recent widower.

It occurs to me this self isolation is much easier on us widowers as we perfected the ” I want to be alone”. It took me two years. Another friendly face is MARIA who cannot resist picking up unwanted dogs. I can almost set the time, of her walk no need for a clock.

This past Sunday “will you ride w us”. Yes! Royal Poinciana thanks to CRA has a bike way. Accidents do happen, it appears from the entire stretch, of this lovely bike trail one ,just one 12 ft stretch between south D+C was left unpaved ( forgotten? )and the sand trap flipped Nancy, we took her to Clinic. She won’t be riding for a while.

So today we went to get her computer from school quite a trek with a bum foot. En route we took a beauquette of wild flowers to the music lady #Common Ground Cafe . Our downtown is Deserted. These folks are making the best of our unusual times, as two PBSO cars are parked a short distance away giving a Erie feeling to J st. So now the city is also limiting amt of time you may park. really necessary? Going back was arduous, carrying computer and hobbling w a bandaged knee, we hopped a bus. Another adjustment, no entry, rear door only access for hop on hop off. Bus service Running a Sat. And Sunday schedule only.

Barton Elementary schedule for last pickup of computers for their students is Monday. We went into CVS to find elastic so we can make safety masks as we are learning the running stitch.No elastic, PBSO stays has their hands full as a woman was being apprehended for shop lifting. Again outside a guy in green cap in a silver tan Rolls Royce convertible is cruising the street guess he has no friends to entertain him LOL second sighting in less than two hours of our travels.

Back home back to normal long live our mermaids. the rest of the town is still working. City Hall has more cars in their lot than even. Wellington Mall . How is Comcast doing w the essential internet wait times they say is ” more than 100 min but refer a friend and earn $175. This is what the bus looks like.

Not sure what you are doing. I’m deep into Memoirs by Pablo Neruda.

By the way. 3-22-2020

I’ve undertaken tutoring, giggle box (Chelsy) and fancy Nancy. It was to be for the week of Spring-break. A whole lot of fun while learning, somewhat structured. Then Corona appeared. We are adjusting.

Who knew they are finicky eaters! At least they love eating noodle soup w chopsticks. Intentional, Those fingers need to be more dexterous so they can hold a pencil and pen correctly.

It’s a start.
they are learning.

We cover vocabulary, cursive, lots of reading, geography, planting, sketching. Naps mandatory for me.

,. They of course love their dolls as most little girls do. We do take breaks, go for walks. Bike ride is a favorite. Fancy Nancy is alpha so directs, giggle box will mostly become a videographer. She discovered my iPad and knows how to video better than I. But in discussion her aim is to become a police woman. Documenting photos of this week.

No joking around here. She lines her own paper, ink is on stand by.
Florida that’s where we live. And we are below west Palm Beach
The Hen laid eggs in my yard. Not my chicken.
Nap time plus my sketch/log book
En plein air
Could not resist priceless, perfect pronunciation.
Seeding Moringa
This is the age to learn.

First week 3-18-2020

Documenting these trying times. From my small of my small quirkyJust when sprink-break was getting underway. Love Love little seaside town . The beach is now off limits.

Love, love the beach for me is a cleaning space. Friday as a treat . The girls and I took a break from studies we went early, heard on radio about other beaches closing. Neither of the girls know how to swim, but the trill was palpable from their screeches. ( a rare visit for them)

A last momento
Their moment a

At the end i buried them as requested. Wonder if they will remember not just this but who knows when they will see the beach again.

We timed it so they could get their lunch from the high school. Along the way we picked up two neighbor boys. Ones mom has twins to care for, the other mother is working.

Signing up for devices and WiFi so the kids can keep up. Not everyone is aware even that there are free lunches.

Wednesday I took them along to the bookstore, enroute we picked flowers . Our word that morning was Beauquette.

Social distancing awkward moments shifting around the room.

This discourages any intercourse for any length of time. Lol. We were used to seeing each other. Now more than ever we need to be in the know. I took of with the girls for the beach and did out bit for the environment.

Every little bit of effort means something to another life force.

Parade cancelled almost

Running a bit behind schedule, there are no dancers at Brogues. Difficult when there are mixed signals. I’m standing looking about and this hand glommed onto me. “I want to dance” in a sincere happy voice and I was his choice.

Note: he is holding my hand! How lucky I feel. ( is he a reincarnate?

Well change of plans, over to Rudy’s it is as the Official Parade Party.

Now to meet up with the “Thursday Night peddlers riding on Wednesday”. Leaving the Gulfstream hotel 6:30 every Wednesday. We are Nine strong and another unexpected change we’ve got company or Downtown Jewel has. Always said they are Party Central if all the neighborhoods. So this band of merrymakers has come together for a unscheduled St Paddy Parade happening. It’s for a good cause!

After two turns around town, stopping traffic to everyone’s delight we get to the Official Party @Rudy’s. So from here photos of participants, they are to self identify or not.

There were 3 or 4 filled to capacity

The purpose here was to present a wheel chair. The event this year was taken over by the NAPC Neighborhood Assoc. Presidents Council. With a few Presidents present.

The change on Gabriella’s face was gratitude

Nit sure who all should be noted here. Jon Faust stood in for NAPC PRES. Craig Frost. Nancy Goddard who oh so gently transferred Gabriela from her old chair to this new mobility chair.

Editors Note: Safe distances were observed as observed by me. The Thursday Night Peddlers will continue to peddle Wednesday leaving Gulfstream, 6:30 at least six feet from each other , some are always outdistancing the others and we go single file. Cheers all. Tag yourselves.

National pie day March 14 2020

I did not celebrate alone.

Approximate time we enjoyed.

We supported the Jaff Center for book Arts. This is their yearly fundraiser pies came from The Upper Crust here in Lake Worth Beach up on Dixie. Along w Demitasse expresso, life is good.

White table cloth and fine china and when 4 artists gather could it be considered a salonnier party? Was recently told no such thing in Lake Worth Beach exists. Me think, au contraire.

Truly fine China made in Japan , see the geisha

We had Key Lime and Strawberry-rhubarb. Still much left for another day. We all brought a different pie and shared at the home of our hostess.

Small piece of art in gratitude

Throw-back Thursday

So we self impose ? We may be missing out on things that made us happy. But it’s not forever so let’s just remember how it was. Might do this on a regular basis or regurgitate past posts. We are after all a small seaside town that’s a bit quirkey

Almost time for a get together tea time and hat making.

Coming your way, keep alert
Not to be repeated the generosity of Todd reading to kids.
Party at Mathews, don’t recall which one.
Challenge. April is letter writing month. could start now!
Dancing in the street.
The hole in one, here never, possible, but lots of fun . Throw-crack
Happy St. Paddy Day weekend

A blustery Saturday. 3-7-2020

Stayed busy so not to be self absorbed or think of past times. A commitment to help and I was not alone #Healthier Lake Worth showed up in force with Highland Elementary kids plus neighbors of Mango Grove.

Royal Poinciana, Tropical Ridge. A great Crew of volunteers in this town of 35,000 made up of 16 neighborhoods. They reach out to each other to help. Here one man’s trash became this kids treasure, found discarded. LOL

Another find around the corner, a humorous one was found by our Clean up organizer Brenda. Hadn’t seen one of those before.

Want to volunteer ? Clean-ups are just a few hours on Saturday mornings. Get to see foliage such as this. stopped to smell the roses, not exactly. Never seen this rich plum colored. ( . . . Don’t know what it is. ). I stopped to take several photos.

Then on to my next gig the Hysterical museum. Ok ok The LW Historical Museum volunteers also welcome there, I manned the welcome desk and made sure every knew of the Fiesta was going on. Handed out the last flyer we had. I made it there towards the end so missed the Latin music but saw many Lake Worthians grabbed a hot dog and some popcorn. Made the rounds. Daniel from the Maya-Guatemala Ctr.This young lady won a $50 The challenge, keeping up with beat of the music.

by he way did you know that Lake Worth Beaches Fire dept. is the busiest in Palm Beach County . They rarely get to sleep through the night. I have it on good authority A medic from another unit.

our Fire department is the busiest in Palm Beach County. They rarely get a nights uninterrupted sleep. They are on duty 24/7

.Every one by now knows Jessica. Made us realize he important an accurate count is for our community.

Studio 411

It’s always a pleasure to share. My blog covers the PalmBeaches along the Gold Coast all the way south to Coconut Grove and sometimes a bit farther. I discovered this by chance

Happen to be up at the Mandel Library on Clamatis . It was getting late, and just a half hour from this “alcohol ink ” class. Intrigued as last years winner of the”community art” show here in Lake Worth Beach was a “alcohol Ink” piece. Had never seen one or understood it. Was fortunate a few seats were left. Their classes normally fill up within half an hour of open registration. All classes are FREE

All supplies provided, yes all. . Do a portrait class, or paint w me, even sewing, cuircuit crafts if they have a class those supplies are made available. Great for learning something new and before investing in the art materials, before you realize this is not my cup of tea. This was alcohol ink! we were provided Tiles to make these coasters and cork for bottoms also Yupo to try out. This has got to be the best kept secret in Palm Beach County. our teacher. From the roster of instructors I checked out, experts in their fields. .

These classes are supported read the sign in 1st photo. I totally enjoyed this craft, always nice to just relax and go w the flo. Lol yes double entendre. recognize the Lake Worthians. This Library is worth your consideration and support. They publish a monthly schedule. How did I find it? I was looking to archive my husbands 50 year old slides used for his sculpture studies and they had the digital equipment for public use. Again it’s important reservation required and assistance always available.