7-5-2020 On the road to freedom

And here I am again from a cloudy and windy England although the weather should be sunny by this afternoon……I hope this finds you well in Lake Worth and keeping very safe. I was thinking about you all on Saturday 4 July and all the wonderful times I have had in Lake Worth and Rhode Island on Independence Day. I suspect it was quieter this year for you all but nevertheless a day for getting together in a small group and having socially distance fun together. It was rather like Independence Day here as well because the 4th was the day we got our independence back …..restaurants and pubs were allowed to open at last were free to to go out and eat and drink, somewhat differently to before as many changes were made and social distancing which had been reduced to 1metre ,was complied with meaning glass partitioning erected and no standing around the bar which is so popular here. Pubs are such a tradition here that many people were desperate for them to come back

No more than 30 persons

From what I can gather, most people behaved responsibly and enjoyed a Saturday night out once more. It is quite a tradition to be out on a Saturday evening, particularly for the younger generation. And so for now, life seems to be back on track. And weddings, now that is a different matter this photo shows the differences …..no more than thirty guests and social distancing must be maintained. it looks so strange.

And at last the Portrait Gallery in London was reopened, it was part of wonderful National Gallery in Trafalgar Square and well worth a visit.

And what about this …..at last hairdressers are open and they all have bookings galore. I think this was the one that most people were excited about opening!

And what about this….. we have several Roman Baths in England and the the one in Bathare, I think the most famous and beautiful. Now they are opening they have to be cleaned thoroughly. They have lead lined floors which need to be cleaned of algae and sludge when the 250,000 liters of the hot natural thermal spa water is drained. Bath is a beautiful place, and full of wonderful buildings, . Absolutely steeped with history. Well worth the visit if you ever come to England.

And woohoo , we travel to other places and stay overnight. If you have a camper van you can actually use it. … the traffic was considerably busier as people excitedly took to the roads heading for a staycation for a few days

The Little Free Libraries are still flourishing, another one was planted last week, soon to have a children’s library next to this one.

This one is placed in a fairly rural area and has a lot of use. I don’t knee about Lake Worth but with the public libraries closed during this time, the LFL have really been in demand, it’s been quite difficult keeping up with stocking the books. Children love this one, hence the need for a library of their own. Another one is going up this week ……photos next week.

Tomorrow sees the Great Mask Giveaway at the local community hub that I help to run. We have a mask tree kindly made by our lovely 91 year old volunteer who is amazing and full of energy.
Without him we would not have the workroom at the back of the hub which had previously been a store room. He appears to be able to do anything at all, we suggest something and the next day it is a reality… amazing!! The masks are lovely and have been made by our lovely sewers who have also been making the scrubs for hospitals and care homes.

I want to share this last photo with you because I think it is quite wonderful. This brass band found a great way to practice miles away from anywhere where they are able to socially distance as well.

Finally day 101 of lockdown I put out the last Thought for the Day Board. Whoever thought we would be in this predicament for 191 Days !!!! The board will now come out for high days holidays and special occasions. Today was the 72nd year of the National Health care Service at 5 p.m. everyone went out from their house to once again applaud for the NHS and the wonderful nurses and doctors who have been so selfless in their unstinting devotion to saving as many lives as possible. It is always a nice experience, slowly one by one you see the doors opening and we wave and shout hello to our neighbors and clap like mad for five minutes…..vvWe are all aware of our behavior as we have been threatened with being put back into lockdown if our area standards and numbers drop below the required amount. Already we have one town back in lockdown having failed to hit their targets. I hope you have an amazing week enjoying the beautiful sunshine……see you next week.

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