Vaccinated today for JnJ

This is how it went, but first, tomorrow morning 4/1/21 you too can get it in Greenacres. no registration required. Sponsored through Palm Beach Co.

while waiting from 6:30 to 9:30 when line started to move.

I was prepped to get on line w Publix but I got a wake up call at six w the announcement “ no registration required and do you want to go”. I was outside of my house at 6:10 waiting for my friend Tammy . I grabbed some matzo and OJ for both of us. We were probably the 56th vehicle. Most single passenger and many there for the food distribution. 3rd car in line said he got there at 4:30 a.m.

8 rows Of 20 cars each

So we sat there watching the parking lot fill. It appeared to be running late. They would separate us into two lanes as we got nearer . The rain clouds were present no sooner did I make that observation it started.

Very organized here Thanks volunteers, we only came for the vax

We were guided down around the bend and told to park. Here where one did not know where the other organizer was intent on. Looking at the photo it appeared we could sit outside the car. I proceeded to dry the two chairs in front of our car.

Carl is sitting by Q sign , on my dry chair all others soaking wet.

IMPORTANT. See the “Q” signs. That’s how you register. They ask the pertinent questions are you allergic? have you had it ? etc etc. you get back an e-mail w your registration number and Barcode but chaos system prevailed it was the blind leading the blind. Some got Green wristbands. Where did you get those? Turned out had nothing to do with anything. The barcode, Is generated via the (q) thing. If you do not have cell phone or capacity as this 80 year old woman. Below. There is help on site that can generate this info for you.

She felt so discombobulated, had the phone but could not operate it. ( I was in the same boat. Tammy assisted me on my IPad . ThANK YOU. Tammy.
Natasha nurse administering the vax

It rained, did I mention this? And rained. Tents were brought in, and so I don’t think there were 400 people. Overheard was that RPB knew Monday that they were getting the JnJ. when asked how many were there from Royal Palm Beach not a single hand went up. People that were there got news via Social Media, the gentleman w nurse Natasha said his wife was in the medical fields that’s how he knew.

Moi in line I was one of the first 3 Scared had not had a shot in ever so long. It did not hurt. Was told to go sit 15. All’s well that ends well. Posting this 5 hours later still everything is ok. This J nJ is effective within seven days.

Will be here in LWB soon as our City Mgr. mentioned In his closing remarks at last City Hall Mtg.

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