This could be your new favorite spot

Many visitors to our area tend to ask for a fish restaurant, as if being so close to the ocean it is a given. This could be a new favorite spot. It’s family friendly, by the time we got there they had already served over 100 meals.  My guests from Georgia and I were able to snag a table as the place was packed. Opening Day!  Radio station  99.5  LaLey was doing a live remote and inside karaoke and Mexican music gave it a festive atmosphere.  Upon being seated we each received a taste of ceviche which I hesitated but seeing my guests delight I tried it and it was different from what I have had previously on a trip to Peru.  This was more than eating raw fish it had lots of flavors.  It took three of us to finish the shrimp cocktail. 

I tend to be a timid eater in a new place but as the food passed, I kept thinking should have ordered that.   All the portions were generous. As a Mexican friend told me once tacos are not served with cheese in Mexico, then this is authentic.

Owners Delilah Ramirez and husband Roberto                      I wish them good fortune.

Don’t let the location or appearance fool you.  This could become your next favorite restaurant in Lake Worth. El Oceano is just a short block south of Lake Ave on the WEST side of Dixie,(just south of City Hall) parking available in back and on side of the building.  The kitchen is just left of the entrance so you can have a peak as you enter quite small, big on flavor. I did expect more ambiance but this was their first day.  Certainly can accommodate a large group of friends.  All these families can’t be wrong.  Maybe eat here then wander over to Mathews Brewing which is just in back on H st. Could use more ambiance, it was 5:30 when we ate there it was still bright outside. Try it let me know your experience. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner.  

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