Garlic Fest Volunteer Log day two

Came early again with renewed enthusiasm.   Sharing what makes Lake Worth so special.  It takes a great many volunteers to make anything happen.  As our Mayor Pam said only days ago the volunteer hours given by our community were over  600,000  and valued at  $   ??     .    Had the same bus driver, so we had our routine down.  My introduction went smoothly and the riders learned about our solar field, the Little Free Library, the Street Painting Festival.  and what a surprise that Lake  Worth actually had a beach with lots of amenities in the Casino Complex.

yours truly with Awe Flower Shop owner Patty

The new businesses in our quaint walkable downtown area. Even got to mention that Rudy’s known for live music, will have a Grand Opening at the former Bamboo Room on Valentines Day.  I wandered around checking out what was new to this fair.  The ice cream had mixed reviews.  The riders shared their best experiences, one being that the pick up and drop off was smooth this year. They all had smiles on their faces, were well satisfied with their

happy winners all

experience and yes will return.  Not knowing who is on our bus or who we are engaging with came as a lovely surprise.  I couple seen below here. I had actually witnessed being drawn by the cartoonist only an hour before.  here they were on the bus, Gus.  Then someone in passing asked what I did and they then asked “Do you know John Mangan”(a fellow artist)  yes I do.  “he was our neighbor” .  Had not dawned on me that we were also informing  our own  Lake Worthians.  Hope my enthusiasm for Lake Worth showed.  On the last trip inviting all to return soon, to the Street Painting Festival, someone said “I will be back sooner I work at the Sheriffs Dept. ” You just never know who your fellow passengers are. We got hugs and some even remembered my name.  A good feel experience all around.     “I’m your Lake Worth Ambassador AnnaMaria WELCOME! “ so started my introduction on the bus, we had a script to follow.

Editors Note: Now if you my dear reader would like to volunteer for the Street Painting Festival there are lots of opportunities. Comments always welcome.