the season has begun

Is it possible I have enough pictures taken during  this past week to do a THIS WEEK IN photos.  Most of our Lake Worth community was out and about,  at one event or another.  check it out.  Were you at the Women’s March presentation? Clary’s corner Cafe? Mayor Pam City of LW address? How about the debate of our hopefuls?

Standing ovation for a job well done.

ready to hear,.  is it a fit for Lake Worth?

definitely a captured audience

The best kept secrete in Lake Worth, Breakfast a Clary’s

The Palm Beach contingent of The Women’s March

Top Gun for Palm Beach CountyHere

My personal invitation  come out Saturday evening starting at 6 p.m. the unveiling of your favorite Lake Worth Artists for the first time, all together and  showcased at the HATCH 1121  Support your local Artists  “Entertainment by “Soundproof” the show was curated by Peter Meyerhoefer.  This week sometime I will identify the artists and what neighborhood they came from and a short bio or visit my  blog  when I showcased  all the 33460 artists.

Editors Note : Questions and comments always accepted. 


Openings this weekend

Although I put out a calendar at the beginning of the month 2/2/ 2018. Many things pop up not formally recognized at that time.  So this weekend are Some art openings worthy of your time.  Just in is this invitation from McMow Glass

by Bruce Highlander

called a Bakers Dozen in collaboration with Phil Materio of MacMow Glass.  Amazing what glass has evolved in terms of an art form.  Note 100% of sales go to support Center of Creative Education.  Located in Historic Northwood  425  24th st.  WPB 33407      TOMORROW A DBL HEADER not counting the Garlic Festival

Those not familiar with artist Rickie Leiter,  know her name, as she  keeps the art community abreast of all the happenings that are submitted to her and then sent to the larger art community in Central Florida.  In our own back yard, formerly known as our Shuffleboard Court, Armory Annex, now transformed as the Hatch 1121  by the CRA Community Redevelopment Agency.  The obnoxious gorilla* removed, has  taken on a rather modern feel and may proof to finally be a success.A community art display CURATED by former LW Galleriest Peter Meyerhoefer.  Hopefully the work does indeed represent our community but notification were spotty.  Some locals were notified early on others were given a very slim opportunity by being notified on Jan 18 and others not until  January 21,  giving those less than two days to submit by deadline the 24th.

Quonset hut by David Whitlock of Mango Grove

Also enjoy  the Lake Worth Theatre by David Whitlock, as it looked before the Cultural Council headquarters moved in. ( It lights up).  Parrot Cove artist  Claudia  Quacinella has a triptych in this exhibition.  She currently also has work in our local PNC Bank.  From Royal Poinciana AnnaMaria Windisch-Hunt  has one 18×18 oil, and photographer Louise Noaks who resides in the Arts Lofts submitted new work.. Eden Place Carl Stoveland.       Also from South Palm Park   Tracy Rosof-Peterson with a 3D work that appeals to me personally, as I have something similar in my studio.                                                                                                     DO NOT MISS  This exhibition is the Box Gallery on Belvedere a monumental work, a 32 foot long frieze in oil and gold leaf depicting the  10 year return journey of Homer.  Absolutely beautifully executed with a very personal take, humanizing the sirens and the monsters from her close friends,  her children acted out the monster parts by creating their own make-believe scenarios.   Athena seen below.  This show is scheduled to come down this weekend.

Athena who took pity on Homer

Rush don’t walk to see this work of art.                                                                                            * This indicates my opinion as an art critic,  prior to moving to Lake Worth,  I wrote an art blog in the  high density art world of Miami.   It was recommended by the NY art scene as credible and honest.  So as you read please also  judge  how you view a work of art.  Give it time, observe and be with one , is it cold or does it resonate.