Sketching and other musing

Some days turn out better than other days. Today was a good one. Reached out to two friends as promised. Caught the wrong bus conveniently bus 61 arrived before 62, so had a pleasant stroll the remainder of the way.. knowing I was about to do what pleases me.

Missing Carl Stoveland

Sketchbook, coffee, baguette ahh. Had my first sketch done before the Lake Worth Beach Sketch group arrived. Occupied a single table and did a bit of people watching. First group on way to work via this coffee stop, was better dressed than the 2 nd shift thats wearing leisure, casual beach attire. We live in a quaint little beach town after all.

Captured this first thing. Looking out to the Lucerne bldg.

Moved to a dbl table. We compared notes looked at each other’s sketchbooks. Fun to see, shared tips. At a far table four ladies are practicing their french, adds to the atmosphere.

Show time Paris and Four Art garden in Palm Beach

Ruth sitting next to me speaks fluent French and will be traveling there in a months time. It’s almost tourist season and she runs a tour company there. Want a wine tour, beer or a cognac tour? We all live interesting lives. Behind us a couple wearing Irish biking gear. Hit my funny bone, st paddy’s day was yesterday. They engaged us and told us the large photos in the alley off 2nd and Ocean Breeze are theirs.

“Thank you for being part of the Art community”. David

Took my leave, thinking of past* *on my way to DelRay Library for a IPad class being offered. Use mine daily and realize I only use 40% of what it’s capable of. Yes I did learn useful short cuts. Then to the Mystery Bookstore next to the Library. $1 books always available. Big notice 50% sale going on. They are closing their doors on April 15. Sad what the state of the industry has come to, what Covid did to it. Guess Miss Cindy and Mary Lindsey can purchase their fixtures as well. I purchased an Elmore Leonard as I met him while living on SoBe while doing my bit to to supported this store

*. My thought went back to Coconut Grove where I made a deal with all the cafes. They would give free coffee to any artist that came in and sat sketching at on og their table, just coffee! N. The Grove had a reputation as an artistic hub. It’s called marketing. Even had artists carry large paintings in the street from Windisch-Hunt Fine Art to one of the other two I handled, when tour bus was in town. LOL

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