3rd time is a charm

Last night a flash mob all in white invaded the quirky seaside town of Lake Worth aka Diner en Blanc and followed the same form of the original one held in PARIS . Announcement, the next one will be a benefit for Royal Poinciana neighborhood. Location already determined. Mother Nature obliged by providing us with an auspicious evening of a Full moon, New moon and Blue moon.  The guest could be seen arriving from a distance and suddenly,

cloth napkins, silverware,and candelabra the stage is set.

there they were all setting up tables chairs bringing their own accoutrements.  The music, a chanson from Edith Piaf started the dinner along with French Jazz playing in the background. Attendees all knew one another by the time the first toast was offered.  The rules are quite simple especially as Lake Worth is casual chic, plus there was a chill factor andeveryone rose to the challenge.

wow everyone is wearing pants tonight

I myself rarely seen in pants did a quick trip to World Thrift and found white slacks needed.  Others braved the chill for elegance sake.  This is what makes this so special.  We honor our friends by abiding by certain rules.  White, no kaki, no beige, and no round tables all in banquette style.  We are inclusive as you can see our youngest guests also enjoyed the evening with us , and undertook photographing guests framed.  Plastic or paper is highly discouraged as we leave nothing behind.   It appears simple but truly is not.  E mails back and forth, so everyone gets a seat at the table.  As the guests arrived,  they also disappeared and left no trace.  Enjoy all the photos, tag yourselves .  Thank you to all the great guests and my co-host Robert Waples II.  Location has already been identified for the next one.  Enjoy these photos read the last post about what is entailed, and where else it is being held.  Photos by friends, Louise Noaks,  Tom Johnson, Pedro Gabriel, Steve Horan  ck out their Face Book pages for more photos.

A votre Sante

Some black and white photos always appropriate and way cool!  thank you co-host  Robert Waples II