Film screening – Dear Mr. Brody.

No ordinary film. As it was being canned, heard it was in production. Intrigued as I had knowledge of the massive amount of letters, 50 + boxes stored, unopened at the Taleo Art Center in Woodstock. Letters from all over the world, requesting $$$ from needy, desperate people or scammers. Money being given away for love and peace by the Oleo Margarine heir, his entire inheritance.

SoBe rooftop film screening

This was in the Hippy Era. A mostly a sad film punctuated with humorous moments and many “A” listers. A time when “15 minutes of fame” attributed to Andy Warhol. Michael Brody’s fame burned bright 12 amazing days, it seemed much much longer. He appeared on the Ed Sullivan show. He was known to tip cabbies hundred dollar bills. ( not in the film ).

Q and A on Molly’s Hotel rooftop

Currently it is making the circuit of art film screenings at which time it will then head to the movie houses around the country. This took place via the Miami Dade College film department 20 selections being shown over a weeks time. This was one of the openers. Tickets available via Ends Wed. The 10th

Mia, I, Sherrie

I was the guest of Michael Brody Jr. who has been a friend and a collector of my late husbands art. He was instrumental in providing us with a studio and I was charged With creating the Taleo Art Center in Woodstock N.Y. . Should not have been surprised that one of Fred Hunt’s paintings appeared in the film.

South Beach From the rooftop

The headlines in every newspaper covered this story. Walter Cronkite toked with them. This film was not about the 50 containers of unopened letters Resting in Woodstock. A whole storage of boxes of unopened letters was found in N Y City. The postal service could not keep up and bags were abandoned, possibly burned. The $$ went out as fast as letters arrived or as hands reached out, as Michael tried to walk the streets of N.Y London with entourage and guard. Lots of letters in this film were what I refer to as Mail Art One letter depicted a woman drowning, perhaps in debt, reaching above the waves for salvation. The producers actually located a few letter writers who barely recalled writing for help in 1970.

The screen was in the rooftop pool

Later we ended close to the Design District for midnight snacks. Morning breakfast always at Coral Bagels under my 15 min of fame Coconut Grove. LoL Just making sure it’s still there.

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